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Planet-Movies' GMAs 2010

Written by r on 7. March 2011 00:50

Well, you've been able to vote for about 4 days now (i made that number up)... yet somehow i failed to mention this yearly ceremony after hinting towards it over the past 1 or 2 days, especially now that there's that little partnership to remember. Better late than never I suppose.

It seems with the ever decreasing amount of quality and lengthy (keyword: lengthy) films being released these days, it's getting harder and harder to have an awards ceremony every year. Most of the CS nominees in each catagory only extend to Jaeaeaeaeaegarn XIIIIIIII, SkyChase, Rave On, and Just Pistols. Likewise with the Miscellaneous field, the same 5 movies make an appearance in all 5 categories. I understand it must be hard to find different movies for each category due to the lack of films, but come'on! If at first you don't succeed, try try try try try try try try again... keep trying... don't stop trying.... keep going.....try harder....

A few nitpicks i'd like to bring up. First off, Game Movie Awards... always wanted to say that this is/was improper grammar. It should be Gaming Movie Awards as "Game" is a noun, not an adjective (a describing word). So now we have a double noun present which is wrong considering they use it as a describing word. But hey, what do I know? My native tongue is only English, not German.

Secondly, where the fuck is the Requiem Trailer?!?! No taste what-so-ever ;)

Thirdly, what the hell is "Best Sound"? Do they pick the movie that has the best in-game sound? Oooo, or how about the best movie that records the best grenade explosion? I'm thinking they mean "Best Soundtrack". Now you may thinking, "Anthony, aren't you their language editor?" Well yes, my young Stylie, yes I am but unfortunately.. you can only lead a horse to the water.

Anyway, head on over to Planet-Videos-Movies-Films-Nickelodeons to vote for your favorites of the year.
#1SavagE 7. March 2011 01:02
very biased 'awards'. I dont seem to see ANY css movies. Any cod. ANy quake... Besides reigniton should make it to the best sound category :P
#2SavagE 7. March 2011 01:02
aw cool, first comment! and now the second ;D
#3r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 01:22
youre an idiot
#4atwspoon 7. March 2011 01:38
Very timely. I don't think I'll vote for any of the cod/css/quake movies.. but certainly some of the style members will get my vote for cs 1.6 videos!
#5napalm CND Productions 7. March 2011 02:23
To clear things up (@anthony and all the others):

The Game Movie Awards origin from "game movies". If "game movies" is proper grammer or not is another issue..

The "Best Sound" category refers to the amount of time put into the creation of the aural entertainment, which means anything BUT the MUSIC. Like audio casts or sound effects etc. We thought that would be clear, if it would only mean the music, we would have called it "Best Score".

PS: And yes, it's not getting easier to find worthy entries.. so, make 2011 better! :)

Last changed: 7. March 2011 02:25
#6r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 06:17
Well, it actually IS the issue. Not sure what origin "game movies" came from, but it's the wrong origin. Perhaps the origin of mistranslation...

Perhaps you should think of being more specific in the naming of your categories. "Best Sound" is such a general and broad category no wonder its interpretation could be misunderstood. If you meant it to be "SFX" or "Audio Editing", then i would think of changing the name to such. No offense to you or your English Translator, but with your track record for mistranslations, you can see why someone would slightly consider that you might have meant "soundtrack" instead of "Aural Experience"... not as clear as you hoped for.

Hope that cleared things up (@napalm and all others)
#7atwspoon 7. March 2011 06:22
sound is the most general term when speaking about what can be heard. so no, don't use "sound" when you are talking about a specific type of sound.
#8Swpp Myself 7. March 2011 07:12
awards :))
#9Krpi Neebs 7. March 2011 08:43
The Contenders 2. Oh yes.
How do you guys feel about movie length? I don't think it's completely fair to compare a heavily edited 3 minute movie to those that go past 10 or 8 minute mark.
For example by glancing the list I'd say that The Contenders 2 has no competition when it comes to great editing throughout a long movie but on the other hand we have Raven's very stylish albeit short movies. Very tough to compare.

Or am I just in the minority in my willingness to attribute all this extra praise for pulling off a long great movie? Does it even matter? Is that a bird, a plane?

EDT: Well actually it is fairly easy to compare long and short movies, the duration is just a quality after all. I guess I'm more worried about the ease of watching 3 minute ZOMGHOWUBERISTHAT -moves compared to the past 10 min epics. But maybe the awards will surprise me. I'll see how The Contenders 2 does and afterwards I'll draw some false conclusions. Stay tuned.

Last changed: 7. March 2011 08:50
#10r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 08:54
If the voting is done by the public, the awards will never surprise you...
#11dniafiso opima 7. March 2011 10:02
sad but true...
#12kekskruemel CND Productions 7. March 2011 17:54
I think we should call that one sound categorie "best audio" in the future^^

what is, if I write the GMA so: "Gamemovie-Award" :o

Is that correct? ;s
#13napalm CND Productions 8. March 2011 16:17
Update 2: Because the meaning of our category "Best Sound" was a little confusing, we decided to rename it as "Best Audio Editing". Thanks to Anthony, who gave us the hint.


Last changed: 8. March 2011 16:18
#14Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 8. March 2011 17:47
#10 vox populi vox dei
#15CycLoNe CND Productions 9. March 2011 14:28
Ah yes, the grammar problem with "game movie"...
It's not only about Gaming. Machinimas without a real gaming performance like frags/runs/jumps/etc. would be excluded by a term like "gaming movie" or am I wrong? With this, gaming wouldnt fit, I think.
Ok, if "game movie" itself still is completely wrong (never thought of it, that way, tbh), we'll have to find another term for it.
What do you think?
#16Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 10. March 2011 07:48
Godzilla's Madness Attack
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