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*Style Photoshop Competition #1

Written by r on 6. March 2011 01:24

Welcome to the first Style Photoshop Competition.

The theme is to show the impacts of the industrial age on nature in a Photoshop art piece.

I have include 4 images in which you must include somewhere in your final work, but are not required to center your piece around. Below are the competition rules.

Style Photoshop Competition Rules

Contest Time: 5 March - 19 March (Deadline 23.59)

- Allowed Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator

- Participants must include all the images in some way provided by us. You can add to, edit, or transform the images in anyway.

- Participants may submit up to two submissions.

- Everything in the submission must be made/edited by the participant ie. no co-operation or any kind of plagiarism will be allowed. You are allowed to use other images in your work however.

- Not allowed to release the image to the public before winners are announced.

-Participants MUST stick to the theme of the competition. Any submission not following the theme will be DQed.

-Submissions should be in bmp/jpeg format and can be any size or resolution within reason.

You can find the images here.

Style Photoshop Competition Information

All submissions will compete to win in one category and subsequent 2nd through 5th places will be chosen.

All work will be released along with the winners, but more attention will be given to the winning pieces.

Submission guidelines and/or rules are subject to change so be sure to check back here often.

Winner announcement: 26th March, 2011.

Style Photoshop Competition Submission

Click on Community -> Movie Competitions -> Style Photoshop Competition -> "Give Contribution" on the right side.

Or click here.

#1napalm CND Productions 6. March 2011 01:56
Nice one!
Do we have to include all of the images or just the amount we want to?

Edit: The image of the power plant has some really bad quality. One could center the project around that picture's artifacts ;(

Last changed: 6. March 2011 01:58
#2r Style-Productions 6. March 2011 02:02
ya its an older picture but i like it so deal with it! :)

fixed the rules. you have to include all of them in some way, but those don't have to be the only elements in the work.
#3Dec HLAE 6. March 2011 02:27
Only one week... but then again, it's only image editing. Glhf.
#4slize Elegato 6. March 2011 02:30
You're wrong Dec ;) It's up to you what you gonna do with it ;) I'm in - maybe
#5r Style-Productions 6. March 2011 04:02
extended the length of the competition to 2 weeks.
#6ReFREsh PEDOBEAR 6. March 2011 12:56
any prizes? or just 4 lulz?
#7dniafiso opima 6. March 2011 13:16
im gonna do it in paint just for lulz....
#8slize Elegato 6. March 2011 14:00
Wait for Rich, he will put 4 images into one .psd and DONE!

Last changed: 6. March 2011 14:04
#9m1ch0 6. March 2011 14:15
good luck all.
#10Huckleberry M-FX 6. March 2011 14:53
How to register? did not understand... I have to write in URL board, link of picture after I will finish work or I have to register at first, as usually in movie competitions. Sorry for misunderstanding
#11-PANIq Authentic-Pictures 6. March 2011 16:20
maybe i will make something :D
good luck everyone :D
#12spunge spunge 6. March 2011 20:45
can we use images other than the ones provided? or does everything have to 100% original
#13slize Elegato 6. March 2011 23:12
100% original
#14atwspoon 6. March 2011 23:39
does it count as plagiarism in this competition, if I draw something that looks just like a copyrighted piece of material?
such as a popular logo... but I draw it. in photoshop.

Last changed: 6. March 2011 23:42
#15r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 00:07
@ atwspoon

if it's not the exact logo and its done it PS by yourself, i suppose it's not plagiarism.


I suppose you could use other images. it get pretty boring if those were the only 4 images you could use. i changed the wording in the rules.


If you have an account on the site, you're already registered. we dont require separate registration for competitions. There are instructions in the article about how to submit. not sure why you are confused about that...
#16Huckleberry M-FX 7. March 2011 05:20
Thank you :)
#17Swpp Myself 7. March 2011 07:13
is it me or it doesnt says anything about any prizes ?:))
#18r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 07:35
I'll refer you to this poll where 16 people were willing to participate for fun while 3 only would if prizes were involved. You seem to be amongst the 3. And yes, it does say nothing about prizes.
#19Dec HLAE 8. March 2011 02:33
Prize: An interview maybe?
#20qujon Style-Productions 8. March 2011 08:41
Good luck everyone.
#21snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 21. March 2011 20:41
ooh maan, i mixed up deadline and announcement day.. thought i had atleast till today.. ;P oh well, i'll hold on to the next one..
#22r Style-Productions 23. March 2011 10:04
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