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Succumbing to the Dark Side

Written by r on 27. February 2011 09:56

Do you like the banner? I think it's adoreable. You can thank napalm from Planet -Videos/CND Productions... he's so cleverly gifted with media design.

If you haven't visited Planet-Video-Movies-Films-Nickelodeons, then you wouldn't know that there is a partnership of some kind formed between the ever epic Style-Productions and said media site. Of course, in any partnership there is always one dominate partner... use your imagination.

Let me give you a slight Style History X lesson. Recently, my good friend Silly Rabbit, Keks Are For Kids.. or how about Keks - Kid Test, Mother Approved.... there's so many cereal puns to choose from... anyway, Kekskruemel has asked me to write a plethora of articles on the newly redeveloped site, Planet-Videos-Movies-Films-Nickelodeons and I willingly obliged. I noticed their initiative to write articles in English (only took them 9 years) and thought they needed some help with grammar/editorial side of thing. I offered my help and VIOLA! We come to this point.

So, if you find a character by the name of pv.AnthonyP posting arousing articles under the same satirical tone as the character style-AnthonyP... then you have found the same person. Feel free to read the article and leave a comment. The GMA's should be arriving shortly.
#1Swpp Myself 27. February 2011 12:41
very interesting
#2Dec HLAE 27. February 2011 12:55
Ooh my user works now. Guess they have fixed the site by now.

But now you will have even less time for Requiem :'(
#3Krpi Neebs 27. February 2011 13:12
Oh Anthony, how could you!
If things weren't right between us you should've said something, I would've fixed everything, I would've... I... I...

I don't know anymore!
Hold me Dec.
#4napalm CND Productions 27. February 2011 14:18
i am accepting job offers! :)
#5kekskruemel CND Productions 27. February 2011 14:37
I like that banner. What is the name of this awesome black font?

Last changed: 27. February 2011 14:37
#6Dec HLAE 27. February 2011 14:43
I don't like the size of it, because it's smaller than the other ones :(
#7slize Elegato 27. February 2011 14:50
bad kerning in typo.
Anthony now your CV is powerful.
#8MattFreemaN* 27. February 2011 18:42
Nice font btw.
#9snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 27. February 2011 22:27
#10Hildesheimer 28. February 2011 00:36
#11atwspoon 28. February 2011 06:24

"but as of now, i have no administrative powers... so i cannot threaten you unfortunately which is way outside my comfort zone."
hahaaaahaaahaha. haha. ha. ha. haaaaaaa

Last changed: 28. February 2011 06:27
#12atwspoon 28. February 2011 06:55
So planet videos is still fresh I would assume? I tried their cs 1.6 video section, and the page had an error, and this was the error message:

"LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAal fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

lol... quite a reassuring bit of confidence residing in that message.

(nice new banner by the way. looks fresh. just noticed it haha).

Last changed: 28. February 2011 07:27
#13napalm CND Productions 28. February 2011 14:17
this must be a personal message just for you :o
#14atwspoon 28. February 2011 17:13
#15r Style-Productions 28. February 2011 23:42
#16slize Elegato 1. March 2011 04:01
we got punkd
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