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Requiem Update... Among Other Things...

Written by r on 3. February 2011 01:13

Refreshing... that's what I'd call the past 2 months. It's a good word. It defines what a lot of people have been experiencing in this movie scene, as it is today of course. I've taken some time to regroup my thoughts and more importantly, equipment... some websites have taken time to regroup their communities... and it seems the community here at Style has done what it's always done when Style Productions has taken time off... flourished. I thank you.

To start off, a certain Krpi aka Neebs has expressed some doubt about the future of my current project, The Requiem Chronicles: Volume II, while a certain Dec has prevalently been faithful with its progress. I would assume a great percentage of the masses who could care less are filing behind the former. As for the the people who represent the latter and still maintained interest in CS 1.6 Fragchinima films, I have come back from the short hiatus and have resumed production on the movie. Lately, with the holidays and my move from the wonderful state of Pennsylvania (R.I.P. Teh Style Gather) to my nation's capitol Washignton D.C., I have been extremely busy. Also, I've upgraded to a laptop with better specs to help with the production process, amongst other things. Hopefully, progress is awaiting me in the future.

I'd like to apologize to KEKSKRUEMEL for my assurance of an article and lack of follow-up. In past events, Planet-Videos is back and running again... now newer and more user friendly. It seems, despite Germany and the Third Reich's hatred for all that is internationally accepted (alluding to the English language of course), Planet-Videos has now hired an English speaking news writer for the website. They have begun to set up a future competition and will continue with the annual GMA's. All that's left is to educate their community into liking non-German movies. I keed I keed... not really though...

In other news, Dec has been helping the site by emailing me spambots, organizing our media section, and writing reviews for the site. I'm thinking of making him an admin. What has the world come to?

If anyone has any good ideas for polls or has an interesting movie they think deserves an article, feel free to msg me on the site. I and everyone involved appreciates the ongoing effort to keep the site active.

#1neyloc neyloc 3. February 2011 01:58
what kind of laptop you get? my comps been dead for a while and i got a macbook pro which is pretty tight but idk how the whole making movies thing could work on this, havent really looked into it.
#2Dec HLAE 3. February 2011 02:54
The headline is too long! Makes it look unprofessional, but hey, at least the site didn't crash, what a surprise :O
#3r Style-Productions 3. February 2011 03:38

it's a HP Pavilion dv7. AMD Phenom II Tri-Core 2.2 GHz. 4 GB RAM. Windows 7. Radeon HD 4250 GFX Card,

Not top notch, but it gets the job done.


#4Krpi Neebs 3. February 2011 20:31
I'm liek ttly provoking you to finish it.

Oh and there's a new CPM defrag movie called Celestia. I don't think it deserves an article of its own but I can't be arsed to dig up my old Quake movies thread so here ya go stylings: Celestia
'tis nice.
#5Cloud8 4. February 2011 00:34
if you wanna make any1 admin..make me admin...duh
H-L for life ...yo!
and good news about the production, hope it keeps a steady pace for you and all of us!
#6qujon Style-Productions 4. February 2011 13:02
Bleh, who deleted my project? I was almost finished! :/

It's nice to see that the moviescene is still alive!
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