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I'm About To Pass Out

Written by r on 23. November 2010 20:05

We've seen plenty of movies attempt to replicate the editing style of the late Jaeaeaeaeaeaeagarn X - The Revenge, but none have quite matched the blueprint layed down by Curbside. However, there is always one that leaves a good taste in your mouth.

Mr. Gautier aka bKr resides in France and has a knack for his editing software... are you that surprised? All French people seem to know how to use their editing tools and 3D tools supremely. However, bKr has something not a lot of people do these days... STYLE. He has the capacity to sync his film to the song and use it appropriately while maintaining the ability to showcase his skill level portrayed in the frags. Not many people really know how to accomplish that these days. :50 - 1:50 was enough to make me giddy and clap my hands whilst jumping up and down in front of my monitor. How often does THAT happen?! I also liked the fact that he held a theme throughout the film. Another thing a lot of people lack. He kept the same kind of effects but used them differently in each scene.

Now, I'm not entirely impressed by the film. Not all glitter and unicorns can come from this experience. After a cool scene where he shows an ace played over a very eerie soundtrack, bKr developed a disease and that disease comes in the form of the Jaeaeaeaegarn X SFX disease. The next song in the soundtrack did not have the sync opportunities that the first one did. bKr resorted to using the infamous "Whoosh" SFX played over increased velocity or a sudden light flare on the screen. Ring a bell? How about :58 where he lowers the song volume, but increased the bass slightly suddenly during a slow mo scene... Now I swear, I'm not trying to point out the flaws purposefully... but come on guys! 4.5 years later and people are still mimicking? For shame!

bKr has style... bKr clearly has the charisma to deliver entertainment... but let's see if bKr can move forward and show us...bKr.

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#1Dec HLAE 23. November 2010 20:22
#2slize Elegato 23. November 2010 22:46
7/10. I enjoyed, nice ;)
#3atwspoon 24. November 2010 07:36
Okay so Tony, you REALLY tickled me here. And I feel obligated to tell you, and tell you how, and tell you why!

So I see a new news article on the front page, "yay anthony wrote another witty article!"
I read the the title, and a few funny conclusions about you retiring or falling asleep writing etc. pop into my head, and that filled me with a bit of lulz.

So then i click on said article, and I read a sentence and think the article will be about jaaaaaaagarasnmdansdmmn XXXXX and that makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD all giddy like, realizing that the title of passing out may now deal with a movie viewed so negatively... so all the thoughts about passing out now deal with passing out in disgust, in boredom, and a list of other negative things. SO that made me laugh pretty loud.

Then I read your whole four paragraphs, and I liked it all. I enjoy your writing style, if I haven't made that clear yet. And I am currently downloading this movie to see its worth, because whatever makes Tony giddy is worth watching once... even if it's Elf porn. . . ( *cough* stevester*cough* )

so yeah. thanks Tony, for making my day, once again.


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#4r Style-Productions 24. November 2010 08:21
Ha, i actually had to read that a couple times, Austin, to understand what you're saying... must be time for bed. Your flattery makes me blush... no homo of course.
#5pava Style-Productions 24. November 2010 08:48
of course
#6slize Elegato 24. November 2010 09:42
We understand your pain Anthony.
#7h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 24. November 2010 14:53
#8atwspoon 24. November 2010 22:41
Well I think oddly sometimes sir, it could take a freak to understand my stream of consciousness -__-

but anywho. I agree with basically everything you mention in the article, I feel special.

(no homo of course)
#9shiz 14. December 2010 19:35
if THAT was your stream of consciousness...
the movie was great

no homo
#10hejm1 21. January 2011 01:56
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