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COD4 - Play With Soul by Mazarini

Written by r on 10. November 2010 07:48

First and foremost...Button Bashers has a really cool logo...

Moving on.

I just heard a shoutcaster say, "he just wanted to play sexy Call of Duty!" and witnessed a teddy bear literally halt the momentum of an airborne human being and knock him backwards.

Moving on.

Nikolai Lazarev is a man of imagination. He is a man of creativity. He has so much of this that he is capable of providing eye candy that rivals Chillside's Jaeaeaeaeaeaegarn movies and Drag0n's Sahara Sunrise 2. Unfortunately, he suffers from what the previously mentioned movies suffer from...relevance. I witnessed a fit 20-something enlisted soldier transform from a man running away from another soldier into an elderly geriatric (redundancy!) with a cane in the first minute of the film. This single scene foreshadows what will be a plethora of 3D scenes mixed in with chaotic frag sequences and wrapped together with a soundtrack that gets the foot tapping and head bobbing.

To go through this massive film piece by piece would take ages. I must say that the first 3 minutes were incredibly entertaining and well directed. After that, the music and action gets repetitive and Mazarini, the editor, gets monotonous with his editing. He starts sacrificing the appreciation of game play for a cheap opportunity to sync a frag by hard cutting from sniper shot to sniper shot. He excessively uses slo motion throughout and again mixes in 3D animation for that easy cheap thrill. Some of his 3D scenes were very unclear in direction and were hard to follow as the scene played out.

Towards the middle, he had a very fun section where he showed a collage of tournament footage surrounding a COD model with shoutcasting dubbed over talking of his playing ability. He is able to show that he, as a player, is (to simply put) good at what he does!

I think the most entertaining part of the movie was the fact that a certain song started at 9:27. If you dont recognize it (you must be really new to the movie scene) or didnt feel like watching it, Mazarini uses Carol Of The Bells by The Trans Siberian Orchestra which is well used in Jaeaeaeaeaeaegarn X - The Revenge. It's interesting to see a movie under a different game 4.5 years later use this song in a much inferior way..... in my opinion of course.

After a short Linkin Park section and some "sexy Call of Duty", we get to the epilogue... a machinima-esque fight where a teddy bear is the deciding factor when Good faces off against Evil. (Disclaimer - I did not make this next part can't lie about something as ridiculous as this) I was buying into this scene until two things transpired. One: Mazarini's co-star, paradox, decides that if a teddy bear is lethal enough to kill a terrorist, then stabbing your partner in the back is a logical course of action AND two: a pile of shit is apparently a common thing to come across in the streets of a war stricken city and someone who is about to stab their friend in the back will always manage to step in it.

No serious...

You really just read that...

Anyway, if all of this babbling makes you want to watch the movie still, visit our friends over at PldX and try enjoy the next 13:37 minutes:seconds of your life.
#1r Style-Productions 11. November 2010 06:01
Well! Not many COD fans here.
#2Mazarini 11. November 2010 06:52
Thanks a lot, for writing this up

Agree with everything, especially negative things in first part, now i realise that (: I stucked a bit there, a bit of cliche

It will help me next time for sure, thanks for post

Last changed: 11. November 2010 07:00
#3r Style-Productions 11. November 2010 07:08
I didn't mention it in the article, but it shows that you put a lot of work into the film and you have an eye as to how to build up tension in a scene. You also have a lot of talent with your programs. I've seen it's success already on multiple sites and hope to see more stuff from you in the future :-)
#4Cloud8 11. November 2010 17:19
ahhh carol of the bells was the best synced part in any movie EVER@JX1
it was just...PERFECT :)
oh almost forgot to watch THIS movie instead of checking the carol part on youtube again LOL

-watches movie-
meh was ok, liked the first part of the movie and kinda wanted to close it after like 4-5min or i skipped to the 9:20part and wasn't impressed as much as I hoped to be unfortunately :(
still a very nice made movie cus it held my interest for like 5mins instead of 30seconds with most cs/cod/any game movies these days!
#5Dec HLAE 11. November 2010 17:28
Yeah, kinda the same as H-L. As I wrote in the original thread.
Carol of the Bells was one of the reasons why I loved JX.
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