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Four Years in the Making*

Written by r on 8. October 2010 08:20

I'm re-writing this after spending 30 minutes typing up the most amazing article dedicated to all of you.... and somehow closed out the window before finishing... i hope I can recreate it.

Addendum Oh yea, forgot to add me at the bottom. Well, since i really dont feel like scrolling down to do so, I'll just put it here. Anthony, along with trying to learn the stressful game of golf, has resumed production on The Requiem Chronicles: Volume II after changing the name from its working title, Requiem Zero. Look for future progress and releases.

I'm going to open up with a certain Hildesheimer talking about what Style means to him. What does it mean to you?

More importantly, what does it mean to me (ha ha ha)? It has been 4 years of:

25 Cancelled Projects
The Epic Split
ReVo! ViVa!
Trailers to Nothing
Making Fun of Curbside
Random Polls
Random Articles
Making Fun of Dchozn
...and slize
...and myself
The Most Amazing Article Ever Written
Teh Style Gather

If you're a Stylie and you clicked on all of those links, you'll get a laugh from at least one of those links. How about that for logic?

Anyway, to finish off I'd like to do something Espen did before and give an update and what everyone is doing... if you care at all... which you should... or i'll ban you :-)

Andreas has been working on perfecting a self taught trade in graphic design. He currently has plans to travel to Australia and explore a little before settling down. Will we ever see a movie from him? I suppose I'll just quote him and let you decide.

Andreas wrote:

I know Play sucks big time. But I won the money. I'm THE BEST!

I might use the money to buy a new computer. That will probably result in a motivated and inspired movie...

Jasper has since graduated, moved back to Norway, and is pursuing a career in graphic design while perfectly his craft. He hopes to develop partnership with companies later. Does he have another movie left in him? Only time might tell.

Espen has taken up archery and has actually excelled at it. He is the president of his archery club and spends his free time with his girlfriend. According to sources, rumors of Episode 5 have been floating around.

Qujon is a ninja. Here one second, gone the next. Ha! Actually, he's been training for a fitness competition and plans to enter in the near future. He has since been on hiatus from Wol.Style and has no plans to cancel it, but does not foresee any work to be completed on it in the future.

Xyanide has been playing a lot of Source and MW2. I think Dreamscape 3 is also on a long-term hiatus with no upcoming progress to be made in the near future.

Daniel is still working with his visual effects company and has credits in movies like Where the Wild Things Are, Centurion, and the upcoming Ewan McGregor movie Perfect Sense. Check out the complete list here.

As for Farmerjoe (working with MMORPG's), Christian, and our old buddies... they have moved on.

We appreciate your continuing interest in making Style still one of the most popular online communities out there.

Here's to our upcoming 5th year...
#1pava Style-Productions 8. October 2010 10:17
great post. had a good laugh going through those links :D
#2Dec HLAE 8. October 2010 12:21
Oh, memories <3 Another teaser btw? :-OOO
#3h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 8. October 2010 12:50
I love you guys. As result of this team, a the utterly great community has formed, in which I through the years, have met some of the most awesome people. I'm very thankful, and I'm very proud to be a longtime member of this glory.
pava wrote:

here's to another 4.

Cheers mates. Love
#4snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 8. October 2010 17:42
Lol, 4 years of hitech codecs & bullshit on the side. LOVE
#5Cloud8 9. October 2010 17:38
i love this website, I should get SPMA for most dedicated stylie(i mean hey..i got banned over nine thousand times and I'm still going here!)

long live sp!
#6slize Elegato 9. October 2010 18:05
Ouuu such an amazing post...I have a lot of good memories with you, Style:D Thanks for all of that. When I checked all those links I almost felt hahaha.
4 years of bullshit and FIGHTs
#7Cloud8 10. October 2010 00:43
we should have a e-fight thread LOL you post up your body and see who wins by style vote hahahahahahaahah
#8h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 11. October 2010 19:24
Already won, sorry H-L :(
#9Christian Style-Productions 12. October 2010 15:13
Thank god for me then! :) As I'm the one keeping the site up! :)
#10qujon Style-Productions 18. October 2010 12:03
Yes, Christian is the true hero. You style-junkies should donate some money to him to keep the site up for another year.

Style.Gather v2 in Sweden next summer, Anthony? Golf is on the agenda... every day.
#11r Style-Productions 20. October 2010 06:36
Golf every hour Marky marc.... oh yes, every hour. I drove the green on a 305 par 4... i retire...

now i'm nursing a nasty slice. FML
#12Zaknafein Style-Productions 22. October 2010 09:53
Great article. Loved watching it.

And qujon: Gather v2!!!! Let's do it!
#13qujon Style-Productions 31. October 2010 19:05
We can do archery too, Zakna. I've been trying out archery 3 times now... oto funny :)
#14Zaknafein Style-Productions 5. November 2010 14:45
Sounds awesome! We'd be stupid not to do this!
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