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Title Propaganda

Written by r on 30. October 2009 18:29

A dreamscape... eh? 4 years ago, you would have probably been in hysterics if someone mentions this word. For one, a certain movie maker named Xyanide just released it under the, then critically acclaimed, MovieMakers production team. It was one of the first movies to introduce a very vibrant and atmospheric color correction scheme and showcased a lot of impressive frags mixed with some catchy tunes.

If you would have said this word approximately 15 years ago, you probably would have been talking about this piece of hidden cinematography. Try to wrap your mind around this oneWhat is reality?

Today, in the year 2009... it's about time to ask a question that any movie maker would fear to answer; what does the movie name that you chose even mean? Some people, like Niklas once did, will so honestly explain that he/she simply likes the word or thought it sounded cool. Others will go into great explanation of how it ties into what they were trying to accomplish... I'd like to think Xyanide was going for the latter.

A An escape from dreams? That be my first guess... but how so? What does Counter-Strike have to do with anything dreamlike? And why would you be escaping it? If anything, video games and subsequently, video game movies are more of an escape INTO a dreamlike world where you are removed from reality. Ok, so lets use that. A Dreamscape is an escape from reality into a dream. Ahhh, something we can go off of. Vibrant colors, extraordinary frags and some ambient music (if LP and JZ could be considered ha) to wrap it all together. A piece of art to take you away from your surroundings and place you in a world of astonishment and surrealism.

Of course, the last theory can stem from the two words that this ambiguous title can be derived from... dream and landscape. A landscape of dreams. Well, that can be any nostalgic childhood memory of your favorite place. The beach possibly... or perhaps your favorite wooded area that you played in with your friends as a youngin'. So what Xyanide is trying to accomplish here is to take you away from any present-day strife you might be caught up in and allow your mind to wander back to a safe realm of your choosing. A wondrous world of escape and peace, something representing... perhaps...maybe...dare I sayThe Dawn is Coming 2010 heaven?

So you see, it seems that movie titles are more than what meets the eye... there is more to a title than something simply to designate the capsule of media you compiled from your NLE or VDub...or today, Legion. I implore you then...put more thought into a title than just something that sounds "neat" or "cool"... I do not challenge you to pick something that is NOT catchy, but merely use something that will have meaning for years to come.

Choose your favorite movie and explain what its title means to you
#1Dec HLAE 30. October 2009 18:37
I don't think that far. I don't care what the title of the movie is, mostly... :-P
#2qujon Style-Productions 30. October 2009 19:00
I think 'The Arrival of Satan's Empire' is the ultimate name for a movie. Obviously the name is inspired by a certain shaolin monk named viktor.
#3r Style-Productions 30. October 2009 19:04
I expected nothing more or less from you Dec
#4Gorat0n dear lord help me 30. October 2009 20:01
Whats with the hidden messages?!
#5Krpi Neebs 30. October 2009 20:29
First and foremost the title should represent the movie. I hate it when people go for the "cool" effect without a good reason and end up with a horrible cliche for a title.

For example if someone does a very simplistic movie that's all about highlighting their best frags then I don't want to see "artistic" title, I fully appreciate it if they name the movie "Player X - Frag highlight".

I would've chosen Castor Fiber here but since it means the europian beaver I won't go into that, haha.
On the other hand I like negoxe's tricking movies and generally the titles he chooses for them;
Mellow Darkness, Autumn Nights and the latest Morning Never Came are all very well suited for their respective contents.
Of those three Autum Nights is my favorite and it's pretty much everything the title promises; it's dark but has vibrant colors, it has a mellow soundtrack and lots of slow motion.

It matches the content perfectly, conjures non-gaming related thoughts/feelings and isn't tacky (which perhaps the most important thing). Quite what I expect from a good title, this movie deserves its name and vice versa.

In other news; it seems that I write ten times longer comments than the others. Should I be concerned?
#6Aulie panCake 30. October 2009 22:15
"Mourning Walls Collapse" is a title I find kinda strange.. Don't know if it's supposed to be deap (deap because it seems like the description of a sad human's state of mind, and that everything falls apart in a persons head/feelings), or if it's just a random title..
Somehow, I doubt it's random. I am sure crzy have answered this question before, but I have not heard of it. So crzy... What's the meaning of this title?
#7r Style-Productions 30. October 2009 22:31
#8Aulie panCake 30. October 2009 22:38
Wow, how did I not remember. I have read that interview a couple of times before... :s
Well... On second thought, 2006 was like three years ago or something..

Last changed: 30. October 2009 22:43
#9r Style-Productions 31. October 2009 02:38
By the way it's people like you, Krpi (Neebs), that news writers live for. I always love a well thought out comment or input on a topic.
#10pava Style-Productions 31. October 2009 02:57

100% short, accurate title.
#11r Style-Productions 31. October 2009 04:01
you are the cutest narcissist ever jasper.
#12xyanide Style-Productions 31. October 2009 11:31
I thought of dreamscape as the words "dream" and "landscape" as you mentioned.
But I cant really remember why I chose it back then, because the movie itself has no feeling to it at all :/
This time though, I will bring meaning to that name!
#13neyloc neyloc 1. November 2009 06:55

hometown pride
#14DavidG 1. November 2009 14:34
So many movies at style now! LOL.

Last changed: 1. November 2009 14:34
#15slize Elegato 1. November 2009 16:01
Thats Revolution!
#16atwspoon 2. November 2009 02:34
"CS 101"
To me this means bringing CS back to its basic element. Simplistic, generic, not focusing on one specific thing for too long, and perhaps not very colorful. Although it is all of the above, it does not have to lack in quality. I thought of this mainly as some school subject. My brother's English 101 class his freshman year of college was basically a review of his senior year in high school, so it makes me think of something not overly challenging or difficult to complete. This also makes me think of bringing cs movie making back to its roots, if that phrase does indeed have solid and undeniable roots, and presenting a movie in such a way that would force an old-school cs movie view into a sudden shock of nostalgia.

I am assuming this is an appropriate and hopefully relevant response to "Choose your favorite movie and explain what its title means to you"
#17r Style-Productions 2. November 2009 03:19
pro response on a pro movie
#18zeun panCake 4. November 2009 18:30
#16 might have been the most misplaced post ever. this made me smile.
#19nickrandom 4. November 2009 23:45
Frag or Die, probably the best cs movie name ever.

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