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Qujon Still Collecting Demos

Written by r on 30. October 2009 02:01

Been with Style for a while? An active member you might say? Been in at least one fight with H-L? Got banned at least once by an Ameritard? (that's actually American and retard combined.) If you answer yes to any of those, you are henceforth worthy to call yourself a Stylie.

And if one would call one's self a Stylie, you are also worthy to have the consideration to star in Qujon's new Style Community project.

I'd like to dedicate a paragraph to the fact that, technically, every moviemaker that has requested demos from this site has unintentionally made a Style Community movie.. including you Xyanide...including you...

amIriteDS3?What are dreams?

Anyway, Qujon is STILL looking for frags, bloopers, funnies, and other worth-while gaming situation to showcase in this uniting movie about all those crazy cats in and out of our forums. Dont be shy... send him a PM with a link to your rar'ed demo and time stamp. But be warned, you might be denied if you are not a long time member. Well, what are you waiting for? More irrelevant words to come out of my mouthWhat is reality?errrr... finger tips...? Go!

#1r Style-Productions 30. October 2009 02:04
sometimes xyaWhat are dreams? i just think i like to hear myself talk. O.o :D

Last changed: 30. October 2009 03:39
#2muCk 30. October 2009 02:14
I have sent him two of mine best frags!
I wait and drink a good tee :_D
#3neyloc neyloc 30. October 2009 02:14
ive been here a while, im pretty active, i got in a fight with H-L for which I was banned for by you. :D so i guess im a stylie. i sent some demos already but if he needs more i might send a couple new ones
#4Dec HLAE 30. October 2009 02:24
My demos suck!
Soon done with my retarded movie, so I can show my frags to qujon, but I think they are too bad anywayz :E

Gewd lawk...

Last changed: 30. October 2009 02:25
#5delirious VertikalProduction 30. October 2009 03:23
Ah I wish I had noted down the timings of my demos. After coming to the US, I haven't even installed Steam client on my laptop, and I don't want to either.

No CS = more time on other hobbies! \o/
#6contekzt panCake 30. October 2009 09:28
ill send later today ;)
#7zeun panCake 30. October 2009 11:52
i think you have about 20 demos from me already, so i wouldn't know if you want more demos from the ones that havent gotten you that many or not.

anyways; im still ban immune. i remember the good ol' revolucion, and how jasper couldn't ban my account for some reason... and me and H-L have always hatet each other during the years i've spent on this forum. gooooooood times
#8kevza opima 30. October 2009 15:11
too bad I suck at cs :< and my fails aren't funny enough
#9kevza opima 30. October 2009 15:11
imba double post of doom :E

Last changed: 30. October 2009 15:12
#10Dec HLAE 30. October 2009 15:14
I team killed Djoko with HE, when we rushed B... but that's a standard blooper, lol.
#11xyanide Style-Productions 30. October 2009 16:28
#1 just like nikky :P
#12r Style-Productions 30. October 2009 17:33
hahaha, i have to fill two pair of shoes here somehow :]
#13slize Elegato 30. October 2009 17:38
All questions YES!

qujon I've send you some frags earlier , have you picked something ? I might send you some more , 2 days ago I had a really funny frag , shitbricks!

Anwser asap.
#14Dec HLAE 30. October 2009 17:50
qujon wrote:
Decided to edit once again today! Two freelook-cams were captured and imported to vegas. Both from one of slize's frags.
#15slize Elegato 31. October 2009 10:51
I Am cool but still i need more anwsers.
#16Kacki Smaafolk 2. November 2009 08:38
I'll upload a few more demoes :)
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