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German-Community: COD4 trailer

Written by r on 28. October 2009 07:35

An epic piece of film for the first 30s and last 10s, but overall something to file away until the real thing comes out.

Martin Kuczera releases, as he so subtly tell us, his first trailer of his first movie. Id like to touch base on the fact that this is my biggest pet peeve; when someone talks to the audience in the form of text explaining what we're watching, the number of movies a person has made, ect... It just ruins the mood.

Anyway, moving on. The first couple of cams were smooth and if you pay attention closely, you can catch scenes in windows or holes in the walls. Then comes the most annoying couple of seconds of my life. The shaky cam is good for a few scenes, but for an entire section, it starts messing with the eyes and becomes tedious. Other than that, the next part is pretty well synced, but serves no purpose until it reaches the snippets of frags. The one thing i enjoyed was the way he cut the video off when the song ends and then fades in the text "Coming Soon" with some pretty generic smoke.

Not too bad for a first movie trailer, lets hope he tidies up his editing style though.

#1h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 28. October 2009 10:03
Nice different music, and it's actually pretty nicely directed.. The effects and text are kinda sloppy though. I think he could have spent some more time on fitting the colors to the assembled style. Looking forward to the movie :)!
#2Krpi Neebs 28. October 2009 10:11
All in all... I'm not too excited.

There was some slick stuff like the bus, good quality, nice custom skins, some effects etc.
But at the same time we had the regular flying through maps, the regular guys running through maps and perhaps worst of all an abuse of a flashy-shakey effect.

Is the guy capable of creating fresh and high quality scenes? I think the trailer says yes. But what the trailer also says is that the maker is choosing to do everything the generic way.

And I agree on the intro texts. I hate how common this problem is in the gaming movie scene.

But yea, expecting a high quality but ultimately very generic and possibly horribly flashy finalised movie.
Hope I'm wrong though.
#3Dec HLAE 28. October 2009 10:24
Probably the first time I see some nice cams in CoD4.
#4GiminY 28. October 2009 12:13
I wouldn't have thought Nneka could be used in a gaming soundtrack, damn that sounds great!
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