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take me to the HOSPITAL

Written by r on 28. October 2009 07:19

A little movie I found wandering through the depths of the internet. It seems that there is a man named muCk who, like many people, enjoy the game counter-strike 1.6 and also, like many others, enjoy making movies about their own frags.

And that is exactly what muCk had done here, but with slightly more sync and simplicity. I can't say that the text, gfx work, and overall look of the mini-movie is groundbreaking or awe inspiring. However, muCk manages to direct pretty well in the sense that he syncs the action and keeps it paced well with the tempo of the song. His lack of the traditional (in terms of sozou's well established trend) intro and outro and generic, preset transitions shouldnt take away from the frags and decent sync.

I present an embedded version from youtube.

#1DanTheMan Nas Ne Dagonjat 28. October 2009 08:41
i didnt like it at all
#2h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 28. October 2009 09:57
WHY O'GOD WHY?!?! do people continue using that song!?! I refuse to remove it from my own movie!!
#3Dec HLAE 28. October 2009 10:26
Good sync, but could've been more of it.
#4slize Elegato 28. October 2009 10:27
This song is so boring for me . . . I've heard it so many times and I'm sick of it . Anyway sync in that movie isnt best , I would edit it better!
#5Georgy Glau MovieNations 28. October 2009 14:48
I liked.
#6Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 28. October 2009 15:01
I don't get it.. why you wrote a news about it.
#7r Style-Productions 28. October 2009 16:13
because this is a moviemking site and our job is to report on the latest movies released. do you have a problem Oui?
#8Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 28. October 2009 17:51
You didn't understand me.. Why you don't make newses about Insane, AwsoMaaAHhH or just good movies? This is.. emmm... another typical few-scenes clip. So.. I don't get it.. Many movies posted on the forum are much better than this.

Last changed: 28. October 2009 17:52
#9Dec HLAE 28. October 2009 18:08
This movie isn't in the forums.. your movie is :-P
#10r Style-Productions 28. October 2009 19:09
It sounds like you're just a little "Angry" that your movie wasnt posted in our news perhaps? I may be wrong, but thats what I'm understanding. I report on "good" movies, but as there are no recent good movies NOT posted in our forums, then I'm going to write about something else. Have a good day.

Last changed: 28. October 2009 19:10
#11Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 28. October 2009 19:20
You're wrong tony ;) I want to read reviews about HUGE SATAN AWSOMMAAHHH movies.. I clicked on it and... wtf? Typical youtube clip.. I was disapointed. If you want to Style have a style, make news with a style Mr. Perffecto Style.
'Yo Dawg I herd you want style so we put style to Style...' get it? :)
#12Haco 28. October 2009 20:09
#13F1rSt_nK 28. October 2009 22:19
Simple def with sync... +1 Oui
#14r Style-Productions 28. October 2009 22:30
if you want to read reviews about those kind of movies, then start writing some. We have a review section. Style doesnt JUST write news about the BEST kind of movies out there. We dig deep and report on all kinds, short or long, machinima or frag, 10/10 or average (and especially if its a seemingly unknown movie maker that has some sense of directing and syncing ability like muCk which is VERY rare).

And do we not, first and foremost, make movies to showcase the amazing frags we have (which this movie does have in my humble American opinion)? I'd like to think so. If you dont like those simple facts, then dont read the news. Pretty simple if you ask me o.O

Last changed: 28. October 2009 22:57
#15Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 28. October 2009 23:02
'We dig deep and report on all kinds, short or long,' three times in month?.. you dig too deep. :) It's cool that you want to write about unfamous ppl, but damn.. keep style.
#16muCk 28. October 2009 23:21
I am surprised about the News! Thanks AnthonyP. Thats my "HOSPITAL" movie :-) But I created it in 20 hours.
That Movie is better:

Last changed: 28. October 2009 23:36
#17r Style-Productions 29. October 2009 00:33
Nah Oui, I think I'll do whatever I please. If you dont like it, dont read it.

to muCk: I think you have potential dude. Keep at it, clean up your style and you will have some successful movies in your future!

Last changed: 29. October 2009 00:49
#18Swpp Myself 29. October 2009 07:48
Average movie lol , Anthony you really gone soft
but gj muck anyway
#19dniafiso opima 29. October 2009 08:12
#20mmd 29. October 2009 14:12
kewl movieh
#21Kacki Smaafolk 29. October 2009 20:09
Awesome news imo. Never heared of this guy before, but wow! what a potential!
Think news like this, about unknown moviemakers with great potential can motivate (s)he a lot.

@muCk: Both movies were awesome. Something different than most movies made nowdays.
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