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We're BACK!

Written by r on 10. October 2009 19:37

No, not that movie about the dinosaurs that can talk... you know, the one where the kid runs away to the circus and Rex talks to the bird on the golf course... ya... that one.

I'm talking about the 2 projects just announced in the Projects Section!!! Get excited people because Qujon and Xyanide just started on their new projects. Xyanide seems to be making a very mood-oriented, atmospheric movie and Qujon is picking up where Hytex never started...again. Ha ha, you're the man Hytex. But let's be serious, Hytex has like 8 projects he wants to do. Anyway, this exciting news should breathe life into the Media Section of our website.

Now, the question is: Will there be more...and from who?
#1Aulie panCake 10. October 2009 19:40
When is the estimated cancellation date?
But seriously, I hope these two will be released in 100% finished state. Can't wait for another style cs movie:)

Last changed: 10. October 2009 19:42
#2Dec HLAE 10. October 2009 19:43
#3dn1_ 10. October 2009 20:30
hope dat xya rly rlyses his mvie
#4zeun panCake 10. October 2009 20:32
this is big
#5qujon Style-Productions 10. October 2009 21:02
Haha, "We're back" was actually one of my favourite movies when i was younger. I remember Rex, Elsa, Loui, Cecilia, haha. Rex is oto cool when he's playing golf.
#6r Style-Productions 10. October 2009 22:05
haha, glad someone got that allusion marcus
#7qujon Style-Productions 10. October 2009 23:53
...and by the way, i want more frags. you can put that in your fancy news item, tony! the more well-known you are here at style the more i want your demo/s.


Last changed: 10. October 2009 23:53
#8Zaknafein Style-Productions 11. October 2009 00:50
Crap! I left all my demos back in Norway! I forgot! Shit.
Well maybe I can get some new frags once my new comp arrives.
#9pava Style-Productions 11. October 2009 01:03
gotta do the same. guess ill be playing when i get back :p
#10Swpp Myself 11. October 2009 01:19
cool moar betas
#11Hildesheimer 11. October 2009 01:41
Now that's really a new one.
#12r Style-Productions 11. October 2009 08:26
Swpp wrote:
cool moar betas

#13qujon Style-Productions 11. October 2009 08:32
#14Swpp Myself 11. October 2009 10:12
#15slize Elegato 11. October 2009 12:43
hahahah .

qujon you want some frags ? I have few amazing ! Like double double from awp !
How much do you want ?
#16Dec HLAE 11. October 2009 13:04
#17qujon Style-Productions 11. October 2009 14:57
sure slize
#18snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 11. October 2009 16:56
nice blowing some wind into the sails, Anthony! you deserve a nobel peace prize!
#19r Style-Productions 11. October 2009 18:19
I'd be the second american that didnt deserve it then. ha ha ha ha
#20slize Elegato 11. October 2009 19:30
hahah true dat
#21rglaf rglaf productions 11. October 2009 21:27
I'll wait with the "AWESOME!" till I see some finished product :P
#22kendo volodja pictures 12. October 2009 20:02
W00T. Nice, I was waiting till some projects will start and you will cancel them!!! So, which are the cancellation dates?
#23Dec HLAE 12. October 2009 20:42
Kendo: Prepare for unforeseen consequences.
#24Zaknafein Style-Productions 12. October 2009 22:07
Time to do what we do best!
#25kendo volodja pictures 12. October 2009 23:05
#24 ahah Zakna, I got in the same replica :D
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