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3 Years Ago...

Written by r on 10. October 2009 01:19

My god I'm on a roll with these articles. Anyway, what were you doing 26352 hours, 1098 days, 91.5 months...or simply put... 3 years and 3 days ago??? Don't remember? Well if your join date says October 7th, 2006... you were probably here.

Has it been that long already? I know...I can feel the nostalgia coming back to me as I type this. 30 pages of articles, 36 guides, nearly 14000 H-Ls...I mean members... and 600 movie teams later and we have ourselves a nice little community. Yet... everytime i hit the IX-Forum button, i still get a connection error. Why is that? Through Icecake, Black Mambas, and back to Style again, we're glad to have everyone with us still.

Lovely to spend the last 3 years of my life with everyone. Keep the forum as fun as it has been, keep your heavily opinionated minds clicking options in our polls, keep your eyes glued to the projects section and maybe we'll have our first Style release soon.

Sorry, i had to...

Post and share with others your favorite Style memories or moments from the last 3 years.
#1neadii 10. October 2009 01:25
dude, are you drunk? :D
#2r Style-Productions 10. October 2009 01:27
No...? What could have possibly gave you such an absurd impression? (ignoring my random outburst of laughing at the end of the article which was meant to further promote the hilarity of the sentence before that. Way to ruin it neadii...)
#3Dec HLAE 10. October 2009 01:30
I remember when I printscreened 13:37:00 (and 00:13:37 I think) on the countdown timer before the release of the page :D
#4zeun panCake 10. October 2009 01:43
it's really quite simple; it's obviously LA REVOLICION!

3 years well spent!
#5Hildesheimer 10. October 2009 01:52
Hail the good old Revolicion!
#6neyloc neyloc 10. October 2009 03:49
3 years
#7Lacc Hybrid Movies 10. October 2009 08:06
I don't have a real favourite memory, but the early stages after the launch of the site were the best.
#8qujon Style-Productions 10. October 2009 09:40
countdown timer, cpl05 hype, ww3, all crazy threads in the priv-forum, team svorge, #style-priv, "the release" of mirv
#9kevza opima 10. October 2009 10:37
wooow, time is flying already 3 years :)
#10neadii 10. October 2009 10:55
haha tony. sorry for ruining it ;P

anyway, just as lacc, i don't have much memories, but i remember that i really like the first couple of months after the launch of the new site
#11slize Elegato 10. October 2009 12:04
Same as neadii haha

I remember the beginning , when everybody was so nice to each other haha . However we didnt know each other well and now after 3 years it's so cool to see how some people are 'connected to each other' . I mean that we're friends ! internet friends !

Did you ever imagine a big Gather with about 100 style members ? LOL hahhah on big party and everybody on the D@nc3FlOOOO hah
#12xyanide Style-Productions 10. October 2009 12:29
This site brings back happy memories!
Most fun about this crew for me was always the priv, but it's kinda dead now :P
#13pava Style-Productions 10. October 2009 12:43
priv will come back to life soon :>
#14Lacc Hybrid Movies 10. October 2009 13:34
#12 Oh yeah, and it was really nice to see you getting better into the english language by every post =D
#15pava Style-Productions 10. October 2009 14:43
#16slize Elegato 10. October 2009 15:34
#15 HAHAA true dat!
I wont lie to you but seriously , 'world-wide' forums are quite good english lesson!
#17contekzt panCake 10. October 2009 16:39
i remember everyone laughing at me.
#18qujon Style-Productions 10. October 2009 16:47
with you, laughing with you context
#19atwspoon 10. October 2009 16:53
imagine a big Gather with about 100 style members
I hear that, I hear that. hopefully English speaking too, so we would all be on the same page :p

My Favourite Part: All of Tony's posts for the past almost 2 years I've been on the forums, what a witty guy eh?

Last changed: 10. October 2009 16:55
#20Dec HLAE 10. October 2009 17:20
#18 HahÀhÀhÄhehöh, we're still doing that!
#21stevester 10. October 2009 18:07
#22kendo volodja pictures 12. October 2009 20:04
miss the good old times :/ Would be fun if you could organize a gather including all active member out here with ventrilo and shit, adrenalin, fun and I'm polish, lol!

Last changed: 12. October 2009 20:06
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