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Where Do We Go Now?

Written by r on 8. October 2009 23:19

Own-Age is dead. There goes the q3 community. HaHEHAEhaehahahehaeahaha... get it? Csflicks died a long time ago as well. ESnation hit the fan along with the shit a couple years back after being taken over. So where the hell do editors go anymore to showcase their work?

Ya, sure, we go that one place planet-movies where a bunch of germans rate your work inferior to their own country's releases (I'm quite kidding...sort of). And ya, SK-Gaming has a minute movie community consisting of guys who post secular, I mean secular's probably more accurate now, clips consisting of an outrageous frag...but skip on full length movies. There's also that other website...what's it called... great forum, amazing members.. slightly lacking in the release catagory... ah! yes, Style-Productions (wait, what just happened?) But only one of the listed sites above keeps an actual DATABASE of movies that any joe-shmoe can take advantage of and catalogue his/her releases. Well, there is catch-gamer too... but who actually goes there other than Jasper??? Kidding....

So this is where I stand folks. Our beloved sources for gaming media is dwindling along with our quality releases. So I beseech you, where can we go to release or movies?
#1Dec HLAE 8. October 2009 23:21
#2kab 8. October 2009 23:32
themovievault will be back and movienations are preparing the new project.
#3neyloc neyloc 9. October 2009 00:01
apparently we just come here.
#4snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 9. October 2009 00:13
haha jasper is a selvdigger;D
#5Dec HLAE 9. October 2009 00:17
Everything that has a beginning.. has an end. I see the end coming.
#6Zaknafein Style-Productions 9. October 2009 00:21
Damn I was hoping to get a copy of own-age because I wanted the info of all the movies, but Sean didn't give me one :/
I guess the only big site is Planet-Videos now.

What we really need is something like!! (Gaming Movie Internet Database)
#7zeun panCake 9. October 2009 00:54
#6 good point.

and as kab said, we do have themovievault, which is great for both downloading and streaming.

on a national basis, i don't think anyone has a problem finding movies. but on the other hand; if you're looking for international movies, you'll have to find another way.
#8slize Elegato 9. October 2009 01:04
Yeah mvault and movienations are preparing smth big !

Anyway, s-p is the place !
#9stevester 9. October 2009 02:18
style, buy out ownage!
#10errzy errormedia 9. October 2009 02:18
also, source movies is preparing something.

#11neyloc neyloc 9. October 2009 02:43
#10 whats your point? LOL
#12Samwise 9. October 2009 03:07
what about Aaron with one star media site, or what was the name of it!
#13contekzt panCake 9. October 2009 03:37

This isnt the end.. It's just the beginning.
#14r Style-Productions 9. October 2009 06:02
style is bringing it back to the beginning
#15qujon Style-Productions 9. October 2009 11:46
i dont think i want style to get bigger. this is a cozy small community.

gmidb sounds like a cool idea though :)
#16destruktor Authentic-Pictures 9. October 2009 11:57
actually i'm scared to release a movie here cuz you will all attack me with your critics and i will start crying =D nah just kidding.. hoping to see the movie vault back, that new movienations project aswell.. i just hope it will be in english(only) cuz when the russians start to talk their language we won't understand shit =D
#17dniafiso opima 9. October 2009 12:36
pv klärt!
#18kevza opima 9. October 2009 14:12
pv :S
#19xyanide Style-Productions 9. October 2009 15:17
Post your movie here on style and other people will upload it on other sites! You dont have to lift a finger.
#20Zaknafein Style-Productions 9. October 2009 17:06
I'm working on a project which involves streaming most of the classics on YouTube, but it's quite small-scale.

I think Catch-Gamer has a pretty large download collection, although it's organized a bit weird and they don't have's not just Jasper who goes there haha :P
#21SavagE 9. October 2009 20:43
that's a dumb question. movie vault will be back shortly. You can always donate em to make things faster
#22Krpi Neebs 9. October 2009 20:44
I just want a cozy quiet place like own-age. A place with a semi-silent community that in the event of a big release comes out of the woodwork and shares well thought out opinions... at least in theory.

I don't need a streaming service or other fancy stuff. I don't need movievault to give me HD streams on every movie then go crashing down because they can't handle the bandwith nor the budget it requires.

Just a database of releases that's easy to follow and that I can trust to feature all the important releases. Complete with comment section, of course.

The database idea could work on style, at least if we get more not-as-lazy members. Just create a new section where all the members can post information about gaming movies.
Much like Own-age but a bit more specialized and moderated. Nothing fancy required though, just a couple of words about the video in question and a link where to get (or stream) it.

Neebs reporting for duty, haha.
#23r Style-Productions 9. October 2009 21:03
Database idea = new design

New design = coding

Coding = money

Money = donations

Donations = generous supporters

Supporters = poor forum users

Poor forum users = kids flaming each other

kids flaming each other = ban them

ban them = admins who have decided that they have done all that they wanted to this website

we're passing the torch on to other teams now. besides if we're so "lazy" as you tactfully put it, why dont YOU make something along the lines of your idea?
#24Krpi Neebs 9. October 2009 21:32
Members, as in the members of the community, as in a group I belong to, are so lazy that the database probably wouldn't prosper unless we get fresh blood.

Point was of course that once started the project wouldn't be dependant on the style crew as you're mostly borderlining dead.

You really think I'm asking or expecting this from you, you who mostly bitch about the community? Of course not. The database idea is still something I'd quite like to see happen, on any site.
#25r Style-Productions 9. October 2009 21:44
An elaboration... ah... might want to clarify in your original post next time. It allows people like myself to wander into their world where they skew the intentions of others.

Anyway, I'd like to consider myself a very borderline bipolar American as I have extreme phases of pessimism then compassion for this website/community. As Nillas once put it so well...

Niklas wrote:
It's like I'm the loving father of a young daughter who's slowly and painfully wasting away due to a malicious cancer she herself isn't even aware of. For some reason the father just doesn't want to give up on her life yet although he had to be a fool to have any hope left.

Maybe it was something within myself that I had to find in order to finally accept what has happened. I've grown up and moved on(this statement is based on relativity of course ha) and so has the rest of the world. I've come to accept it and i've come to realize what I was meant to do even if it is the less taken path.

Even now i realize how polar opposite my last two posts are to each other. I'm a multi-layered man. ha.
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