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Written by qujon on 26. September 2009 16:54

Sean "own-age" Kuehnel has decided to shut his site down. I'm pretty sure all of you have visited at some time. For me it was the source of inspiration when I started making movies. I remember how amazed I was the first time I saw own-age's masterpiece Annihilation. Well, thanks for everything Sean, it's been great!

Site to be shut down By 8-Oct-09

#1kab 26. September 2009 16:58
~wow, own-age down, sourceradio down, jaegarn x3 is on production. What's next?
#2qujon Style-Productions 26. September 2009 17:03
next: andreas is making a movie that will blow us away :)
#3DanTheMan Nas Ne Dagonjat 26. September 2009 17:55
I dont feel anything about own-age but RIP anyway.
#4slize Elegato 26. September 2009 18:00
#2 what movie ?

RIP and I have pretty the same feelings as you qujon . I wonder if there would be a new site - similar to this one . Hm...
#5Hildesheimer 26. September 2009 18:00
Considering the lack of activity it's not surprising.

Last changed: 26. September 2009 18:00
#6qujon Style-Productions 26. September 2009 18:15
read the blog if you're interested slize.
#7xyanide Style-Productions 26. September 2009 18:16
Back in the days this was the first and last site I visited every day. Been some time since I last visited it, but it's still sad to hear this.

A big thanks to Sean and his crew!
#8SavagE 26. September 2009 18:17
considering how crappy the server was it's not surprising. I couldn't enter the site like 8/10 times in like 8 months.

I'm glad sourceradion will at least be back, but until then the situation isn't too good.
#9Krpi Neebs 26. September 2009 18:22
To me will always be THE gaming movie site. It's been having technical difficulties for a long time now so it hasn't been that popular but at least being not-as-mainstream filtered a lot of the crap that's flowing around.

The main thing was that almost all the good stuff found its way there sooner or later and it was easy to check for new uploads. In my case another really valuable thing was how far back the old records/profiles/uploads went.
When I got really into gaming movies I started watching the older legendary movies and own-age had every bit of information I ever needed.

But it's time for farewells.
Oh well, what's the next best thing? Own3d?
#10RavenTL Elegato 26. September 2009 18:56
what's happening with this sites? first sourceradio, now this? is it end of movie making or what :D
#11ripieces HLAE 26. September 2009 21:24
#12slize Elegato 26. September 2009 23:17
#9 own3d ? thats not even 1/4 of own-age
#13Krpi Neebs 26. September 2009 23:45
Yea I know but it's not like there's a lot of options.
#14delirious VertikalProduction 27. September 2009 08:34
Oh... wow. I used to visit own-age every day when I started moviemaking. The race to be #1 in the Most Downloaded Videos of the Month... lol!

Planet-Movies is still up and running right? Since I quit moviemaking, it doesn't make much differenceto me right now. Wait... oh no.. I have to update the download links in my webpage. They were all pointing to own-age!
#15juggaknot Airwalk Media 27. September 2009 13:19
next : daniel quits moviemaking to come back to cs moviemaking
#16pava Style-Productions 28. September 2009 20:46
sad for the quake croud, i guess.

In all seriousness though - a legendary site, but never used it personally.
#17Zaknafein Style-Productions 28. September 2009 21:57
Nooooo. This is one of the oldest, and biggest, databases for gaming movies. I have to download as much info as I can before it goes down.
#18atwspoon 29. September 2009 23:25
i cried when csflicks went down, but by the time I became aware of own-age (late 2006) the majority of good cs videos all had broken mirrors... so I have nothing positive to say with my experience of the site I am afraid :/
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