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The Fall of PK

Written by Zaknafein on 20. September 2009 18:33

Yesterday on September 19th at 11:30 CET, my beloved cat Per "PK" Kriztian passed away. It was a very sad day, as PK was 17 years old and had been my closest companion for as long as I could remember. It was very difficult to be there when we euthenized him, and I held him in my arms throughout the entire ordeal. My friend PK died in my arms.

PK was 17 years old and he was put to sleep because he had symptoms of several chronic conditions, including renal failure (kidneys), an infection, and/or cancer. Throughout the last few weeks he refused to eat anything, he was nauseas, he had problems moving and he spent less and less time outdoors. It was clear that whatever we did to treat him that he would not live longer than a month or two. In order to spare him the physical pain, and spare me of psychological pain, I decided to have him put to sleep. We were allowed to do it in our home since my mother is veterinary.

The story of PK:
We don't exactly where PK came from, because at some point in 1992 he was left in a box outside my mother's Animal Clinic. The original owners did not want to pay to have him euthenized and had just left him there to die. My mother tried to relocate him, but failed as every family returned him. My mother could not bear putting him to sleep after what he had been through, and decided to take him in with our family, and gave him to me. Therefore we don't know his exact age or where he came from, we just know he was roughly 17 years old and he was a "Cocktail" race, which is slang for super-mixed race, meaning that both PK, his parents, and probably their parents were all mixed races and he therefore has no clear racial origin.

PK became very close to me over the years and he would hang around me every day whenever he had the chance. People used to say he was like a dog because of the way he followed me around. He loved sleeping and getting cuddled with.

PK the moviestar:
The first time PK appeared in any movie was in my unreleased shit movie "SFK", where he was part of the intro logo. His first official appearance was in my first movie, "EpzLAN", released on April 27th 2003. This picture of him flashed for a split second at the end of the movie. In my second movie, "Ru$Le", he appeared again as an easter egg and this marked the beginning of the tradition of putting PK in all my movies as an easter egg.
In early 2003 I was fairly unknown, and most people who knew PK were friends or loyal fans, but when "eoLithic" was released, my fanbase started to grow large, and PK started to get recognized as he appears 6 times in "eoLithic". As my fame grew, my irc channel got bigger, and every time I released a movie we used to have a competition of who could find all of PK's appearances first. It was a lot of fun. He continued to appear somewhere in the background or as "PKTV" (instead of HLTV) in all my future CS movies (except "CPL Denmark"). I'm sure many of you have watched movies like "eoLithic" and "NG15" and never noticed him.
When I made the "underdark 2 trailer" I presented the movie as if PK himself had made it in order to see how many forum people would recognize the joke. Most people didn't.

PK did not really establish a name for himself until the movie "Ballcap" in 2007, where he actively sabotages my movie for the Style Competition #2. This comedy made my dear cat more known and he was recognized for his continous attempt to sabotage me, and for his plan of world domination.

His latest gifts:
PK appeared both as an easter egg and as a speaking role in the first three "Style vs Chillside" Episodes. He also appeared in my short parody "Das Oode Book". Before he died he also appeared in some shots for a parody I call "Angry Gaming Movie Nerd", a parody of AVGN which I haven't released yet.

In the upcoming Style vs Chillside Episode 4, PK has a minor role as PresiKent of PK Empire. Before he died I recorded his purring and put it as background noise whenever PK talks in Ep4. So when Ep4 is out and you hear a strange sound in the background when PK talks...that is PK himself.

I haven't kept detailed records of all of his appearances, but as far as I could figure out, this picture of PK appeared one way or another in 13 of my gaming movies. If you exclude things like Style vs Chillside and the PKTV logo, PK appeared at least 42 times in all of my movies (I may have missed some). I'm not going to post all of his cameos here, but if you are interested I could post them in the forum.

When you see it, you'll shit brix:
Where Movies Are Made
I also uploaded a clip from the movie "Zakna's 1-year anniversary" which shows some of his appearances. You can see it here.

In Memory of:
PK was my closest companion and dearest friend. It pained me to let him go and it was one the saddest days of my life. It was also painful for me to write this article, but since he as some reputation here at Style I thought you should know. He will be sorely missed, but at least he was spared of any pain. Episode 4 will be dedicated to his memory.

To my friend PK, rest in peace, I miss you!
#1Dec HLAE 20. September 2009 18:51
<3 R.I.P once more!
#2kab 20. September 2009 19:06
Great Story. Great Cat. R.I.P.
#3Djoko opima 20. September 2009 19:45
#4kevza opima 20. September 2009 19:46
R.I.P. pk :<
#5zeun panCake 20. September 2009 20:08
omg. so sad :(
#6RavenTL Elegato 20. September 2009 20:13
#7slip M-FX 20. September 2009 20:47
#8Tyrios Pr0ject-x 20. September 2009 22:03
#9rglaf rglaf productions 20. September 2009 22:26
He is by far one of the cutest cats I've ever seen and I've had 2 myself.

RIP PK, you will be dearly missed by everyone!

I am really sad now :'<
#10Barahuna 20. September 2009 23:38
#11Gorat0n dear lord help me 21. September 2009 00:58
RIP :<
#12errzy errormedia 21. September 2009 02:09
I've got 4 cats and 3 dogs, and I know how important this "type" of "people" are in our lifes.

I truly respect and understand your feelings Zakna, and hope you will find someone good as PK.

He's in a better place now.

respect and cheers my good friend.
#13pava Style-Productions 21. September 2009 03:34

still remember i was one of the first people to find al PK's in NG15. Earned me a +v in #zaknafein, amazing :D
#14neyloc neyloc 21. September 2009 03:45
rip man, i couldnt even imagine losing my dog he's my closest companion. sorry for the loss
#15slize Elegato 21. September 2009 04:01
I have 3 dogs and 2 of them will be with me for about 1 year , a bit more .. Losing your best home-friend isnt quite hard , especially if you have so many memories with him .

R.I.P PK :(
#16spEnc Dead and Buried 21. September 2009 10:17
rip, it was awfull when i was at the vet with my rabbit and had to put her to sleep because she had a tumor(?) in her stomach, i cried like shit for 2. :-|

have fun in cat heaven, kill many mouse! :D
#17Granis 21. September 2009 10:45
rip :(
#18destruktor Authentic-Pictures 21. September 2009 13:00
rip pk :(
#19xyanide Style-Productions 21. September 2009 14:10
I'm really sorry for your loss Espen.
I cant imagine what it would be like to lose a familymember.

Rip PK :(
#20Zaknafein Style-Productions 21. September 2009 14:17
Thanks for all your condolances, it's really nice for me to hear. Thank you.

It was difficult at first but I'm getting over it now. PK is gone, we had a great, long time together, and there are only happy memories.
When Ep4 is out we should all have a laugh and a toast in honor of PK :)
#21kab 21. September 2009 14:57
yeah, I know how it is to lose your pet... My old guinea pig died 5 years ago, and I saw how he was dieing, and couldn't help. I was sad long time due to that and blamed myself.
#22snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 21. September 2009 16:05
My deepest condolences. R.I.P PK!
#23snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 21. September 2009 16:12
love the detailed "Celebritys last hours" story and all :D He will always have a place in our hearts *sob*
#24Dec HLAE 21. September 2009 18:31
My cats will hopefully join him in the PK Empire in the future :-D
#25Barahuna 21. September 2009 19:24
He will continue living in Ep4 and that forever!
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