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Trickography 2

Written by r on 8. September 2009 06:53

Where as i dont recall ever seeing Trickography 1, I found myself downloading this little gem after seeing Neebs...I mean Krpis thread on the forum. After the shittiest night of work ever, this was quite a surprise.

I. Sync Paragraph - see last sentence
God I wish I had the energy to write a long, thought out review explaining the explicit details to everything considered explicit in this world, but i dont. So ill get straight to the point. I found this movie well edited and the sync was spectacular. Where Krpi... i mean Neebs... saw Macro sync, I saw Micro. And tons of it. You really have the keep an ear out for all the fine nuances involved in the sync of this movie. I just said sync a lot in this paragraph, so i shall call this the Sync Paragraph.

II. Stupendous Trickery - again, last sentence
The tricks were stupendous. Some utterly mind boggling thread-the-needle tricks aka 1 trick that had me thoroughly impressed. If i had the stupendous skill that these trickers had, i wouldnt be here writing this horrific article whereas these fine young e-stars are performing such stupendous acts of trickery. I said stupendous and tricks a lot in this paragraph, so i shall call this Stupendous Trickery.

III. Cool Editing, Dude - Yep...
The editing in this is pretty cool. Lots of hard cuts, rewinds and some fades/blinks to match the audio. I especially admired the beginning. Cool stuff. I said cool twice, so this shall be the Cool Editing, Dude paragraph.

Well, it looks like im quite the hypocrite as i have made quite a lengthy article about this movie. Oh well, it was worth it.

I didn't use a single apostrophe in this article...

#1Krpi Neebs 8. September 2009 07:21
Do you know how self conscious I now feel? DO YOU?!
Oh but cool article, I applaud you for making an article about this fine blend of tricking and editing.
#2delirious VertikalProduction 8. September 2009 09:15
I loved the sync, the soundtrack, the editing, and sync again!
#3Dec HLAE 8. September 2009 12:50
Strange songs, but some cool syncing.
#4rbk UEBER GEIL 8. September 2009 15:23
thanks for review. i appreciate this.
#5Zaknafein Style-Productions 8. September 2009 16:50
I will check this out later. Good job posting about new movies, Ant :)
#6slize Elegato 8. September 2009 17:50
2:33 I love that moment :D That song +sync and really good mood makes me wanna rewind it and watch again !

Strange songs but very entertaining.
#7Zaknafein Style-Productions 8. September 2009 18:20
Unless there is a youtube link I can't watch it because of this shit computer.
#8Dec HLAE 8. September 2009 18:36
I could stream it on own3d, but I have a slightly better computer than yours.
#9rbk UEBER GEIL 8. September 2009 18:41
#10Sinex Han-Sai prod 10. September 2009 19:40
I think RBK did a fantastic job, never have doubted him.

Btw, first Trickography also was BRK's idea, only he was probably to lazy to do it himself, so he forced me to create it using his demos ;)

Thumbs up!

Last changed: 11. September 2009 13:44
#11marsipan 11. September 2009 11:27
nice kaip jau eporte paraseu style 10

Last changed: 11. September 2009 11:28
#12kab 13. September 2009 00:20
More thoughts please! I have already said to the author what I wanted to say.
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