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DNG by gunn

Written by r on 1. September 2009 06:53

Gunn, not relatively active but a long time member of the Style community, has released a movie about Jacob Kloster aka dng(?).

The movie comes off as very clean with a melodic feel to it which is complimented by the soundtrack Gunn chooses. It is well synced throughout most of the film with simple, but appropriate effects to accent the A/V. Gunn does a great job with "fake" DOF along with the HLTV cams, which is quite rare these days as the cam tool has allowed people to come up with less-than-aesthetically pleasing shots. There are maybe one to two sloppy effects (ex. feather masking [ha ha] ) but they are dismissible in relation to the rest of the movie.

It's rare to see something as straight forward as this in today's modern world of CS cinematography, but hopefully Gunn has re-routed today's trends and brought us back to the golden years of film.

Splash Download Page
#1dniafiso opima 1. September 2009 08:16
"Mirv" DOV ?
whats that? you mean dof right?
#2r Style-Productions 1. September 2009 08:20
yep! mistype!
#3kab 1. September 2009 08:35
Great to watch such a smooth movie with such a perfect music!
#4dniafiso opima 1. September 2009 09:32
but actually i didnt see any real dof in the movie...just some fake out of focus. but apart from that really cool movie ;)
#5slize Elegato 1. September 2009 11:31
good movie.
#6gunn ZU Productions 1. September 2009 11:55
No mirv dof, only fake dof ;)
#7h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 1. September 2009 12:30
proud of you gunn
(I teached him everything he can)
#8Skyfox CyberArt Pictures 1. September 2009 13:10
good movie, good style.
#9DavidG 1. September 2009 13:59
Hytex wtb private lessons :(
#10slize Elegato 1. September 2009 14:41
how much hytex?
#11h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 1. September 2009 16:21
7euro, 1 hour.
#12destruktor Authentic-Pictures 1. September 2009 16:44
hytex ill play 10 euros, accept?
#13r Style-Productions 1. September 2009 16:57
changed mirv to fake!
#14dniafiso opima 1. September 2009 17:03
haha ;D
#15Zaknafein Style-Productions 1. September 2009 17:57
Right after Anthony posted this news, gunn handed him a sack of money. Haha

Last changed: 1. September 2009 17:58
#16Dec HLAE 1. September 2009 18:18
I think I will give this a.. 7/10
#17errzy errormedia 5. September 2009 00:40
Started with some basic transitions, but he could keep up the good vibe of the music and deliver us some clean and synced work.

Music name btw ?

#18delirious VertikalProduction 5. September 2009 15:49
nice... watching a cs movie after a long time!
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