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WW4 Aftermath

Written by Zaknafein on 8. August 2009 23:25

The WW4 games were fun. Arguably the two first maps were the most fun because they had more style guys while the two next maps needed a few randoms to fill the game. There were a lot of lols and some nice frags, and maybe...just maybe I will put together a movie about it. Haven't made a CS movie in 3 1/2 years but something just for fun could be possible. I'll have to see if I have time. Ep4 comes first.

BUT...apparently bookhltv had turned off demo recording so we don't have the hltv from the first 2 maps! This was especially annoying for me who decided not to record in-eye because of lagg. So I would really like it if everyone could send me their in-eye demos, if they recorded! The first maps are especially important since there is no hltv demo.

I still need demos from these players:
First 2 maps:
anthony (RECEIVED)
spunge (RECEIVED)
Gorat0n (RECEIVED)

Latter 2 maps:
rglaf (RECEIVED)
as well as the standins Epzilon and BLCK.
AND I don't suppose those of you who spectated recorded a hltv? :D

Other than that, thanks for playing and we should deff do it again. Was a lot of fun :D
#1Lacc Hybrid Movies 8. August 2009 23:27
Well yeah, the first two seemed awesome, I was on hltv :O
#2zeun panCake 8. August 2009 23:29
i'm just too good
#3Lacc Hybrid Movies 8. August 2009 23:37
Probably better than JuGGa, at least you don't have issues with the bombsites.
#4spunge spunge 8. August 2009 23:37
I'll up mine later tonight :}
#5Gorat0n dear lord help me 8. August 2009 23:46
#3 that was rotfl they crossed over on different sites :))))
#6r Style-Productions 9. August 2009 00:15
so thats what my face looked like as i was stabbed in the back!
#7DavidG 9. August 2009 00:16
HAHAHAA, when i sucide myself in short.
#8spunge spunge 9. August 2009 00:39
#5 and there was a short delay of 3 seconds after they passed each other, and realised they were going opposite ways
#9Gorat0n dear lord help me 9. August 2009 01:11
yeah, but still hillarious :DDD
#10Granis 9. August 2009 01:41
Next time, im playing with spunge, he fucked up my gaming every single round. Damn you spunge! Anyway this was fun, and i looking forward to the movie Zakna!
#11Dec HLAE 9. August 2009 01:51
You should've done some fake frags : P
#12spunge spunge 9. August 2009 02:38

and #9 yeah that made it more funny imo, when both of them did a double-take
#13r Style-Productions 9. August 2009 02:54
Lincoln cheats. Granis was not an exterminator. And Espen knifes teammates.

#14Granis 9. August 2009 03:09
Oh i did my thing, you just couldnt see it!
#15pava Style-Productions 9. August 2009 04:59
I wanna play :/
#16r Style-Productions 9. August 2009 05:21
we'll play max and my 130 ping haha
#17Dec HLAE 9. August 2009 05:36
That's more than my ping, but I have like ~100 on scandinavian servers O.O
#18Lacc Hybrid Movies 9. August 2009 11:08
130 ping on q3cpma was kind of enjoyable anyway =D
#19DavidG 9. August 2009 13:59
17# and you are from sweden ? lol.
#20xyanide Style-Productions 9. August 2009 15:09
You could've asked me instead of taking in randoms :*(
#21zeun panCake 9. August 2009 15:16
#13 what about me? was i a fragr?
#22Zaknafein Style-Productions 9. August 2009 15:30
#20 I dont think you were online, xy. Maybe I missed it. We asked qujon but he couldn't.
#23Zaknafein Style-Productions 9. August 2009 15:34
"They are coming A or B"
Showed how brilliant my skills are
#24snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 9. August 2009 16:38
hahahaha, hook me up some time.. this looks hilarious :9
#25spunge spunge 9. August 2009 16:44

If you end up making a lil movie from the gathers, the best parts of mine are D2 T side I think.
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