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Style: Where Are We Now?

Written by Zaknafein on 31. July 2009 16:35

Seing as there haven't been any Style releases in a while and some members have gone inactive, I thought it would be fun to read what each Style member is up to these days. I hope you forgive my crappy banners and that I'm writing about myself in third person :P
I got in contact with most of Style's moviemakers, active and inactive, and asked them a series of questions about what they were currently up to, their plans for the future, and if they had any gaming movie plans. Enjoy!

Pava is currently studying Bachelor of Film & Digital Media in Australia. He's at his third and last year and will finish in November. In his spare time he is chilling, getting drunk, buying take-away, and designing. His e-life remains what it was back home except he doesn't play any computer games...because he's got a MacBook Pro. You can check his work at
Future plans: After graduation he will look for internships at media/design companies, which may not be in Norway, so where Pava will end up next year is far from certain at this point.
Projects: No projects planned, and MacBook prohibits any further projects right now. ZBTHS was planned to be his last CS movie release and it may remain his last...but you never know.
Quote: "I miss editing, so who knows, maybe I'll test something when I get back home"

Anthony is still working at the Reading Hospital as a Registered Radiology Technologist, which basically means he's an X-Ray Tech. He also makes instructional videos for the hospital's new employees. He recently got a puppy called Zoey which is slowly stripping him of all his masculinity, so perhaps we'll get our first female member soon? He was recently spotted making a smiley face so I sense history is about to be rewritten. Currently Tony is mixing soundtracks for other people, though he may get around to some community projects as well.
Future plans: After his contract with the hospital expires one year from now, he plans to become a travelling x-ray tech and maybe start his degree in Medical Imaging. So lets vote for Style.Route 66!
Projects: Tony has several ideas for more movies, but none has reached production yet. Syncplicity was sadly cancelled because most of the footage for it was used in CS 101. However, I doubt CS 101 is the last we have seen of Anthony.
Quote: "I have a vagina now."

Niklas is still a student of Electrical Engineering at the RWTH in Aachen. He is currently on his Bachelor degree, but plans on a Master as well. School takes up most of his day as his schoolwork is quite demanding. In his leisure moments he plays tennis, and I got the impression he's getting quite deadly at it. As for gaming, he doesn't play much, but he is involved in a HL2: Episode 1 speedrun with the new hl2dq crew.
Future plans: Niklas is currently on his 4th semester (of 6) in his Bachelor degree, and he plans a Master afterwards, so he will most likely stay in school until at least 2012.
Projects: A Q3 movie was in the works for a full day until he lost motivation. He also have some ideas for more movies, but none have reached production yet, mostly because he doesn't have the time nor the motivation. Niklas pointed out that it's unlikely any future releases will have the same style as his old movies. So maybe we'll see a new cRZYFST movie in the future, but considering Niklas's schedule I wouldn't hold my breath right now.
Quote: "My motivation is a very fragile flower that cannot be bothered with a tedious thing like complex editing."

Xy isn't doing much right now. He is just sitting around being a lazy bum and occasionally mixing music with Rich for their leet band bladaskadångbladå. However, he will soon move to Jönköping to study Graphic Design & Web Development, which is a shame because he really suited that job at the bread factory. Hopefully he will master the course and have a fun time.
Future plans: He has no future plans beyond moving to Jönköping in August. He will be a student there for 2 years and then he'll see what happens.
Projects: Xyanide isn't working on any projects at the moment and he has no plans for any either. He thinks it's fun to edit, but he simply hates capturing the footage.
Quote: "I'm leaving everything I've got here behind just to get myself a job in the end. Sucks penis, but hopefully I dont have to work in a factory all my life like I've been up til now."

Qujon is currently studying at the Royal Institute of Technology to be become a Construction Engineer. He also has vaious part time jobs. In his spare time he mostly concentrates on physical training, hitting the gym up to 5 times a week. By now he looks like something out of 300, so I wouldn't fuck with him if I were you. He hopes to participate in the National Crossfit Games, which is a sort of high-intensity functional movement thing...yeah. You can see what I mean here. He also plays golf and tennis, and I vote for a match between Qujon and Niklas!
Future plans: He is pursuing a Masters in Construction Engineering so he will probably remain in school for a while. Participating at the Crossfit games is also a long-term goal.
Projects: Although he isn't working on anything right now, he is thinking about making another short movie, probably WoL2.
Quote: "Im not a selvdigger, LOL!"

Style's oldest member is the Lead Programmer at Star Vault, an organisation building a Massive Multiplayer Online game called MortalOnline. He spends quite a lot of time at the office, and he also got a sailor anchor tattoo! With the exception of Company of Heroes he plays mostly old computer games nowadays.
Future plans: Hopefully the game he is working on will do well so he can start working on a new game. He also hopes to invent the infinite beer glass.
Projects: No gaming movie related projects, although he is sometimes working on a 3D movie about a band of eskimos in a microwave.
Quote: "I'm not leaving the office at all, I sleep here, I never shower, I never clean up my desk, I'm pissed most of the time since I don't get enough sleep aaaanddd.. I switched GF to a better version."

Espen just finished a one-year Psychology course in Bergen, Norway, and regretably he was not among the top 5% of his class and didn't get to advance to the 5-year Psychology course. Instead of trying again and again to get in, he instead applied for and got accepted to study Psychology at the University of Essex in Colchester, England. In his spare time he plays games like Transport Tycoon and Fallout 3, he reads a lot, stays up late, and he works on Episode 4.
Future plans: In October he will move to Colchester, a small town right outside London, to study Psychology. This is a Bachelor degree, but he assumes he will continue pursuing Psychology after graduation, so it's possible that he will stay in England for up to 8 years.
Projects: Currently finishing SvsC episode 4 which is due in late August or September. He is also working on the "Gaming Movie Historian" (GMH) project, which is more like a long-term archive project than a movie production.
Quote: "lol I was walking around in Fallout and suddenly a cow fell from the sky and landed on my dog! Hahah random ftw."

Our youngest member recently graduated from high school and he's not doing anything in particular right now. He hopes to study something creative in the future, but right now he's just glad to be out of school so he's relaxing and doing youth activities. Occasionally he works on something creative, but it's not often because his computer sucks shit.
Future plans: This year he will take a year off and just work/chill. He plans to study, but he's not certain yet of what, where or when. Soon he will begin his job as an ice cream vendor, so if you're around Göteborg and want ice cream let him know!
Projects: No immediate plans for any movies, but his creativity is still at large so once he gets better equipment it is possible we might see more of Andreas.
Quote: "I will be selling ice-cream in Göteborg so if you want some free ice-cream just visit me :D"

Have you seen the Antichrist movie? Daniel worked on that. He is currently a digital composer, programmer and webdesigner for Filmgate, a company which basically does visual effects for various films. Daniel's imdb list is getting pretty long, and you can watch his showreel here. His work is really impressive, and he loves his job at Filmgate. Btw, Daniel graduated from IAA and is responsible for the advert we have on the site.
Future plans: Daniel is very happy at Filmgate and loves his job, so he has no particular plans for the future and hopes to stay at Filmgate for a long time.
Projects: He has no movie plans right now as Filmgate takes enough time.
Quote: "Hoping for a long and bright future at filmgate, and contiune to do what I love"

So there you have it, folks. I hope you enjoyed reading what we're up to these days. A lot of us are students, and we'll be moving around the world completing our education, which will take some time. As far as gaming movies go, many of us have ideas for new movies, so hopefully we'll see a new Style movie sometime in the future.
#1h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 31. July 2009 16:40
Fantastic reading..
Missing ya'll inactive bastards.. <3

Daniel making visual effects for "Ved verdens ende".. That movie is starring some of the best actors in Denmark!! Good jawb!!

Last changed: 31. July 2009 16:45
#2Dec HLAE 31. July 2009 16:49
Tony has a vagina! Oh my god!
#3r Style-Productions 31. July 2009 16:51
great job espen
#4rich hillbillyjunkies 31. July 2009 17:15
I love how andréas goes in his brothers footsteps! "Va? Jag? Jag säljer glass mannen!"

Last changed: 31. July 2009 17:15
#5juggaknot Airwalk Media 31. July 2009 18:38
you forgot me
#6Krpi Neebs 31. July 2009 19:33
I hope Qujon isn't too much into Crossfit, high rep cleans with sloppy form aint good for you :P
EDIT: Forgot to mention, I love the contrast between Qujon's and Farmerjoe's pictures

Last changed: 31. July 2009 19:54
#7slize Elegato 31. July 2009 19:43
Qujon for real ? hahahaha
#8kab 31. July 2009 20:26
great read!
#9qujon Style-Productions 31. July 2009 20:32
great article zakna!

#6 - who said anything about sloppy form? :) of course ive been practicing olympic lifts like jerk and clean with lightweights before trying the benchmark workouts where you sometimes go to failure.
#10Skyfox CyberArt Pictures 31. July 2009 20:42
great job zakna!
#11Krpi Neebs 31. July 2009 22:10
#9 The crossfit guys did at their seminar. Perfect form is a sign of too light of a resistance, form needs to deterioriate as a sign of effort.
And of course, putting fatiqued people through high repetitions on complex/heavy lifts isn't the smartest thing to do.

Then again I haven't been personally involved in any Crossfit stuff, maybe I've heard just the bad stuff.
#12Djoko opima 1. August 2009 00:17
haha qujon and crzy playing tennis :) lets play together^^
#13zeun panCake 1. August 2009 02:27
13375 registered members
#14pava Style-Productions 1. August 2009 07:26
not too shabby, #13. even though 0.1 % of them are active :p
#15delirious VertikalProduction 1. August 2009 10:02
Qujon, I didn't know that you were so sexy!
#16slize Elegato 1. August 2009 12:33
According to antichrist, polish people also worked on that !
#17rich hillbillyjunkies 1. August 2009 18:58
#14 hahaha AS IF you guys have 133 active members, hahahaha!!!1
#18Zaknafein Style-Productions 1. August 2009 19:51
I'm pretty sure we have more than that, if you just count the number of users that have posted during the last 3 days for example...not that it matters :)
I think alot of people register just for the guides and never post anything
#19andreas Style-Productions 1. August 2009 21:36
#4 - Family bizniz!
#20pray Kyoto 2. August 2009 18:14
yeah great reading! gj!

btw i want qujons physics lol!

Last changed: 2. August 2009 20:18
#21rich hillbillyjunkies 3. August 2009 01:24
I hated physics, my teacher was such a douche
#22snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 3. August 2009 04:31
cool! pava, what do you wanna be when you've reached the top?
#23Christian Style-Productions 3. August 2009 20:27
:-( What about me? I'm the one that keeps this site online!... :P
#24Christian Style-Productions 3. August 2009 22:01
#17 We have an average of 700 unique visitors a day =)
#25DavidG 4. August 2009 00:01
I must say, I want to do the same as daniel is so awesome to see that.
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