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F33l by KOS

Written by r on 29. July 2009 20:06

I'm relatively new to the strafing scene...or defrag... or CPMA runs... I have no idea what its called... anyway, I'm relatively still fresh to this whole idea of timing yourself to see how quickly you can get through a map. That still doesnt take away from how fascinating it is to watch someone do a 180, shoot a rocket, then 180 again and jump onto a platform that's 100 feet in the air.

This movie follows some well known CPMA guy w3sp...i think... and his ability to be amazing at this so called activity. Straight to the point, this guy is amazing in my humble, American opinion. I'm not much of a defragger, but you can obviously tell the skill behind these runs. The reflexes you need to propel yourself with a rocket launcher or turn 180 degress around a pillar just to bunny hop off of it and do the same thing 12 more times was amazing. This guys has real skill and a very fast yawspeed.

The editing in this movie was justified. There was real minimal and/or accidental syncing in the runs but i don't want to see fireworks across my screen as this guy is finishing a run in 10 seconds. I thought KOS did a great job keeping it relatively clean with a few character blurs/motion blur as an exception. His transitions were what kept things interesting. Trying to always do something different each map, he showed his skill not in coming up with effects that covered the screen, but being able to keep a fresh pace going with smooth transitions from map to map.

The text really bothered me in this movie though. Text animation, look, and and appearance were sloppy and out of place. The editor tried animating the text to go with the run, but it just ended up looking very awkward and ugly.

For the intro, a lot of sloppy editing and weird transitions that didnt feel right. The whole movie had very sloppy and again awkward camera angles as well... but some were impressive. I'm a very epic camera angle/shot kind of guy. I loved the shot at 9:52. Would have been executed perfectly, if he would have slowed it down and not rewound afterward.

There was a pretty cool scene at 6:15ish showing a less than 1 second flag capture which broke up the movie into two parts. Pretty different and interesting. Liked how it was presented too. Very eerie.

KOS also kept a theme throughout using the classic matrix-like slo-mo with accompanied slo-mo sound to show the precision and accuracy that one needs when doing these runs. Thought it was fitting for this kind of movie.

All in all, not a very well edited movie but if this kind of stuff interests you then i suggest downloading/streaming for the material.

One last thing... the compression is horrendous. I suggest streaming. I think it comes out to 70 MB per every minute of footage. Gross.

#1qujon Style-Productions 29. July 2009 20:36
oh, what a surprise... runtime error :)

give link to some mirrors anth, please.
#2h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 29. July 2009 20:47
#3zeun panCake 29. July 2009 21:36
i'm glad there's something going on on this site again
#4slize Elegato 29. July 2009 21:52
#3 word
filesize is "quite" big....

Last changed: 29. July 2009 21:55
#5zeun panCake 29. July 2009 22:16
i had some playback issues. i the video was playing slower than the audio, so i had to pause and start playing again a bunch of times. loved the content, and editing-wise the thing i liked the most was the switch between slow motion-realtime.
#6zeun panCake 29. July 2009 22:19
btw last scene was -insane-

Last changed: 29. July 2009 22:19
#7Zaknafein Style-Productions 30. July 2009 02:28
#3 Haha yeah, but the last 10 articles are written by me and Tony. I got a few more articles coming too.
I wish the others would contribute a bit as well, but just hanging in the forum is nice too. It's nice to just have them around.

Anyway, as far as defrag (or whatever) movies go, this one was alright. Like Tony said, the text was kinda bad, although I could see what he was trying to do. I didn't think the cams were any good thoughl, but maybe that's just me.
I agree that the transitions were often quite creative.
I still think Cetus is the best defrag movie I've seen and iT2 best trickjump movie. This F33l movie was average I felt...just alright :)

Last changed: 30. July 2009 03:00
#8Krpi Neebs 30. July 2009 15:36
#6 Quake defrag is a rip off of what now? Watch out, comments like that can lead tol flying kicks to the head.

And oh yes, that last freestyle scene was damn amazing. I can picture w3sp as someone who smokes weed and then goes on to play a freestyle map for 4 hours.

Content was great, free cams bothered me somewhat as did some of the time manipulation.
Liked w3sp strafes more but since it's mostly about content I did enjoy this movie too.
#9xyanide Style-Productions 30. July 2009 17:55
#6 apparently you know nothing.

Average movie in my eyes.
Content is amazing through the whole thing while the editing goes from good to bad all the time. The music was freakin horrible!!
#10zeun panCake 30. July 2009 19:13
#6 i'm shocked how idiotic that post was. q3 trickjumping etc. came way before cs trickjumping. bunnyjumping was even called quakejumping before.
#11Dec HLAE 30. July 2009 19:31
#6 <insert whine>

OnT: Nice outro scene :Ppp
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