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Esport Award 2009 Nominees

Written by Zaknafein on 22. July 2009 14:47

I didn't know that Esport Awards even existed until last year when I accidentally stumbled upon the site. To my amazement it was pretty big and they've been doing this since 2004. They have an annual ceremony in Germany where the nominees are invited, and you can also stream the ceremony on ESL TV, apparently.

Maybe now you're thinking: what's this got to do with gaming movies? Well that's kind of my point, it's got nothing to do with it, and that's a shame. Although I'll admit that gaming movies are not a cornerstone in the esport community, it's still an important aspect that helps promote the gaming scene and produce entertainment. We're basically Hollywood for esports. Despite this, there isn't a single gaming movie award. Granted, this is esports in general so there shouldn't be much focus on gaming movies at all, but I think they should at least acknowledge it by having Best Gaming Movie of the Year or Best MovieTeam or something at least, just to recognize the contribution the community has made.

Anyway, that's just me. The nominees have now be revealed and you can check out who they are on the the Esport Award site. Since I'm no longer that active in the actual gaming community I don't really know many of the players. If you look at the history of the awards you'll find several known names, though. Previous winners have been players like Potti, fr0d, and neo. Clans like Eyeballers, 4Kings and fnatic. For some reason SK Gaming seem to win the coverage award almost every year so bds' award collection must be pretty big now. Fatal1ty has also won the lifetime achievement award in 2007, which is well deserved imo. Personally I think bds deserves one too.

Now, like I said I don't pay as much attention to the professional gaming scene as I used to, but I still think it's great that they have this award. It's really professional and it's one of those things that tells you how far esports have gone. At the turn of the millenium the only gamers were the stereotype nerds and tournaments with cash prices were rare, but these days you can even watch Counter-Strike on Eurosport! Yes I'm not kidding, I've actually seen it.

But of course, why isn't Zeun nominated for best player of the year? Why isn't Style nominated for best coverage since we were so extremely active last year? Why wasn't Anthony nominated for best journalism with this article? Yeah, this award definitely needs to get upgraded.

You can check out the details behind the award on their site, and you can watch the ceremony on ESL TV sometime in August.

Nominees eSports Player of the Year 2009:
Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (fnatic)
Roman 'roman' Ausserdorfer (Team Alternate)
Filip 'Neo~' Kubski (Wicked)
Jang 'Moon' JaeHo (Wemade Fox)
Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li (World Elite)
Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert (Team EG)

More Nominees check here.
#1Dec HLAE 22. July 2009 15:02
GT or Neo.
#2Krpi Neebs 22. July 2009 15:18
Get_right, Sky or Moon.
I do not approve of n0thing's nomination.
#3neadii 22. July 2009 15:24
The only reason for n0thing's nominations is because they have to choose a player from America, and he's the only one that have proven that he's good enough. But I agree Krpi, he shouldn't be on that list.
#4Krpi Neebs 22. July 2009 15:33
Oh ok, makes sense.
And Zakna good job writing the article, the site could use a bit more news even if not strictly about Anthony's taste in cars.

Last changed: 22. July 2009 15:33
#5delirious VertikalProduction 22. July 2009 15:54
#6Zaknafein Style-Productions 22. July 2009 15:57
Haha thanks Krpi. I should get nominated for closest esport name (ESPort...ESPen).
#7andreas Style-Productions 22. July 2009 16:55
Hahaha, it's a shame Anthony wasn't nominated for his article!
#8r Style-Productions 22. July 2009 17:44
Best article ever written...

#9SRandal 22. July 2009 17:52
I think you should get a lifetime achievement award, Zakna. You're like the name in gaming movies, everybody knows you, you've helped the scene so much, and I get the impression you have a finger in alot of movies that are not your own.
#10ripieces HLAE 22. July 2009 18:27
not only in movies
#11Krpi Neebs 22. July 2009 19:26
#10 exactly, my sex life improved drastically thanks to zakna's private lessons.
#12slize Elegato 22. July 2009 20:06
hahaha #10

good article zakna,

imo get right or neo again.
#13Zaknafein Style-Productions 22. July 2009 20:51
Krpi I'm glad my "How to Have Sex for Nerds" videos have been useful to you. Stay tuned for my book "That's not a USB socket, it's a vagina!"

#9 SRandal that's nice of you to say, thanks.

Last changed: 22. July 2009 22:14
#14zeun panCake 23. July 2009 01:43
give me 2 years and i'll be on that list.
#15Zaknafein Style-Productions 23. July 2009 02:02
I'll vote for you!
#16lostinmotion 23. July 2009 06:05
You forgot to add a g in 'org' for the esports-awards hyperlink!
#17SRandal 25. July 2009 17:24
I would vote for Slize for best playah.
#18dn1_ 20. August 2009 11:20
I hate gtr.
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