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Anthony Will Mix Your Music

Written by r on 12. July 2009 19:02

Making a movie? Have a killer soundtrack but cant seem to make it flow together well? Having trouble with transitions in between songs? Well have I got....

Ok, i'll cut the advertisement crap. So I have 7 years of music mixing experience in the CS movie field and I've actually come to realize over the past couple of years that the audio part of making a movie is my forte.

I know Zakna mixed Vazze's soundtrack for his latest movie so I'm here offering my services that if you need your soundtrack mixed, just give me a holler. All you have to do is give me the songs you want to use in your movie. I will also mix songs for your own personal use not related to movies I'll do my best, offer advice and opinions on your choice, and give you a finished product. You can always decline it if you dont like it. No hard feelings... although i will show up at your door with a large sword intending to do damage.

I'm kidding...

not really...

I have samples of soundtracks I was going to use for future projects, but never got around to using them if you want to hear any.

Programs Used
Vegas 7.0 and on rare occasions, Sound Forge. 99% of my mixing is done within Vegas. I do have resources at my disposal to add needed sounds and various audio FX. The finished product however will usually contain only the songs you provided.

How To Take Advantage of These Services
Just simply send me a message through the style site with your songs and any ideas or requests you have regarding the composition of the soundtrack.

You can view updates on who's request is being attended to and who's asked for my services in the past by visiting my profile.

Actual Client Feedback

Client4 wrote:
Big thanks dude, this mix is amazing! Really, really good job! Nobody can do this better! :) Thanks alot

Client5 wrote:
that is great mix with very good trainsitions betwen songs, i love it :D

Client2 wrote:
hey man thanks alot, i actually really liked how most of it came out. ...i'm very satisfied with the result. you picked up on a lot of different parts of the songs that mixed well that I never would have noticed, and the transitions were really nice for the most part.

...thanks alot anthony good work !

Client1 wrote:
you synced the beginning perfectly. Sounds great! ...good work mate

Client3 wrote:
Transitions were perfect, couldn't tell at the 1st time listening where does start new song :D Very good mix, already put on my ipod so I could listen to :P

Client2 wrote:
yo guys anthony's work is great you should definitely use him to mix ur soundtrack mine came out 10x better :P!

bladaskadÄngbladÄ is for punks and this ain't it!
#1pray Kyoto 12. July 2009 19:05
haha :D

tony the mighty damager knight

maybe i'ma be hollaing at your castle soon!
#2rich hillbillyjunkies 12. July 2009 19:26
pff, bladaskadÄngbladÄ..
#3r Style-Productions 12. July 2009 19:35
not like bladaskadÄngbladÄ!!!!!

had this idea in mind for ages!!!!
#4rich hillbillyjunkies 12. July 2009 20:23
pfft, onzin!
#5neyloc neyloc 12. July 2009 22:16
wow man i was actually looking to try to find someone willing to do this for me because my audio editing skills are horrible rofl

ill rar some shit and pm you in a bit sickkk~
#6snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 12. July 2009 22:18
pr stuntin yo way to the nubside :D

just kidding, maybe i'll holla *GIGGLE*
#7kendo volodja pictures 12. July 2009 22:37
#8Gorat0n dear lord help me 12. July 2009 23:32
lol, like mixing soundtracks for CS movies is hard -_-
#9rglaf rglaf productions 13. July 2009 00:08
what programs are you using, anthony? :)
#10r Style-Productions 13. July 2009 00:09
just straight vegas my friend... and some occasions I'll use Sound forge... but i work wonders with vegas. ha ha

Last changed: 13. July 2009 00:10
#11Dec HLAE 13. July 2009 00:41
rofl, so you cant add any ZoMG-mega-lightning-punishment-sounds? :(
#12r Style-Productions 13. July 2009 01:11
sure...i could do that... but i might need a definition to the word/phrase "ZoMG-mega-lightning-punishment-sounds" before i know what to look for
#13CsideXenoq 13. July 2009 01:32
Can u mix for me plzplzplz111onoenelven
#14snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 13. July 2009 01:48
Anthony!!! DID YOU BUY THE ZoMG-mega-lightning-punishment-sound PACK FROM ANDREW KRAMER??! TEELL ME!
#15kevza opima 13. July 2009 14:21
Dj Tony mixtape inc ! I want one to listen to on my ipod =D
#16Zaknafein Style-Productions 13. July 2009 17:30
Nice Tony! Did you buy that piece of equipment on the picture or was it just for illustrations? :)
I thought about buying some mixing equipment last year but never got around to it so I did Vazze's soundtrack in Premiere.

Last changed: 13. July 2009 17:33
#17r Style-Productions 13. July 2009 17:52
haha, just typed mixing into google and thats what i got :D
#18xyanide Style-Productions 13. July 2009 17:58
#19r Style-Productions 13. July 2009 18:00
pffff, nej.
#20Dec HLAE 13. July 2009 18:22
jo. lol
#21lostinmotion 13. July 2009 22:31
How do we send stuff to you?
#22r Style-Productions 14. July 2009 00:10
just upload your stuff and email me on the site
#23delirious VertikalProduction 14. July 2009 06:22
Show how good you are. Upload some of your best works! :)
#24spunge spunge 15. July 2009 15:35
lets have a style productions DJ competition


never done anything like that before but likewise i've got experience from movie making, I CHALLENGE YOU ANTHONIO
#25Gorat0n dear lord help me 15. July 2009 16:31
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