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About: SvsC Episode 4

Written by Zaknafein on 18. June 2009 15:11

I wrote this article to give you some more information about the project. Since it's no longer secret I don't want to keep you in the dark anymore, so here is some information about the project. Hopefully this will answer some questions you had. There are also some screens at the bottom :)

Technically speaking, ep4 is a movie and not an episode, but I chose to name it ep4 for simplicity's sake. About a year and a half ago, the original ep4 was cancelled. This was primarily because the hard drive with all the drawings crashed and I lost everything. However, when I had some spare time in London last autumn, I got some ideas. I sat down and wrote a preliminary script, and after some tests I realized that it could work. I also practiced some new techniques to make it look nicer. And so, for over 8 months now, I have slowly been working on a new SvsC movie in between studies. It was kept a secret because I didn't know if I could finish or not and I didn't want to disappoint you in case I cancelled it...sorry about that. Anyway, now it's almost complete!

There really isn't a story that makes sense in Ep4. Basically gamers all around the world turn into zombies and it's up to Style to stop them. The spread started at Chillside, but in truth most of the zombies are Style forumers. The first two chapters take place around Style HQ in Philadelphia while the'll find out!
I haven't really put much effort into making the story plausible and consistent because hey it's SvsC. I've focused primarily on humor and action rather than actual plot (although there is one part of the story that I gave considerable thought to...*cough*). If you're a nerd you can probably find tons of inconsistencies in the finished movie...but who really cares? :)

The main cast are the same as in the old episodes, but Xyanide has been added as a main player, and I myself has been removed as a character. Daniel, Delirious, Zeun, Slize, PK and some others also have noticable roles. Qujon, Andreas, and Cristal make noticable appearances but do not have any lines. Regretably, Gleban only has a small role in this episode compared to the last ones, primarily because zombies don't talk.
I decided early to NOT have any random characters! In ep2 and ep3 there are lots of randoms in the crowd scenes, but this is not the case in ep4. As of today I have drawn 90 characters (okay so I lied about the "hundreds" thing but still), where 76 are people from the Style website, and I plan to draw many more. Unfortunately many of you are only seen from the side, so not everyone will be clearly identified. But at least you're there!
A lot more work has been put into making the characters unique. Although some have a simple design, most have much more details than before, especially in the hair and shirt. Many characters also have features unique to them; for example, Pava is the only one with a shoe design and Zeun is the only asian.
You may also notice that in the old episodes most characters had t-shirts, while now they have sweaters or long-sleeve shirts. Also, FarmerJoe has a singlet now.

(these are Paint jpegs. The actual footage has higher quality obviously, Niklas)
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8

Q: How long will the movie be?
A: Right now it stands at 22 minutes, but this is subject to change.

Q: When will it be released?
A: Hopefully August but I can't promise that. I can, however, promise that in one way or another it will be released at the end of September at the latest. This is because the movie has come so far it can already now be released in beta form, and I start school in October. So worst case scenario is a September release.

Q: Is the movie intended for Style?
A: Primarily yes. There are a lot more inside jokes this time, and there is a considerable amount of detail in the background. In the teaser for example, you may notice Black Mamba Apartments, Polish Immigration, Jasper's Shoe store, Zeun TV etc etc. There is also a lot of humor centered around gaming and movies in general, so hopefully the movie can appeal to everyone else as well :)

Q: Is this the same ep4 as the old, cancelled ep4?
A: Not really, but there are some similarities between them. I can get into more detail about this after the movie is released. As for the old ep4 teaser where Tony, Nik and Pava are driving in the desert; that scene is not in the movie, although there is a reference to it. Also, if you look close in the new teaser you can see the car from the old teaser on fire in one shot.

Q: Are you doing all the voices?
A: Yes, and the main characters have the same voices as before. Since there are several new characters there are also some new voices.

Q: What was "THWR"?
A: "That's How We Roll"

Q: Am I in the movie?
A: If you are a forumer, then most likely yes. I have made an SvsC character of anyone in the forum that is "noteworthy". So most people who have more than a hundred posts and/or have a forum personality have been "zaknized". Almost all of the characters are modeled after a real life picture that you posted in the "show me yourself/clothes thread", though in some cases I've either ignored the pictures or made up a design for humor's sake.

Q: If you haven't already put me in the movie, can I join?
A: Perhaps. Post a picture of yourself in the forum and I'll consider it if you are...worthy!!

Q: Am I a zombie?
A: Pretty much every non-fictional character is a zombie (there are a few fictional characters such as Afroman and Ganjaman). There are a few characters who are normal in the beginning but reappear as zombies later. Nuff said.

Q: Why are the no girls in SvsC?
A: I have never seriously tried drawing them, and I can imagine I'd draw big boobs. Besides, are there any girls on Style? Suimee?

Q: Will there be subtitles/bubbles in the movie?
A: Yes. I thought of not having them at first because they are kinda in the way, but it's very hard to understand everything without them. Anthony is especially mumbly.

Q: Is PK the President in this movie?
A: Yes. The USA is now known as "PK Empire" or some such.

Q: If you did all this, will there be more SvsC? Ep5?
A: There are no more plans after ep4. I have several ideas for more stuff, and I do have lots of drawings, so it's not impossible. But no, nothing is planned.

Q: Who is in the teaser trailer?
A: *takes a deep breath*...excluding the SvsC logo, these characters appeared in the teaser: Tony, Pava, Daniel, Xyanide, FarmerJoe, cRZYFST, RiCH, Gleban, Krpi, Phezzo, Fusi, Granis, Hytex, Spunge, RatQuirit, H-L, rippieces, Sonkite, Qujon, Iceman, Gordon Freeman, Stevester, Hitman, Cristal, Clix, Vazze, Kevin, Neyloc, Dec, Andreas, Tanory, Atomic, Delirious, Zeun, and the Terrorist.
Who's who? Well unless you can spot yourself then you're gonna have to wait to find out :)
" alt="" />
#1rich hillbillyjunkies 18. June 2009 15:39
Haha I'm gonna watch the teaser again to find me! Btw you shoudl totally make Suime a shemale, chris crocker-style. Emo, looks like a girl, have a penis!

Last changed: 18. June 2009 15:43
#2Christian Style-Productions 18. June 2009 15:49
Haha GJ! :)
#3snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 18. June 2009 16:09
"Perhaps. Post a picture of yourself in the forum and I'll consider it if you are...worthy!!"

that line killed me haha

"PK Empire" HAHAHA

Last changed: 18. June 2009 16:43
#4zeun panCake 18. June 2009 16:12
hahaha. can't wait, espen : D
#5Swpp Myself 18. June 2009 17:56
#6Krpi Neebs 18. June 2009 18:45
Awsommm! Looking much more interesting than the new Tarantino movie :P
Also, is the last screenie from the Style bus?
Because if so, it rocks.

Last changed: 18. June 2009 18:45
#7FistOr Easy Productions 18. June 2009 18:59
sweet, hope you didn't made a gay couple for flouchy and i
#8Zaknafein Style-Productions 18. June 2009 19:08
#6 Yeah the Style bus is the shit! Pimp mah bus.
#9Gorat0n dear lord help me 18. June 2009 19:14
#7 I hope he did :Q

Last changed: 18. June 2009 19:15
#10daniel Style-Productions 19. June 2009 02:08
Awesome, looking forward to it's release :D

Last changed: 19. June 2009 02:09
#11yNk 19. June 2009 02:08
hahahah unbelievable!!!


your ad here?!

hahahah :D I cant stop laughing..absolutely amazing!
#12Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 19. June 2009 02:12
gl. you can add Nataly Portman :d
#13slize Elegato 19. June 2009 03:31
Awesome Espen ;d Cant wait, I will prepare for a big portion of laugh !
#14wego Style-Productions 19. June 2009 09:06
looking forward to it's release!
#15delirious VertikalProduction 19. June 2009 21:37
Can't wait! My next stop - Hollywood! :D
#16slize Elegato 20. June 2009 13:58
what ? :D Bollywood ?:D
#17Granis 20. June 2009 14:22
So awesome!
#18rich hillbillyjunkies 20. June 2009 23:10
#16 Dollywood sounds more likely!
#19Gorat0n dear lord help me 21. June 2009 00:44
#20delirious VertikalProduction 21. June 2009 20:24
#17, Bollywood honestly sucks really really hard (and not in the horny way).

Last changed: 21. June 2009 20:24
#21cristal iceCake 21. June 2009 23:40
i love this and i love you :D <3 keep it up, longing for the vid/ep !
#22Hitma[N] Cow Eat Gras 21. June 2009 23:46
haha I wasn't here for a long time, I see i'm in it again haha
#23slize Elegato 22. June 2009 15:08
Hitman hhaha you're B@CK
#24contekzt panCake 22. June 2009 18:30
#25Zaknafein Style-Productions 22. June 2009 21:11
Sometime this week or next week I'll be releasing a short clip from the movie. I wont post it as news though, I recommend you check YouTube (I'll prob post it in the forum too)
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