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DUALTALITY Chopped Up by Kindred

Written by r on 18. April 2009 06:15

Written by K1NDRED

Halo related fragmovies have always suffered from many problems. One of which was the community’s low standard and acceptance of people who just recopied effects or completely disregarded original synching. No videos were made that actually reflected editing that truly enhanced gameplay or that made sense. Dualtality is different on many levels. Where some videos simply recopy, Dualtality sets itself apart as a work that shows what one person can accomplish when he takes his time, when he perseveres, when he understands that nothing falls into you lap in editing. Something may have to be redone 10 times before its right and this is where it separates a software monkey and an editor.

Dualtality is in no means perfect but it is easily the best halo 3 edited fragmovie so far for a simple reason; the editing enhances the gameplay. The 3 dimensions of fragmoviemaking fit together to make a uniform film that has its elements complementing each other.
Some effects are useless like the oddball on fire, the red explosion. They are beautifully done but don’t fit in that particular time but in the greater scope of things, they are minute.
Synching is unpredictable, transitions are well done, flow and music are one. This is how every Halo 3 fragmovie should be and Dualtality is proof that Halo 3 can be much better. Determination and patience is key and Fragtality had those elements hence the reason why this fragmovie is so good.

I don’t look for perfection, I look for an editor who will push the envelope, go that extra mile and if it comes out mediocre it is still good just for attempting something new. Dualtality went that extra mile and is far from mediocre.

Abominations like the str8 fragmovie or wtv thrive on the fact that the community will accept the same old effects and epileptic cutting everyone has been using since walshy’s 2nd fragmovie but Dualtality doesn’t take shortcuts and that’s why people are enjoying it so much; it’s showing us different things.
Leon Batista Alberti, arguably the archetype of the Renaissance Man, said that "no art, however minor, demands less than total dedication if you want to excel in it."

Veteran game movie editor Fei (Get Quaked 3) once told me "The best editors are the ones who aren't afraid to scrap everything they have done and start over."
Fragtality now fits that description and there is no reason why the so-called ‘good’ editors here shouldn’t do the same.

#1Aulie panCake 18. April 2009 14:58
Loved the second fragpart. The first one was ok I think. This is actually the first Halo fragmovie I have ever seen (I haven't even played the game :s), so I am not sure where the bar is at.. But I enjoyed this one!
#2FraGTaLiTy F-ProductionZ 18. April 2009 19:05
Aulie, they aren't very high at all.

cool write up Kindred, thanks for the honest review.

I put a mini site up for the video the other day that has links to all the different formats of dualtality ftw... just had to pay 10 a year for the domain name.

Last changed: 18. April 2009 19:08
#3Krpi Neebs 18. April 2009 19:55
Well it's hard to grasp the action of a game I've never played or watched movies of. Still, here's what I gathered:

It was pretty meh up till after the beach scene. After that things got a lot better, the cinematic scenes started to work nicely and the atmosphere felt great.

Good call on using songs with heavy melodic elements, fit the movie well.
Synch was there, nothing special but didn't leave me thinking that the movie needed more of it.

All in all despite the game being foreign to me it was a good movie. If I was a Halo player I'd probably appreciate it more.
#4DavidG 18. April 2009 23:03
I love you frag <3
#5kindred F-ProductionZ 19. April 2009 06:22
"the so-called ‘good’ editors here"
just for clarifications(Although i doubt anybody was confused)
Here I was referring to the editors on the original site this was posted on.

Your welcome Fragtality. kudos
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