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Zaknafein Declines Hollywood Offer

Written by Zaknafein on 1. April 2009 12:54

First it was Peter Jackson, and that would have been awesome, but after a short while he withdrew from the project although he remains involved as a producer. Then the director was Guillermo del Toro, then it was Neil Blomkamp, and now they have turned to Espen "Zaknafein" Sjoberg.

I got a call from producer Peter Schlessel and he explained that the studio was interested in hiring me as the director for what would essentially be "Halo the Movie". The logic behind the proposition was that it sounded natural to have a Video-Game Moviemaker such as myself directing or co-directing a movie which is an adaptation of a videogame. After hearing about me through the gaming movie scene and then seeing WMAM they had suggested the idea to the studio that I should direct. They also felt this would attract more positive responses from the community and sit better with the fans.

I explained to Peter that I was not a professional filmmaker and that perhaps my first feature length movie should not be an action movie. I have minimal professional training in film production and I’ve only made one professional production which was a short movie. Nothing I’ve done previously can even be compared to the scale of a Hollywood movie. Thus, taking the step from amateur gaming-moviemaker to Hollywood director seemed like a too big step for me.

Peter was then informed that I decided long ago that I would not go professional with my moviemaking skills. I feared that going pro would reduce my ability to express myself artistically and making movies for the fun of it. It would be more commercialism than art. Also, I am a full-time psychology student in a transitional phase right now.
Lastly, I pointed out that even if I took the job I doubted the end result would be any good, and I did not want to be responsible for ruining the movie.

I thanked the producer for the offer, but declined.

When he asked who I'd recommend I said the Purchase Brothers. If not them, then I would say Alfonso Cuaròn.
It would have been awesome to direct this myself, and even though I have no real training I'm pretty sure I would have a high degree of control, but I just don't see myself directing a movie for the cinema, especially not right now when I'm busy with so much else.
#1dniafiso opima 1. April 2009 13:40
intresting ;)
#2zeun panCake 1. April 2009 13:55
Written by Zaknafein on 1. April 2009 12:54
#3toddkw 1. April 2009 14:12
#4Krpi Neebs 1. April 2009 14:38
#5qujon Style-Productions 1. April 2009 15:48
MWC2 was better :D
#6slize Elegato 1. April 2009 16:10
yeah :D
#7Granis 1. April 2009 16:33
agree qujon, came in my pants when i saw mwc2 =(
#8Djoko opima 1. April 2009 17:15
#9Barahuna 1. April 2009 18:19
is that an april fool? if not i think your decision was correct!
#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 1. April 2009 18:34
I didnt realize we were having a competition here for best joke haha
#11qujon Style-Productions 1. April 2009 18:47
life is a competition!
#12slize Elegato 1. April 2009 19:16
well said.
#13Zaknafein Style-Productions 1. April 2009 19:54
Aye, that was unusually deep for a Swede.
#14DavidG 2. April 2009 13:51
meh, so close to belive it.
#15rich hillbillyjunkies 2. April 2009 15:16
#13 Aye, we all know the core of deepness is Postgirobygget! Leeeii av å bli luuurt, lalalala!
#16zeun panCake 3. April 2009 19:31
#17Dec HLAE 29. May 2009 13:04
OMG you declined??!
#18Zaknafein Style-Productions 29. May 2009 13:50
Yeah I'm too cool for school
#19qujon Style-Productions 29. May 2009 17:17
World Premiere for the trailer here at June 11h 2009!
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