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Planet Videos Gaming Movie Awards 2008

Written by Zaknafein on 25. January 2009 22:28

Planet Videos Gaming Movie Awards 2008 are now up, and you can vote for the best movies of 2008.
Personally I haven't been very updated in recent years and haven't seen many movies in '08. However, I did see Hush and, and I thought they were good. Both of them are nominated. Korean Uprising is also there. Hell, Niklas's one-point-six is also nominated! Getting nominated while inactive? Obviously, it's Niklas.
No offence to Niklas, but one-point-six does not belong as a nominee for best movie of 2008 in my opinion.
Again, no offence to Niklas, I'm just speaking my mind here. He is an amazing editor, no doubt, and should win some of these nominations...but not all of them.

Style Productions have been nominated 7 times, where 5 of these is one-point-six by cRZYFST. O'Frod by cRZYFST/Xyanide is also nominated twice for best editing (or Cut/Effects) and best content.
Regarding the other categories, such as best Q3 movie or best CS:S, I don't have anything to say because I haven't seen any of the nominations. I have seen "A Day in the Life of a Turret" though, which was really funny, and it's been nominated for best machinima. Sadly, WMAM was not even nominated for "Best Real Life"...alas, will the poor Zaknafein never, ever be nominated for a PV award? Oh well, at least I got 2 SPMA's!

Anyway, go and have a look. Vote if you will! Personally I only voted for Best Innovation, which obviously belongs to Hush.

Planet Videos
#1Crixon_Fusi e-pics 25. January 2009 22:52
Thanx a lot!
#2slize Elegato 25. January 2009 23:04
Obviously, it's Pray.
#3skeet 26. January 2009 06:19
slize your right
#4CensoreD 26. January 2009 10:31
Zakna we thinkin the same here, one-point-six shouldn't have been nominated at all (imo)

I can't think how many movies in 2008, there looks 100% like the same as one-point-six, shouldn't they be nominated too?
#5dniafiso opima 26. January 2009 11:47
but there was no other video that had the same atmosphere than ops...
#6CensoreD 26. January 2009 12:12
LOL! Can find alot, there have the same or better =/
#7zeun panCake 26. January 2009 12:13
agree ^
the movie has a great atmosphere, and i thought i was the only one who thought so. best atmosphere should have been a category itself.

i´m fucked up, and tired. so no. i wont check my english, asshole.
#8Zaknafein Style-Productions 26. January 2009 14:05
if there was a best atmosphere category I would always win so that would be unfair
#9zeun panCake 26. January 2009 15:11
yeah, unless it's a category for mortals only.
#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 26. January 2009 16:16
They should have an asian category so you could win, zeun
#11zeun panCake 26. January 2009 17:43
either me or H-L's girlfriend
#12juggaknot Airwalk Media 26. January 2009 18:17
so, either you or you ?
#13zeun panCake 26. January 2009 18:26
that was actually quite a funny one. congrats
#14slize Elegato 27. January 2009 00:20

Anyway I do agree with you zakna, although my vote goes for One Point Six for best Soundtrack ( Pogo remix ftw. ) , with HUSH ofcourse.
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