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Top Secret Shit

Written by Jamesl on 15. January 2009 12:44

I'm James. Just James. I am a third party liaison for the secret project temporarily titled "NR". For obvious reasons, the project being secret and all, the creator of the project can't reveal himself...yet, so he asked if I could register an account at Style and be his bitch...I mean messenger!
In other words, I am a temporary Style newswriter, nothing more! I'm NOT a permanent newswriter, so don't ask me about anything non-"NR" Style related stuff because I have no idea.

I can't speak for the other secret projects, but "NR" is real. It's not a joke or anything, but due to time limitation the project is developing very very slowly (the creator said he typically works 2 hours a week on it), so don't expect a release anytime soon.
The creator has chosen to keep "NR" a secret in fear of letting people down in case it gets cancelled. At this point I understand it's unlikely it will be cancelled (unless his computer is stolen or something), considering the progress made (albeit slowly).

I can't reveal anything more, except I can say the creator is Anthony.

That's it. If there are any more news regarding this project, I will post the creator's words as a newsarticle. You can also check the project page of course.
In any case, if the project reaches 80% completion or more, the identity of the project and the creator will be revealed with a launch teaser or something.
#1h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 15. January 2009 13:45
I don't believe in it..
#2Zaknafein Style-Productions 15. January 2009 14:28
Haha. I think it IS Anthony!
#3snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 15. January 2009 18:58
Ima buy myself a gorby! or three! yum!!
#4zeun panCake 15. January 2009 22:05
it's top secret fucking shit
#5Krpi Neebs 15. January 2009 22:51
The question remains; why not keep the project actually secret? You know, skip writing anything on the project page or creating news about it... Then, after finishing the movie you'd create a trailer, build up a bit hype and finally release a completed movie. Wouldn't that be something?
#6Jamesl 16. January 2009 00:21
Creator: "Where's the fun in that?" :P
Besides, this isn't hype, it's new for something you don't even know what can't build a hype for nothing :P
#7r Style-Productions 16. January 2009 00:52
Obviously James is an account Niklas made who is obviously the creator of this project cause obviously no one writes like this other than the obvious German phantom.... obviously...

You heard it here first...obviously.
#8zeun panCake 16. January 2009 06:38
no u
#9delirious VertikalProduction 16. January 2009 09:27
#10DavidG 16. January 2009 13:33
#11DavidG 16. January 2009 13:33
#12zeun panCake 16. January 2009 14:05
#13zeun panCake 16. January 2009 14:06
#14pava Style-Productions 16. January 2009 17:50
hi niklas
#15Zookey 16. January 2009 18:05
Obviously James is an account Anthony made who is obviously the creator of this project cause obviousl no one have humor sense like this other than the obvious American phantom...obviously...
#16K0rN 16. January 2009 19:19
It's obvious!!!
#17Zaknafein Style-Productions 16. January 2009 20:03
Hahahaha obviously!
#18r Style-Productions 17. January 2009 01:35
zookey, if you made a little more sense there, you might have pulled that off.

oh ya... obviously, it's niklas.
#19delirious VertikalProduction 17. January 2009 10:28
Obviously it's Anthony coz only he can create such a bad banner. Haha!
#20slize Elegato 17. January 2009 11:12
#15 It's obviously obvious.

Last changed: 17. January 2009 11:12
#21pray Kyoto 18. January 2009 12:05
just wondering.. WHY WOOD AS A BACKGROUND? :D
#22slize Elegato 18. January 2009 12:54
Maybe the creator of that project is Mokujin from Tekken 5.

Last changed: 18. January 2009 12:55
#23Gorat0n dear lord help me 18. January 2009 14:28
#24yap09 Billy Goat 18. January 2009 17:31
its gotta be porn
#25Zaknafein Style-Productions 18. January 2009 19:19
German Scheissevideo, no doubt!
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