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History Fridays

Written by Zaknafein on 27. December 2008 22:23

History Friday is quite refreshing, because it looks back in time concerning CS movies. The concept is quite simple: Every friday is History Friday and thus one old classic CS movie is streamed each week, starting with 2002 and moving forward in time (though not 100% chronologically).

I think this site is worth bookmarking. The good old classics are often hard to get nowadays, and the site offers high quality stream as well as working download links! has pretty much every movie in their database, but all the links are broken. Therefore, I think it's great that History Friday exist so you can get a chance to re-download the old classics!

Despite being live, it still looks kinda beta to me, particularly because it's mostly in Russian, even when you press English. And it seems they haven't been able to deliver a new movie EVERY friday so far. But hey, you know what...who cares!? The site streams the greatest old Counter-Strike movies, as well as hosting them, and I think that's well done. The site is run by Alexander "Samwise" Hoffman.

I helped write some of the 2002/03 movie descriptions on the site, though most have been edited a bit by MovieNations.
Again, I think it's great that they also host a download link for the movies. Previously I often had to get them from friends' hard drives and stuff because all the available links were broken.

So far you can watch/download Oslo By Storm, X-Pec, n1, MindTrek and aAa, with more to come.
Join me and have a look back in time, into the golden age of CS movies!

History Friday
#1zeun panCake 27. December 2008 22:30
Very cool
#2Dec HLAE 27. December 2008 22:48
nice nice
#3BLAKKMAGIK MEDIA MAGIK 28. December 2008 01:52
Very nice design. and it's good to see how far cs movies have come and some of the lost cs flicks.
#4Lacc Hybrid Movies 28. December 2008 08:28
so fat
#5slize Elegato 28. December 2008 14:56
As above. Cool design and interesting concept ! good job guys
#6Gorat0n dear lord help me 29. December 2008 08:36
#7r Style-Productions 30. December 2008 23:49
a tad bit messy. interesting concept tho.
#8Samwise 31. December 2008 07:09
thanks for the post zakna. We will update on regular bases, right after winter hollidays.
#9Georgy Glau MovieNations 3. January 2009 04:24
wow, nice site o_O
#10wavy 13. January 2009 22:48
sweet, it seems that the guys behind movienations aren't sleeping as well :)

Adrenaline 1,2, super players... rofl, good old days
#11qujon Style-Productions 22. January 2009 20:21
hm, wrong url?
#12Samwise 31. January 2009 21:53
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