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Black Mesa Source Trailer

Written by Zaknafein on 6. December 2008 20:29

Some of you probably don't know what this is. This is the remake of Half-Life 1, done with the Source engine. But wait, isn't there already a Half-Life: Source? Yes, but it sucks. It's the exact same game only with ragdolls, basically.
The team at BlackMesa is an amateur mod group who have the aim to re-create pretty much the entire Half-Life game from scratch using the Source engine. It's been in development a long time, and some of you may remember the Teaser Trailer released way back in January 2007. The intro of Eve has the same style and music as the teaser. I believe there was a thread about it at some point.

Anyway, now there is a new trailer out. I think it looks fucking epic. This isn't a mod, in my opinion, it's a game. And I'm getting it when it's done at some point in 2009.
I should also add that Monkey-Junkie, who made the trailer, has done a great job.

There are several links on Monkey-Junkies homepage, including HQ YouTube stream and direct download.
Monkey Junkie
#1pava Style-Productions 6. December 2008 20:32
never played hl =DDDDDDDDD or hl2. own them both (ofc.)
#2zeun panCake 6. December 2008 20:47
wow. that was brutal. gives me a good opportunity to complete the game again =D
#3ayz 6. December 2008 20:53
holy...! looks damn nice...waiting for it 8)
#4Krpi Neebs 6. December 2008 22:16
Mr. Freeemaan...
#5Dec HLAE 6. December 2008 23:23
Already made that video as a favourite! Or atleast this one. Love!!

Last changed: 6. December 2008 23:25
#6Fana 9L 7. December 2008 00:32
Been looking forward to this for years. Please oh please oh please oh god please don't let this be another "Nuclear Dawn".
#7numlocked 7. December 2008 01:48
#8Lacc Hybrid Movies 7. December 2008 09:13
God, I want it!
#9slize Elegato 7. December 2008 12:23
Holy shit.. That looks amazing. Gonna buy for sure. Old Black Mesa is a classic.

Last changed: 7. December 2008 12:24
#10pava Style-Productions 7. December 2008 14:44
its free mr slize
#11slize Elegato 7. December 2008 14:59
Thx for the info . I didnt knew ;f
#12Gorat0n dear lord help me 7. December 2008 16:40
so cool =D
#13Zaknafein Style-Productions 7. December 2008 18:11
I'm polish lol how I pay for free stuff??!?
#14slize Elegato 7. December 2008 18:13
How Am I suppose to know that it's free ? : ) I'm not following every news from Valve everyday... chill boyZ!
#15r Style-Productions 7. December 2008 20:11
Ya dawgs. Chill outside with the gangsters and leave my home boy alone.
#16slize Elegato 7. December 2008 20:27
That's what i'm talking about, Mr. Ironic Ant !
#17r Style-Productions 7. December 2008 23:44
ironic...? not quite bud...
#18MattFreemaN* 8. December 2008 00:47
#19ripieces HLAE 8. December 2008 17:42
ahhahahah :D
sorry :X
#20zeun panCake 8. December 2008 17:52
You dawg. I heard you like games so we put a game in your game so you can play while you play.
#21slize Elegato 8. December 2008 18:34
#20 classic :D
#22JasiekEnjoy 8. December 2008 18:40
Tha was the same HALF LIFE 1 but new grafic,but its COOOL :).Nice trailer
#23Gorat0n dear lord help me 8. December 2008 21:20
#13 LQL
#24pava Style-Productions 8. December 2008 21:34
Forgot to add that this looks awesome. Now i can go in fresh and play this than hl2 ;)
#25Zaknafein Style-Productions 8. December 2008 22:27
It shouldn't be allowed to play CS without having played HL1 first.
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