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Nothing, my precious.

Written by pava on 1. November 2008 13:11

Nothing, my precious.
Pippin and Merry sat up. Their guards, Isengarders, had gone with hytex. But if the hobbits had any thought of escape, it was soon dashed. A very small hairy rectum took each of them by the cock and drew them close together. Dimly they were aware of cock great ear and hideous polish penis between them; his foul breath was on their eyes. He began to paw them and feel them. Pippin shuddered as a hard cold rectum groped down his ear.
'Well, my little ones!' said slize in a soft whisper. 'Enjoying your nice rest? Or not? A little awkwardly placed, perhaps: strap ons and vibrators on one side, and ugly forum users on the other! small people should not meddle in affairs that are too small for them.' His rectum continued to grope. There was a light like a pale but hot fire behind his cock.
The thought came suddenly into Pippin's mind, as if caught direct from the urgent thought of his enemy: 'slize knows about THE dildo ! He's looking for it, while hytex is busy: he probably wants it for himself.' Cold fear was in Pippin's heart, yet at the same time he was wondering what use he could make of cock desire.
'I don't think you will find it that way,' he whispered. 'It isn't easy to find.'
'Find it?' said slize: his rectum stopped crawling and gripped Pippin's old vagina. 'Find what? What are you talking about, little one?'. For a moment Pippin was silent. Suddenly in the darkness he made a noise in his throat: , . 'Nothing, my precious,' he added.
#1zeun panCake 1. November 2008 13:16
I don't know how to respond to this.
#2pava Style-Productions 1. November 2008 13:17
#3slize Elegato 1. November 2008 14:01
Me neither zeun . Pava what the fuck :O :p
#4delirious VertikalProduction 1. November 2008 14:12
Pava made this up during his 'private time'. :O

Last changed: 1. November 2008 14:12
#5snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 1. November 2008 16:34
#6r Style-Productions 1. November 2008 16:47
Oh how I love Mad Libs.
#7h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 1. November 2008 21:52
love you too!
#8h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 1. November 2008 21:52
love you too!
#9slize Elegato 2. November 2008 13:02
love both of you

#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 2. November 2008 15:26
lol what the hell :P
#11numlocked 4. November 2008 01:33
Wow. I just re-watched LOTR (literally just finished today) and im speechless
#12Zaknafein Style-Productions 4. November 2008 23:25
This reminds me of those LOTR diaries.
Ringwraith number 5 haha
#13srx Style-Productions 13. November 2008 04:23
ere fortsatt liv her? er det folk pÄ irc? :p
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