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Bond... James Bond

Written by qujon on 30. October 2008 10:11

OKAY, ~24h to go.

... excited!
... nervous!
... have to watch Casino Royale to freshen up my memory!
... gotta rent a suit like Jasper!

Some of my personal favourites:
Song: James Bond Theme (Dr. No)
Babe: Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die
Mission: Goldfinger
Bond: Sean Connery
Badguy: Richard Kiel as JAWS
Car: the Aquacar in The Spy Who Loved Me
Q: Desmond Llewelyn

to get you into the mooood:
#1K0rN 30. October 2008 11:05
06.11 in germany... im so excited too :o

will watch the premiere in berlin
#2pava Style-Productions 30. October 2008 11:24
great post =D Can't wait. such a huge bond fanboy<3
#3zeun panCake 30. October 2008 11:48
#4RatQuiRit Easy Productions 30. October 2008 11:54
It seems there was a controversy around the title song Another Way To Die, I personaly love it!
Seeing the trailer in a cine really got me in a "I wanna se it" kind of mood
#5pava Style-Productions 30. October 2008 11:56
remove alicia keys from it and you have a real classy song. Not that i have anything against her, i just thought she was very out of place.
#6Gorat0n dear lord help me 30. October 2008 15:55
Tafa, Mustafa
#7r Style-Productions 30. October 2008 16:05
i have to wait 14 days. this is ridiculous! since when does America have to wait for anything?!?!? haha
#8slize Elegato 30. October 2008 21:20
6.11 Poland : )

Bond: Sean Connery ?

YOU gotta be kidding me...

Roger Moore is my choice !

Last changed: 31. October 2008 13:23
#9pava Style-Productions 30. October 2008 22:22
they are both great, just down to personal opinion. I love them both, but if Daniel keeps this up, and you add the fact that the movie(s) really are on a whole new level, he will become my #1.
#10slize Elegato 30. October 2008 23:15
I have to see Casino Royal(e). I havent seen it to be honest hahah .
#11pava Style-Productions 30. October 2008 23:31
#12slize Elegato 30. October 2008 23:43
Hmm ... Hard to say my friend. FUCK DONT EVEN TRY TO SAY THAT I'm white. . .
#13zeun panCake 31. October 2008 02:54
I don't get why critiques hate Daniel Craig so much. He's cold, cool and hardocre. I'd give him a 10/10 if he had hair on his chest.

Go ahead.
#14delirious VertikalProduction 31. October 2008 03:14
According to reviews, QoS is more like the other James Bond movies, and less like Casino Royale (my personal fav).
#15snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 31. October 2008 12:19
øøh, I've been brainwashed by my father, as he's always been saying "No good after the REAL bond, Sean Connery!!" and after that I figured Bond was washed out, by chillside-aids(c) infected directors who wanted this cool new robotic look for the kids. I am not to judge though, since Havn't seen a Bond movie in many years :P

No badmouthin' here! No beef! Just need to catch up ^^
#16RatQuiRit Easy Productions 31. October 2008 12:28
Golden Eye was great for a non Connery bond movie

Last changed: 31. October 2008 12:29
#17pava Style-Productions 31. October 2008 12:45
tons of great bond movies after Sean.
#18qujon Style-Productions 31. October 2008 19:58
hm, what can i say without spoiling it... im so dissapointed :(

it felt like another random actionmovie, no bond-feeling at all. lack of story, everything is built around the actionscenes. some scenes are cool tho :)

i dont consider this a spoiler but one thing that really annoyed me is that he never says "Bond... James Bond" or "shaken, not stirred" in this movie. its a must!!
#19pava Style-Productions 31. October 2008 20:13
that was known before hand, that he didnt say "bond, james bond" :)
#20slize Elegato 31. October 2008 21:47

"shaken, not stirred" the most classical line in movie history :D

Anyway My Dad said ( after watching Casino Royale while ago ) that It's not the same Bond. Copycat of him.
#21pava Style-Productions 31. October 2008 21:56
old news, it's not the same bond at all. But its a fucking great one :)
#22CensoreD 1. November 2008 20:24
best song: Chris Cornel - you know my name IMO!!!!
#23Hildesheimer 1. November 2008 20:51
best song: Tina Turner - GoldenEye k.
#24pava Style-Productions 1. November 2008 20:58
haha no waaay.

Duran Duran - A view to a kill
Chris Cornell - You know my name
paul mccartney - Live and let die

golgen eye isnt bad tho :>
#25zeun panCake 1. November 2008 21:26
Live and let die imo
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