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Where Movies Are Made Bonus Stuff

Written by Zaknafein on 5. August 2008 19:21

Here are the bonus stuff!!

Well, if you haven't read about it already, these clips are bonus scenes from "Where Movies Are Made" (WMAM). They are not, however, deleted scenes from the release of the full movie, and minimal effort was put into the editing of the scenes.
The Pava clip is from the original first draft of the movie, the Yavuz clip is just one of my favorite comedy scenes, and the Bob clip is a seperatly edited sequence.


"Let's See What Pava Does"
This is the only scene from the original "documentary style" draft of WMAM that I thought were actually kinda good. The scene depicts the football-tennis game that were seen briefly in both the teaser and trailer, as well as in the final movie.
It's a partial spoof of the Nike commercial. This is also dubbed "The Look" by some :P
Download Bonus: "Let's See What Pava Does"

"Signals From Bob"
Before the trip even started, I planned a sequence like this. The new Ott song (Ott is my musical hero btw) was really inspiring and I had imagined this scene in my head. When I arrived in Sion, Switzerland I found the perfect location and spent 5 hours recording this scene. Unfortunatly the result didn't turn out quite as nice as I had hoped, although I still think it looks kinda cool. In any case, the sequence was never used in the final movie, so here it is :)
Download Bonus: "Signals From Bob"

"This is Style everything included..."
This clip, simply dubbed "Yavuz", is one of the many many scenes I recorded at Heathrow Airport while waiting for my flight. When I was there I met Bryan and Yavuz. We had lots of fun and I recorded about an hour of material, though in the end only a few clips were used in the final movie and teaser/trailer. Yavuz was particularly funny, and when I asked him to say "Style exclusive" he had a lot of trouble doing it.
This was my favorite clip from the encounter with Yavuz and Bryan, and I thought I'd share it with you :)
Download Bonus: "The is Style everything included..."(Yavuz)

Now what?
Well, that's it :)
I'm glad you liked "Where Movies Are Made", and it was really great seeing the positive feedback. I felt it was a nice finish for me.

Tomorrow I'm moving, so this article is the last media release article I'll write for a long time, if not forever (let's hope not).
But I'll still be around, though I won't produce anything more. WMAM and the bonuses were my last contribution (and WMAM was actually the only Style movie I ever made o_O).

When I have settled in my new home, I will post a new article :)

Until then, enjoy the bonuses :)
#1maynard 5. August 2008 20:31
Haha good job. The Bob thing was really good considering you were filming yourself the whole time

My fav was "What it means? Is porno?" hahaha
#2zeun panCake 5. August 2008 21:34
Hahaha. That Yavuz guy was awesome.


It's ok, Jasper.
#3Aulie panCake 5. August 2008 23:47
Great bonus stuff. Have to say you guys didn't exactly impress me at soccer-tennis:P (I own at it)
#4pava Style-Productions 6. August 2008 00:04
we didnt film the good stuff.
#5Zaknafein Style-Productions 6. August 2008 09:40
Yeah I went totally Spider-Man but it wasn't recorded.
#6ayz 6. August 2008 17:52
zakna i should teach you turkish =D
#7BokEpA 2xPRO 7. August 2008 00:46
arkadaş$ lol ? :p

Last changed: 7. August 2008 00:46
#8Zookey 7. August 2008 13:39
it seems that this guy yavuz or whatever is pretty stupid. =)
#9Zaknafein Style-Productions 7. August 2008 17:14
Nah he's just a showman. He taught me Turkish words as well, swear words that is.

Haha, btw, in my guide the 4 essential Turkish words listed were:
"No thank, you not tonight"
#10ayz 7. August 2008 17:38
hello=selam or alo
no thank you not tonight= xD
#11Dec HLAE 7. August 2008 19:25
nice stuff lol
#12qujon Style-Productions 10. August 2008 01:08
well played pava, haha
#13delirious VertikalProduction 10. August 2008 18:27
Signals from Bob must have taken quite a lot of time for shooting!
#14Zaknafein Style-Productions 11. August 2008 19:47
Yeah it took 5 hours.
I planned it before the trip, and when I was going to Switzerland (from Rome) I literally looked at google maps and used satelitte images to see which train stops had mountains around them.
That's how I found Sion, and when I got there I spent my second day shooting the stuff. I think I started around 11 and finished around 16. In the last hour is started to rain and stuff, though you can't see it in the movie :)

Last changed: 11. August 2008 19:48
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