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Written by Zaknafein on 2. August 2008 16:31

Here it is, guys. Finally out!
Hah Anthony, it didn't get cancelled!!

I'm very pleased with the result, and it turned out more or less as I had imagined it would when I was on the journey listening to music.
The attempt to make a long, documentary style movie much like Style Gather was discarded early, because it just got too boring and the clips were too random. The end result is a 11 minute or so long music video, featuring some of my favorite songs.

I really like how it turned out and I think it's a nice finish before I go inactive. I hope you will enjoy the movie as much as I do.

Regarding the bonus features, there was a massive amount of support for them so they will be released on tuesday. For those of you who don't know, the bonus features are the few good "deleted scenes" so to speak from the old draft that was eventually discarded. You can read more about them here.

I also realized that this is actually the only movie I ever made for Style Productions, so it's the first movie of mine that has the Style logo in it :) Yay!

Link in the Media section!
Atm the only link is hosted by Lilleklipp of Alexander Føsund (who is featured in the movie btw), so big thanks! I'll add more links later.
#1pava Style-Productions 2. August 2008 16:38
10/10 :)
#2maynard 2. August 2008 16:41
That was amazing. Chill to watch :)
#3DavidG 2. August 2008 17:12
haHAHA :D NICE the outtro was best :D

Last changed: 3. August 2008 01:02
#4Dec HLAE 2. August 2008 17:52
Must've been fun. Especially in Gothenburg xD :D lol
#5ayz 2. August 2008 18:02
hahaha nice zakna. yavuz is best xDDD
#6s0nkite* 2. August 2008 18:48
i wanted more pava scenes!
#7zeun panCake 2. August 2008 19:11
haha. same as s0nkite.

lovely movie. really enjoyable.
#8Quim 2. August 2008 19:54
Nice one ! I loved the camera views and the chill music. Your trip looked very funny :)
#9neyloc neyloc 2. August 2008 22:44
i wish it was longer :( looked like a lot of fun
#10snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 2. August 2008 23:23
"YOU CANT DO IT!!! :@"

#11SRandal 3. August 2008 04:11
Best movie ever!
#12kevza opima 3. August 2008 19:06
good job you did on the movie espen :)

the intro was awesome :o

and the hamburg tour :D
#13slize Elegato 3. August 2008 19:30
Very nice Zakna. I thought it will be longer but still very entertaining!
#14Zaknafein Style-Productions 4. August 2008 12:29
Thanks guy! Great you liked it :D
I added another mirror now. Bonus out tomorrow :)
#15daniel Style-Productions 5. August 2008 02:11
Nice movie, enjoyed it :)
#16slize Elegato 5. August 2008 15:11
Song , which you used is awesome !

"Sometimes your brain needs to hang out with gangsters "

My words :D hahaha I was like : What the hell, Pava didnt forget about that ;p

Last changed: 5. August 2008 15:22
#17Smashy Pure Sense Media 5. August 2008 22:45
hahaha love the look you gave when you fed the bird! At 4.34 youre like "Yeah I totally just fed the bird" Priceless! Awesome movie!

Last changed: 5. August 2008 22:52
#18Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 6. August 2008 16:00
4:09 PanCake Corner : d
#19Djoko opima 7. August 2008 13:42
i love it!
#20delirious VertikalProduction 10. August 2008 18:25
Excellent stuff! :) Enjoyed it! Loved the way you plan your shoots and your acting lol.
#21hallo_world 17. August 2008 17:12
great movie!
#22Barahuna 8. October 2008 14:59
hehe cute movie ;D
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