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WMAM is finished!!!

Written by Zaknafein on 30. July 2008 19:22


'Where Movies Are Made' is finally done, and after numerous different approaches on how to present the movie, I ended up making a long music video with humorous moments in between the music, which in my opinion turned out beautifully.

How does it look?
If you are curious as to what I mean, imagine the last Trailer for WMAM only 4 times longer and slightly more chillout. The finished look is very much like the trailer, only it's 11 minutes long and with different songs (though from the same artist). So basically an extended version of the trailer I guess :)
Although I made this movie mostly for myself, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :D
The only thing left to do is to render it and release it. Be warned that atm the Style FTP is acting emo so you might end up with a filefront mirror unless people got a better idea (anyone know of a good stream site?).
* edit = I've obtained an ftp host so we should be okay I hope :)

Bonus features?
The finished WMAM movie is around 11 minutes long. Before I made it I had edited around 20 minutes in a different draft, which was discarded because I didn't like it. However, a few segments were quite good, and IF you are interested, I could release them as individual bonus segments (they are about 2 minutes each).

The bonus features are:

"Let's See What Pava Does"
This is a minute and a half of football with me, Jasper and his friends. It is a spoof of the Nike commercial (though it hardly looks anything like it :P). If you wanna see Jasper sucking, this is the one :P

"The is Style everything included..."
Remember Yavuz, the Turkish guy in the trailer and teaser? This is a clip of him trying to say "Style exclusive", where he fails again and again.

"Signals From Bob"
The ONLY scene in the entire project that was planned BEFORE the trip started. A few clips from this scene can be seen in the finished movie, but in reality the clips were intended for this sequence where I "play" the melodica in honor of Ott's "Signals From Bob". I didn't like the end result as it didn't turn out quite as nice as I hoped, though alot of work was put into this music video. It took 5 hours to shoot, used 40 minutes of tape, over 32 takes and angles, and ended up lasting less than 2 minutes.

The movie will be out on saturday August 2nd, probably in the evening. The bonus features will be out on monday, if there is interest for it.

If you want some previews, I've posted a few screenshots in the "a screenshot from your movie" thread.

Please vote in the new polls if you want to see the bonus features as well :)
#1zeun panCake 30. July 2008 19:33
woohoo. can't wait ; D
#2PK PKTV 30. July 2008 19:41
Believe it or not folks, but I managed to sneak myself into the movie! MEOW!
#3Aulie panCake 30. July 2008 19:48
Hurray! Now my Saturday is not all bullshit:)
#4Lacc Hybrid Movies 30. July 2008 21:49
There's a non norway comment.
#5Deadalone 30. July 2008 23:06
There is an another one. :) We must wait more three days LOL :[
#6Hildesheimer 31. July 2008 00:34
just when i won't be at home, meh.
#7Dec HLAE 31. July 2008 00:42
bah :(
#8Zaknafein Style-Productions 31. July 2008 02:51
Luckily the file will be available for more than 1 day, kevin, so you can download later :P haha
#9SRandal 31. July 2008 02:53
Yes! Finally! So sad that its your last movie :(
#10ripieces HLAE 31. July 2008 15:29
#11DavidG 1. August 2008 17:28
haha, awesome :D cant wait :x
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