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WMAM Update #1

Written by Zaknafein on 27. July 2008 00:34

So...I thought I'd give you a little heads up about WMAM.

The surface of the sun
As said in my last newsarticle, 'Where Movies Are Made' is delayed because of time conflicts. I'm very busy moving and preparing for my new existence in Bergen. I've been editing when I've had time but there has been so many problems. First my mic broke and I had to change my idea on how to present the movie, then the power supply for my external harddrive where I store all the footage failed, and then Norway was struck with a heatwave and the last week has been so hot my computer has crashed several times due to overheating (it's been over 32 celsius...which is murder for a Norwegian!).

Inkspots don't move
Anyway, I've been editing at night when it's cold and I've produced about 10 minutes so far, but it doesn't quite have the look I want. I only had straight ideas about the musical sequences, and if the movie was one long music video it'd be done by now. But it isn't.
And time is running short. In just over a week or so I'll be moving permanently to Bergen, and as said, I will leave editing behind. So in say 10 days max, I cannot, and will not, edit any more for the time being.

Let's make a deal
So I'll make you a compromise. I will devote the next 2 days entirely to 'Where Movies Are Made', focusing only on putting something together quickly so I have a very rough, completed beta. And THEN, when I have time, I will remaster it and try to make the movie like I want it to be. Should I fail to find the time, then at least I will have SOMETHING to release, even if it isn't finished :)
Because this project will NOT be cancelled, despite Anthony's propangada.

I will give an update within the next few days. Also, unlike certain others *cough*, I actually update my project section whenever there is a change :)

Wish me luck!
#1FistOr Easy Productions 27. July 2008 00:40
gl man
#2Zookey 27. July 2008 00:51
(it's been over 32 celsius!). HAHAHA

Pretty normal here =)

Well u live in cold part of world :D =)
#3Zaknafein Style-Productions 27. July 2008 01:11
More than 20 is killer for me :(

PS: Just edited the hardest part wohoo

Last changed: 27. July 2008 02:51
#4r Style-Productions 27. July 2008 06:59

*Dramatization: Anthony may not have said this*

Last changed: 27. July 2008 11:51
#5Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 27. July 2008 16:53
"First my mic broke" emmm... I dont believe that you haven't got 2$ for the simplest mic.. Polish gypsies are richer than you? o_O call to slize, he will send you some coins.. He is rich, he has got own Gypsy wagon.
#6Zaknafein Style-Productions 27. July 2008 20:54
I didn't say I couldn't afford a new one, Oui. That wasn't the point :)
#7slize Elegato 27. July 2008 21:52
#5 He is rich, he has got own Gypsy wagon.

what the hell ? :D : O Oui better "take" some headshots with me , rather than talk !

Last changed: 28. July 2008 03:06
#8zeun panCake 28. July 2008 10:17
or chew gum.
#9slize Elegato 28. July 2008 12:41
or get right.
#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 28. July 2008 15:53
#11Zaknafein Style-Productions 28. July 2008 22:35
Haha I recently gave the whole movie I redesign and I've worked all day. It's almost finished :)
#12slize Elegato 29. July 2008 03:37
Great :D

#13Zaknafein Style-Productions 29. July 2008 22:46
From 21% to 89% in 2 days haha. I've been working nonstop. Today I edited for 13 hours without stopping. Ugh1!!!one11!
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