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Zaknafein got in!

Written by Zaknafein on 20. July 2008 13:36

Wee. Today I finally got the answer to my application. I got accepted into the University of Bergen and will begin to study psychology in about 3 weeks or so.
I have also rented an apartment (or room...hybel), and once I'm done moving in I'm all set :D

The study
As you should know by now, when I move to Bergen I will leave my stationary computer and my editing "gear" behind, and I will officially be "retired"...again haha. The study is very hard because it's a preliminary study so to speak. You study one year of psychology and then the 36 best in the class of 500 will be selected to continue into year 2, which is the profession study of psychology (which you have to take if you want the protected title of Psychologist). Anyway, sometimes people from other schools as well apply so it's VERY competitive. This year Oslo accepted 44 students out of 943 applicants, which is almost 5%.

Hopefully you can see why I feel I don't have time to make more movies or actively play computer games this year, because I really have to focus. I won't be absent though, just inactive in terms of productions.

'Where Movies Are Made'
There is a big chance that the WMAM movie will be delayed. No Anthony it will NOT be cancelled. WMAM will not just be my last official movie, perhaps ever, but it was also my last big trip before committing to something new.

Lately I've been on holiday with my family and I've had alot of stress organizing things with Bergen, so I haven't had much time to edit. I had some production problems as well. Since most of the clips I have filmed are mostly not connected to each other, I found it difficult to build a 'story'. I tried to fix this using narration but my mic broke. I eventually decided to make the movie into parts or acts (yes, Anthony).

In any case, the intro is done and I know what the movie will look like. No matter how little time I get, there WILL be a release. It may or may not end up looking as I hope it will, but in either case the movie will be released one way or another. Not just for you, but for myself :)

But expect it to be delayed. It should be out before my studies on August 11. I will write a new article when it's nearing completion :)
You can also check the projects section for updates.
#1neadii 20. July 2008 14:11
Written by Zaknafein on 20. July 2008 13:36

I wish you luck on your studies, when they begin. And I'll hope you'll be one of the 36 students next year aswell. :)
#2Skyfox CyberArt Pictures 20. July 2008 14:16
Wait for it.. :)
#3Dec HLAE 20. July 2008 16:04
#4Gorat0n dear lord help me 20. July 2008 16:10
gl with your studies ;D
#5spEnc Dead and Buried 20. July 2008 16:45
ur mic broke, how come :D
#6r Style-Productions 20. July 2008 17:49
Pretty LOLcanceled if you ask me
#7FistOr Easy Productions 20. July 2008 18:09
#8zeun panCake 20. July 2008 19:37
congratulations, espwn. don't go all crzyfst on us.

#9slize Elegato 20. July 2008 22:13
cogratz. I will study too but in a completly different direction.

I'm waiting for the NEW-style-release since um..... yeah shake it.
#10pava Style-Productions 20. July 2008 22:48
youll enjoy my secret movie/project :)
#11slize Elegato 21. July 2008 03:19
about : How Can I become black ? ;d
#12pava Style-Productions 21. July 2008 03:57
nope . youll see :)
#13-IcemaN- Slyder Media 21. July 2008 10:19
nice job espen ! gl in the school year to come !
#14s0nkite* 24. July 2008 20:51
good job Dr Espen Freakenstein
#15KrieppeN Airwalk Media 10. September 2008 14:46
gl espen
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