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Where Movies Are Made TEASER

Written by Zaknafein on 20. June 2008 15:37

Ideas, Titles and Stuff
After spending 20 hours transferring all my tapes to the computer, I decided to make a little teaser. Normally when I have lots of time to think like I did on my trip, I usually come up with ideas for trailers, but this time I was blank. I tried to think of something but it wasn't until I took a break from the whole ordeal that ideas started coming. The best way to get inspiration is to get away from the drawing board.

Anyway here is a teaser I threw together quickly. In about 2 weeks I will present you with a longer, more fun, and more detailed trailer. The title for the movie is "Where Movies Are Made" (WMAM). The name comes from something I blurted out during one of my monologues, and will be better explained in the movie itself.

Actual releasedate is July 23rd.

2 versions, 1 release:
As you may read in the trailer, there will be 2 versions: The Style version and the "other" version. The other version is simply a longer version of the finished movie designed for friends and family who don't really know what Style is and won't understand the many jokes that will be in the Style version. The Style edition will focus on my journey and all the Style encounters/references/jokes I had during my trip (and there were many), and only the Style edition will be released. So whenever I talk about the movie, I am always referring to the Style version :)

Hope you like the teaser :) For those who couldn't tell, the teaser is a parody of the Bourne Ultimatum trailer and a homage to Timur.

Where Movies Are Made Teaser
#1Aulie panCake 20. June 2008 15:44
Nice, looking forward to the movie:D
#2MattFreemaN* 20. June 2008 15:52
HAHAH! be careful when you handle guns man! HAHAHAHH!
#3pava Style-Productions 20. June 2008 15:59
such a lovely teaser. perfect :)
#4GiminY 20. June 2008 16:28
0:44-45 was just epic.

#5Samwise 20. June 2008 16:52
....and he sucks hahaha
#6RatQuiRit Easy Productions 20. June 2008 16:58
nice :)
#7errzy errormedia 20. June 2008 16:58

lovely idd Zakna.

#8r Style-Productions 20. June 2008 17:37
Niklas dancing parody >>>>>>>>>> *
#9FistOr Easy Productions 20. June 2008 17:55
#10aTomic 20. June 2008 18:37
Hahah that was great :D It comes out the day be4 my bday! :)
#11snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 20. June 2008 19:57
love it!!!
#12Zookey 20. June 2008 20:05
#13Alexino 20. June 2008 20:18
HAHAHA, pretty awesome!
#14ayz 20. June 2008 21:46
damn nice. the last scene with the gun was very funny XD! and pava is playing soccer on a tennis court -ok!
#15id_films Creative Movies 20. June 2008 23:38
cool man :)
#16Zaknafein Style-Productions 20. June 2008 23:39
It's called football tennis, ayz. It's basically tennis except with a football, and it's quite fun.
I won ofc.

Glad you liked the teaser, guys :D
#17Christian Style-Productions 21. June 2008 12:35
Looks really coool :D
#18Hildesheimer 21. June 2008 13:39
hahaha can't wait for the movie. simply epic shit.
#19kevza opima 21. June 2008 13:50
#20Swpp Myself 22. June 2008 12:10
why ? why are u so good ?:)) perfect one
#21delirious VertikalProduction 22. June 2008 16:36
That was cool! Lol... Loved the Nike Advt bit! :)

Be careful, Guy Ritchie might sue you! :P

Last changed: 22. June 2008 16:37
#22Zaknafein Style-Productions 26. June 2008 03:26
Yay today I got Alex "Tanory"s footage from when I was in Oslo. He recorded some stuff and sent it to me.
Let the production begin!
#23juggaknot Airwalk Media 6. July 2008 19:58
if i post here will i get +1 on the forum ?
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