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Zakna Comes Home

Written by Zaknafein on 14. June 2008 01:45

Hey guys! I'm back :)

Home Sweet Style
It's been a great month, and I've been travelling across Europe on my interrail pass, collecting experiences, seeing new places and meeting great people. The journey has finally come to an end, however, and today I returned home. Ah home sweet home.

I didn't get to meet as many of you on my trip as I hoped, but I still met alot of great people, some of which has become lasting friends. Sadly, people like Niklas were unable to meet up, but at least I got to finally meet our great leader, Jasper, in person!

You can see the entire route I travelled by going to my Google Map.

I mentioned before I left that maybe I would make a movie out of it, but it was not official because I obviously didnt know what to expect from my trip, since no aspect of it was planned and I decided what to do and where to go on a day-to-day basis. However, I ended up filming a whopping 15 hours of footage. Obviously it is not 15 hours of GOOD footage, but there is alot of cool stuff, including several comments and jokes about the Style community, and I am excited to inform you that a movie will be released!

The title is at this point unknown, although titles such as "Us", "Where Movies Are Made" and simply "Zakna Interrail 2008" are in the pot. I do not know how the movie will end up because I havent decided on a theme or anything. It could be a short movie focusing mostly on just Style stuff, or it could more about the journey I experienced, with Style elements popping up here and there. We will see...Im hoping the movie wont be longer than max 40 min though.

Just getting started on the massive amount of footage I have will take some time, and I expect the movie to be out in July at some point. I will list it in the Projects section later.

Expect a trailer in the near future, people!

Photos plz?
I didn't take many pictures on my trip, and I focused mostly on video instead. Nonetheless, below are links to a few of the pictures I took while travelling around:
Playing CS @ Alex's place
It's Friday, Bitch
My InterRail Ticket
Jasper breaks his favorite cup
S'if they have Norway in Italy
When in Rome...
Rent a car or get flamed
No habla Morocco
Tangier, Morocco by night

Fun Numbers
During my trip I:
- Travelled for 32 days
- Visited 2 continents, 12 countries and 15 cities
- Filmed over 15 hours
- Spent 41€ on McDonalds
- Travelled over 6700 kilometers by train
- Met 1 Jasper
- Found 3 Mountain Dew Stores
#1Dec HLAE 14. June 2008 01:52
Hightec monitor
#2Zookey 14. June 2008 02:09
kewl , great trip =)

I allways wanted to have trip like this ,but never had enough money :(

How much cost this trip to u ?

#3slize Elegato 14. June 2008 02:39
cool man : )
Morocco by night cool ;d
#4zeun panCake 14. June 2008 02:42
#5delirious VertikalProduction 14. June 2008 07:00
Nice! I wanna travel like this toooo! :(
#6yap09 Billy Goat 14. June 2008 08:06
wtf cs on a tv? hOW~~?!!!!?!?
#7ripieces HLAE 14. June 2008 09:19
woohoo welcome back u crzy ~

Last changed: 14. June 2008 09:22
#8kevza opima 14. June 2008 10:05
welcome home espen :)
#9pava Style-Productions 14. June 2008 12:52
bitch get up, its friday night. hahaha. fun stuff. looking forward to the movie :D
#10elm000 14. June 2008 13:38
cool pic of rome
#11pray Kyoto 14. June 2008 14:53


#12TQBI 14. June 2008 14:55
Yea finally some cool news. That bitch get up, its friday night was taken in Hamburg... I know that club.
#13deleted 14. June 2008 15:00
great news finally! we <3 you Zakna!

- Spent 41euro on McDonalds

haha :D

Last changed: 14. June 2008 15:05
#14Zaknafein Style-Productions 14. June 2008 15:25
I spent around 2600€ in total, but you can EASILY manage on around 1000€, because I had a few instances where I bought really expensive items like a rolls royce camera tripod, and I stayed at 4-star hotels sometimes.
Hostels are usually between 15-30€ per night, and the train is free except for a 4€ seat reservation (the interrail ticket is 400€ for 1 month).
#15slize Elegato 14. June 2008 16:02
That interrail ticket for 1 month - great idea ; )

#16anjers iceCake 14. June 2008 20:59
fucking nice ass, but when is frod comming home????
#17Assor Chillside 14. June 2008 21:33
it's not comming :(
#18cristal iceCake 14. June 2008 22:51
it's cumming!
#19zeun panCake 14. June 2008 23:00
#20h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 14. June 2008 23:25
actually it's "coming"
#21Hildesheimer 14. June 2008 23:49
haha, we have the best friday night ads available.
#22Zookey 15. June 2008 01:32
Its epic !

Bitch get up , its Friday night !

#23s0nkite* 15. June 2008 05:03
oh zakna is back yes i m so glad!
#24context panCake 15. June 2008 06:49
hahah sonkite
#25K0rN 15. June 2008 13:30
how's pk?
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