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Interview with cRZYFST

Written by snarvaj on 2. December 2007 21:04

QHello nikky, how are you today?

I'm fine, thanks. A little dizzy from higher mathematics, but good apart from that ;)

QSo please tell us, what's so crazy about you? Or maybe just describe yourself in a few lines.

Actually there's nothing particularly crazy about me. I'm just a regular guy at the end of the 19th year of his life, currently studying electrical engineering at a university in Aix-la-Chapelle here in Germany. Averagely good-looking I guess, tall, thin, wearing a pair of annoying glasses, single, enjoying noisecore as brought to you by Norma Jean or The Chariot just as much as chilling to my weekly dose of trance and progressive delivered by Above & Beyond's Trance Around the World. You see, actually there's nothing fancy about me. I just happen to have made two pretty successful Counter-Strike movies that still haunt me in the form of fan mails or something that borders on internet harassment through IRC queries.

QHow does a normal day in your life look like?

I get up at 5:33 in the morning, take a shower, grab a bite and prepare myself for the day. I leave the house at 6:40, take the bus to the train station at 6:45, arrive there at 7:05, get into the train at 7:10 and if everything runs smoothly from here I'm sitting in my first lecture at 8 o'clock. Depending on how many lectures follow this initial one, I get home the reverse way at 6 or 10 pm, depending on the day's curriculum. Rocks to be me, doesn't it? At least I have the weekends off... and Mondays; that is if I spare myself the 1,5 hour lecture in the evening for which I had to endure 3 hours of traveling. And if you forget about the fact that I need to use the "free time" to rehash the stuff that was subject of the lectures.

QIs moviemaking a hobby/job/obsession for you?

Certainly not a job and the time I was obsessed with it is long gone. A hobby is actually something you enjoy doing so that doesn't nail it, either. I guess it's something I do out of habit. Not the rosiest way to look at it I guess.

QFor many you are a moviemaker since the beginning of time, but everything has a beginning, how did you start your career?

I saw Zaknafein's eoLithic movie and Michael Weicker's "The Art to Frag" on German television. Both these movies really got me interested in using Counter-Strike footage as a form of media. I've never been that much of a big player. I play games once in a while, but ever since I got into video editing I've preferred it over actually playing a game. I know my father has a higher opinion of a creative thing like video editing than he has of playing games so that might be another reason why I've never really been into that.

QI know that you weren't pleased with Mourning Walls Collapse, what about Eve? Many said it was the best movie ever, what do you think about your movie?

In hindsight I have to admit that it's become a movie even I can enjoy to a certain amount, disregarding the few things I would have liked to change. I watched it again with Tony and Jasper in Philly and I gotta say it surprised me how different the movie felt to myself compared to the standard CS movie. That might sound a little narcissistic or arrogant now, but you of all should know how rarely I applaud myself so I guess that's okay for once.

Q80% of the ppl asking about Eve are probably asking the names of the songs, i'm gonna ask you about the project itself, how many hours did you spend working on it? because the level of editing is amazing in my opinion.

Thanks. I really don't remember exactly. I think I started editing somewhere around my birthday in January and it took me until the end of the deadline to finish it, which was February 20 I think. The intro and the last part were made in 6 hours (I even ditched school for that!!) which is why the intro is just a plain boring rip-off of the Black Mesa Source trailer. I'm truly happy with the last part though, except for the color correction on a couple of clips and the text at the very end of it. A few more minutes could've worked wonders here, but I was in too much of a hurry to deliver the final result in time.

QOkay this could be a strange question but how do you work on a movie? Do you have a well designed project and just follow it or do you edit everything without having thought about it earlier?

I used to take a shitload of notes of ideas I had in the past, but I usually weren't able to interpret what I meant when I read them a month later anyway. Nowadays I'm not taking any notes at all; I'm not even trying to plan things beforehand. I just edit stuff off the top of my head if that makes sense. I just try to materialize what comes to my mind when I listen to a particular song passage. when I fail, I try again or jump to a different spot to continue from there. So I'm not really a linear editor. I always liked to fill the timeline piece by piece, like a puzzle you put together until everything fits together as one. I still edit piece by piece, but it's not as extreme as it used to be. There were times when I had the very last clip completely edited before I even added a clip at the beginning of a song.

QYou recently "starred" in the series Style vs Chillside created by Zaknafein, what do you think about this concept?

I think it's a great concept, not only because I'm part of "the good guys" in the show. It combines so much internal humor and love for the detail in one. If you truthfully call yourself an important segment in the Style community and know the people around you, the series has an incredibly high recall value. On the other hand, I find it hard to imagine someone could enjoy the show if he doesn't know us and our community members. But that's really not my problem, now is it?

QDo you find the "An another valuable 62 seconds of my life wasted" line funny?

Quite frankly, no. I'm not exactly a fan of my own character in the show at all, but that's okay. The SvC cRZY isn't really similar to the real me which is probably a good thing. If he were he'd prolly be the bogeyman of SvC that rants about everyone else's movies.

QWhich is your favorite character from the series?

For some reason I've always liked Xenoq best. Don't ask me why that is. I don't have any relation to him at all, never shared a word with him. It might just be his voice that I like, I dunno.

QMighty Zaknafein in style-productions? Has he asked style or have you asked him to join?

The idea actually came to us when we had our little gather in Philadelphia at Tony's. We were talking a lot with Espen at that time, naturally because others, him included, were interested to hear as to what was going on at our place. That plus the fact that I think he started to be quite an active user on our site after he had stopped playing WoW. He made the already hilarious movies "Ballcap", his submission for our second competition, he was making SvC which we all loved, and you know, we were just like "Fuck it! Why not ask him to join. It's not like we can lose anything?" He's just a great guy, friendly, funny, the whole team gets along so well with him. But still, we sorta wanted to check back with the other guys in Style first back then so we hosted an internal poll on our board which didn't really lead to anything. We had results on it, but we didn't do anything with them. Weeks after we had returned home again, Espen came up to me and was like "You guys should ask me to join." At least I saw that as a joke from his side, but it still brought the forum post back to my mind again. So I digged it out again and wrote that if no one would have a major con, I'd announce it the next day. And here we are with mighty Zaknafein in Style-Productions. That's the story behind it, no details left out I guess.

QWhich is the funniest moment from your moviemaking career?

Ah man, I really can't tell. You'd think the hobby of video editing doesn't offer that much room for hilarity, and you'd be right. I guess the really funny moments were byproducts of the hobby itself, like a situation that occured when you were talking to someone you got to know through the scene. If that's what you mean... I still couldn't tell. There are always funny moments, but nothing in particular was so outstandingly hilarious that I would still remember it.

QEverybody knows that style is more like a family than a moviemaking team, how is the atmosphere in your community?

It's pretty diverse I guess. There's a great bunch of people on the site who I really like and who I'm grateful for that they're there, people who aren't acting like pure idiots, you know. On the other hand, I don't wanna lie about the fact that there are also quite a few individuals on the site whose absence wouldn't hurt anyone. I won't mention any names in particular cause that would just be rude. I mean, there must be a reason why these so obviously hated people still return to our site day by day. If they enjoy the site I guess it's not fair to hold something back from them just because they annoy me or someone else with the way they act. Of course that's a little different if a person constantly breaks our rules and just doesn't show any sign of betterment, like Clutch5 or what his face was. The guy got so incredibly annoying lately that we must have banned like 6 of his accounts. I dunno if he finally received the message and gave up or if he now has an account we haven't found out about yet. In any case he's not acting like the usual jerk-off he's been before so that is just as good as not having him around at all.

QYou visited the US earlier this year and you met there with pava and anthony. Was this a nice experience? and i'm not talking only about the mallza-rella :)

It was definitely an interesting experience to meet two guys you thought you had gotten to know pretty well over the internet. Unfortunately reality is that the internet is a way too deceptive medium to take anything you see for granted. I'm sure they both expected a completely different me, even if I wouldn't say I've been intentionally acting differently on the net. It's just the way the internet works. You don't see a person while communicating with him unless you go down on the level of using web cams, lyl. So I've probably been a surprise for the two of them. On the other hand, I didn't expect Pava to be like Japser, either. Although I have to say that Anthony was pretty much like I had pictured him beforehand. These Americans are all the same. Know one and you know all. Anyway, if you've seen the Style Gather Movie that Tony made you'll notice that I've been quite sparing throughout the whole trip when it came to talking. For me it's a natural thing if you're accompanied by two such obviously outgoing and self-confident personalities, whereas you yourself are rather introverted. I'm just not the kind of guy who goofs around a lot, so I'd say in this regard we didn't connect too well, other than Jasper and Tony. It's all completely different on the net where we goof around all the time. I'm pretty sure that if it wouldn't have been us three only but more guys out of the crew who met in Philly, the atmosphere would've been completely different. We're currently working on making that happen by the way. Teh Style Gather: Swe Edition. Stay tuned!

QTell us a few words about other members from your crew and yes, we are particularly interested in anthony and pava since they are like the olsen sisters of the moviemaking scene.

I don't quite get that one, but fine. I think summing up every person of our crew would really exceed the word limit here. Besides, no one of them is really working on a movie at the moment which is why they don't deserve to be hyped here in particular! If you still feel the urge to get to know more about em, I'd suggest you go to our webpage and head over to the orga section where you'll find short descriptions of everyone. We actually bothered to re-write all the descriptions when we were in the states so they should now contain the true essence of what the old delusive descriptions held ready. I removed my own in an act of I dunno what, but you have this interview here for that.

QName some of the friends you made in the moviemaking-gaming community and maybe some moviemakers that you like/respect for what they do.

I don't have respect for anyone. I'm the cockiest bastard you'll find in this scene. But I did make some friends who managed to see beyond my asshole character and see the real me. I'm not gonna mention any names now since some people might get pissed if I don't mention them. I'll just go with the entire Style crew plus mascots and creditors, my old (and new) fellas in Temporal-Pictures, a whole bunch of charming French people with funny haircuts and my #1 emo friend pwnstal.

QStyle Productions announced a few nice projects earlier this year, can you give us some updates about the current projects?

I wish I could. Matter of fact though is that I seem to be the only one who's at least remotely close to editing at all. NG16 is sadly but truly canceled. Anthony seems to have abandoned Evequal and Time since he feels an antipathy against editing in general as he says. Jasper says he's really psyched to work again, but he still has yet to show us the fruits from his editing urge. As for me, I'm making progress on my project. Not really working on it on a regular basis, but I'm doing something once in a while. No matter what you think, I won't let you down and bluntly cancel the project. And if it takes me till 2010 to finish it, I will prevail.

QYou teamed up with Xyanide for "O' fRoD, the Aftermath". First of all why fRoD?

Danny contacted me through Sk-Gaming's website and asked the rather inexpressive question "How interested would you be in making a movie?". Would you expect from these words that he's actually asking you to make a movie for a good friend of his? I wouldn't, but it turned out that was exactly what he had in mind. However, I told him I'd probably be up for making his movie if he was interested, but I was definitely not motivated enough to work for a random guy who couldn't guarantee me enough movie-worthy footage. So we started talking a little, he re-watched my movies and was kinda digging MWC. We ended up agreeing that I should make his movie instead. That's about it. I asked Xya if he wanted to join me for the job, I asked Andreas if he was up for making the intro and they both agreed. We announced the movie on the site (as a secret project to avoid disappointing people in case we would ditch the plans again). But after I finished around 45 seconds of my frag part we agreed it was safe enough to announce the project. Andy decided to part ways with us again at that time so it was only Xya and me left. And what can I say? After Daniel finished the teaser that finally announced the upcoming movie he kinda fell into a hole where there is no such thing as "editing".

QDo you like working with Xyanide?

No, he's horrible in every facette of his being. I'd much rather work with that cristal dude. I heard he's good. Nah, I'm kidding. There's not much I can say about working with Daniel since we sort of have our own parts we were _supposed_ to take care of. But I believe to be able to say that he can be quite stubborn about certain things. A disagreement between us usually ends up with Xya's claims prevailing. I always gave up when there was too much talking. Hell, it's just a CS movies! Who cares if the crosshair is white or green anyway?! Duh!

QThe last style competition. Was is a good/bad/default competition?

Default as in average? Compared to our first competition I'd say it was a progression. Nothing compared to our internal competition of course, but it sure was above average, even if a lot of people disagree there. Hosting a competition is always a tough thing since you have to satisfy so many people. In the end you'll have to realize that it's impossible to please everyone and just go for what you think is best for the majority. It's as it always is in life.

QWhen can we expect a new competition?

fsk had plans for a new competition about the... I dunno, ask him, some CS tournament that was hosted not too long ago. It all vanished into thin air when it turned out the hosters of the competition decided not to upload any demos of the matches. There isn't anything else planned as a replacement so far. We had a concept in mind for a community project, but considering the rather miserable conditions of the current moviemaking scene, it'd probably be another fruitless effort from our side to breathe new life into the scene. Maybe I'll instruct one of our writers to sum up my post in our private forum and post it on our site for you guys to take a look and decide if you want to do it or not.

QWhere is the moviemaking community today? Is it heading into the right direction?

I don't think the scene is heading towards anything at all. Feels to me like it's standing still apart from a very few exceptions. The usual shit that is put onto scene sites isn't anywhere near as interesting as it used to be which is not least a reason for my own lack of motivation. I highly doubt our little amateur scene will ever recover from its current misery. Some people I've talked to apparently are a little more optimistic than me and seem to find hope in new games, but I can't really claim to see what new games would change about a community that only reproduces and rehashes its standards instead of producing original and fresh things. Maybe I've just seen too much over the years and it's only me who feels that way. If people who just recently found out about this hobby still enjoy it that's great for them because they haven't been bothered with so much bad stuff yet. For me it just doesn't feel the same anymore.

QMany moviemakers "retired" (like they were paid by someone to make movies or something) lately and i'm talking here about old-school moviemakers, guys that practically created the gaming movies scene. Do you think that this is a problem for the now bigger and bigger scene?

"Bigger" is not always equal to "better", and I'm actually having trouble to see the growth you're speaking of. I don't think it's the absence of editors who have been a foundation to this hobby that makes today's scene suffer. Let's take Zaknafein as an example (who has left the scene as a CS editor if you want so). He was great back then. His movies had so much feeling and emotion in them that the guy became a hero for me instantly. But he has never been a very technical guy. He never used really complex effects and in the years after his big hits he didn't work towards the goal of changing it. If you want to make a movie that gets well-accepted by the community today, I think a certain technical standard is just vital. A movie that convinces across-the-board just through the atmosphere it creates hasn't been released since... I can't even say. You're welcome to disagree with me, but I think most of the early editors in the scene couldn't really contribute to it anymore. There are, of course, always exceptions.

Usually interviewers ask about your favorite movie (yeah, i used to do that too lol) but i'd like to ask you if you have a movie that you specifically hate because it's just bad.

There are way too many horrible movies out there to mention one in particular. I guess I'll go with Mourning Walls Collapse though.

QAs I stated in one of my last interviews, i got tired of the "how do you see yourself in 5 years?" question... so how do you see yourself in 6 years time?

Six years from here I hope to have successfully finished my study in electrical engineering, have a decent job I enjoy and have planted one tree to make up for the one I cut down a few years ago. I guess I won't have much contact to gaming movies anymore at that time as it is regressing so drastically already, but I definitely hope I'll still be in touch with the people I've gotten to know through the hobby. Oh, and I hope I'll be growing a more manly beard until then. This little in-between growth of now is plain annoying. I can't not shave it, but it's also too annoying to chop off that little fuzz off my chin all the time.

QA hot girl or a new mouse pad?

I had to lie to say that I'm a real womanizer, but considering that I don't use a mouse pad picking the girl probably makes a little more sense.

QAre you a drinker/smoker?

I drink, occasionally. But I never smoked.

QWhich are your free time activities/hobbies?

I'm not really that active in my free time. Currently I'm simply swamped with work from university so I'm taking it easy. The little time I have between learning and going to lectures is actually consumed by the time I spend in front of the PC. It is and always has been relaxing for me to get home in the evening, turn on the PC, log on to IRC, have a talk with the guys, listen to some tunes, maybe even edit.

QDo you have a miss cRZYFST at the moment?


If you have any messages for your friends, now is the time.


Thank you for your time, gl hf in the future!

Same for you. Thank you.

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Iceman you really are the king of interviewers. All yours interviews are so interesting, and you have really intelligent questions, and don't follow the standard line of questions many interviews do.

Btw, you forgot to mentiont that Style vs Chillside "Ep4" is now a Style Project, so someone in Style IS really making a movie atm! Bwhahaha.
In fact I'll probably post about auditions this week ^^

But enough off-topic. Great interview, great read. Gewd jawb, both iceman and crzyfst :)
Thx for the references btw ^^

Btw your school life seems kinda hard. Respect for pulling through! <3
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Since the first really interesting interview is with YOU I am very grateful

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