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Interview with Xyanide

Written by cZF on 5. July 2007 15:28

How long is it actually ago that we have been able to offer you a fresh new interview with an extremely important and charming individual? I for one can't exactly recall the time, and I surely am too lazy to look it up now. There's only a vague shadow of rememberance creeping around in my head, thoughts of Cristal talking about such wonderful things as his first experience in the world of anal intercourse. Anywho, today we got good news for you! The guys from Airwalk Media, a guy called CyclopP to be exact, just had an admittedly well-known interviewee in their/his interview-chair, namely no one else than Style's very own Daniel Hagelin, better known as Xyanide of course (with a brand new offensive and definitely not modest profile picture by the way).

If your previous unconcern for interviews on our site has been caused by boring questions and even more boring answers, you might do well giving CyclopP's a chance to prove of his creative character when it comes to topics being covered in interviews. You will find such ingenious questions like Who is this Xyanide? or How many movies have you released in your entire career?, but also some avowedly interesting questions like Now there seems to be this "war", if i can call it that, between Chillside and Style-Productions. From your point of view, do you think this "war" really exist? If it's true tell us more about this please. Those are some of the questions Daniel politely answered in all the honesty floating through his Swedish veins.

Unfortunately for you, respectively fortunate for the Airwalk-team, you have to sign up on the group's forum in order to be able to read the interview. Since we don't wanna mess with pseudo-copyrighted material on our page, we leave the decision whether we are allowed to post the full-length interview here later or not to Airwalk. Until then, and if you can't hold yourself back from reading this Q&A-fest staged by CyclopP and Xyanide, go ahead, follow the link below, sign up on Airwalk's forum, and make their community grow. In that sense, happy reading!

Airwalk Media: Interview with Xyanide

Edit: I talked to CyclopP and he gave me the okay to post the full interview here, so all you lazy folks do not have to go through the terrible process of typing in your name into a form, adding a mail adress and filling in one password. I pity you, especially our news writer fsk who, if he wouldn't get force-fed by his mother, would simply starve, because he'd be too lazy to keep himself alive.

This is a man I wanted to interview a long time ago, but didn't had the chance. In this interview he talks about his great career and about the latest news in the moviemaking scene.

Well xyanide, first of all hello to you!

Hello to you to!

Who is this xyanide? Please tell us a few things about you!

I'm a 20 year old guy from a small village in Sweden called Källby.
I live with my parents, my younger brother and our cat.
In my sparetime I like to watch/make movies, listen to music and hang out with my friends.
I just finished my 11 month long military service, so now I'm just chillin and searching for jobs to earn myself some cash.

How would you describe yourself in a few words as a person and as a moviemaker?

I'm not very patient when it comes to stuff and I can easily get irritated. But apart from that I'm mostly happy and laugh alot.
As a moviemaker? I'm always trying to come up with new stuff, but if that doesnt work I just try to make old stuff look good.
I've almost stopped trying to help the community since I'm so tired of it, but it happens that I act as the old me at times.
There are alot of guides these days, so most if it is covered anyways.

When did you start you career as a moviemaker? How was it at the beginning?

I started around autumn 2003 I think, with a friends movie, which never got finished.
I didnt know anyone who knew anything about moviemaking and there were no tutorials back then, so I had to learn it all by myself.
It was hard as hell to get things the way I wanted. When you dont even know how to add text to a clip with transparent background it pretty much says it all. Though I must say that I feel a lot more satisfied with what I've done when I know that I've done it without depending on others.

Do you feel that you could have done something more useful with your free time, instead of dedicating it to this passion, namely moviemaking or are you pleased with what you have done?

Of course I could've done better things with my time, but I dont really know what that would be hehe.
But sure, I'm happy with what I've done. It's fun to be recognized as something instead of just being a random gamer.

Please tell us about all the movieteams you've been part of, from the very beginning.

Ok, my movieteam history is pretty messed up, so I'll just list em here. If you want to read the whole "story" just press here.
Deadline.Productions, MovieTown, MovieMakers, Complexity.Limited, Crystal-Media, Style-Productions, Chillside & now I'm back in Style again.
It has been a wild ride, but now I'm settled.

Can you tell us your opinion about Chillside and Style-Productions now that you have worked in both. Where did you like it best? Describe both periodes please!

Style feels better of course, since I'm a part of them now. But I felt comfortable in Cside also, at least for a while.
When the crew started to change and the site didnt, the whole "being a part of the great Chillside"-feeling disappeard.
The communication in Cside lacked, but in Style we always talk to eachother, and we dont decide things on our own.

I'm sure you have made a lot of friends in the gaming community so can you tell us something about this?

Well, thanks to the movie-community I met my dear friend André "RiCH" Åkerblom, which I'm very happy for.
We've hung out and partied some times and he's as fucked up in real life as he is on the intarweb, so if you get the chance, go see him!
I have a lot of other friends that I would love to meet also, but that's easier said than done. Especially when some of the guys lives in other countries.

How many movies have you released in your entire career, and which one do you consider to be the best?

Oh jeez, now I have to think. I thought it was bad enough not knowing what frags, music and effects you've used, but now I cant even seem to remember what movies I've made :E
I've made five official "full length" movies, and last year I released an official beta.
The movie I'm most proud of is "In memory of HLO.Gävle" since it's kind of the only movie I've put time into.
The others were made in like 3-5 days, so I'm amazed how "big" they all got.

Dreamscape 2 should have been one of your biggest projects, what happend with the project?

I'll just tell you the truth, I got freakin' tired of it. Since I had this movie as a schoolproject I had to write "blogs" every day about what I've done, how many hours it took, what problems I enountered and how I fixed them. So when school ended I had no motivation what so ever left.

How are the things going in Style Productions, how is the atmosphere in the crew? Do you get along with your team mates?

As I stated above, we have a good communication in our crew. Everyone gets to be a part of everything we do, even if it's just deciding what the next poll will be about. We have a good time in our priv also, which is very important in my opinion. I probably speak for everyone when I say that we have a really nice atmosphere in the crew.

Now there seems to be this "war", if i can call it that, between Chillside and Style-Productions. From your point of view, do you think this "war" really exist? If it's true tell us more about this please!

Sure, people from our crew have their argues with people from Cside's crew, but that's about it I think. I mean, It's an amature movie-scene, for games.... How serious could it possibly get? Tongue

As we speak, Chillside is having a competition about who can make the worst movie. What you think about this competition?

I was hoping for something fun to participate in, but this one is not fun... at all. In fact, it's probably one of the worst ideas ever.
So I really hope their next competition (tournament as stated on their site) will start soon, because that one I'm looking forward to.
I dont feel like paying for stuff anymore, I just threw away about 10,000SEK on stuff I dont really need. So I'm hoping for some nice prizes to be announced. I'm not saying that I will take first place, or second/third for that matter, but that's what I will be aiming at of course.

Not too long ago you, Style Productions, had a competition but totaly different. Do you think that Chillside is trying to "copy" the idea of "movie contest", but in a different way?

It's hard to not copy stuff from other competitions, but I dont think they have any intentions of doing that. But if they are, we're not the ones looking stupid, they are.

About your internal "Do We Really Have Style?" competition, how do you think it went and which was the best movie in your opinion?

Well, it went under my expectations, but there's a reason for that... I didnt participate. No, I'm not kidding... Ok, but just a little bit then.
More seriously there actually were real reasons for that, and those were lack of participants and motivation. Just a small part of the crew participated and that's a bit sad. I'm happy with the results thou, especially with Niklas's movie, which took the scene by storm.

Many say that "Eve" by crzyfst is the best movie released in the moviemaking scene, what do you think about this?

I would lie if I said it was the best movie ever made, but yeah, it's one of the best I've seen in the history of cs-movies. Would probably have been even better if Niklas had gotten more time with it.

What do you think about "EVEqual", do you think that it will win the "movie of the year 2007" award?

Cant say, but it will definitely be something. Since Eve was such a big hit there is no doubt that this one will be recognized as well.

Could you tell us on what project are you working right now or on what project you will work on soon, if there is one and if this it's not secret?!

I've been busy with other stuff the last year so I've been quite inactive. But things are about to change. We have already announced a secret project on our site with me and cRZYFST in the lineup.

Which movie is the "movie of the year 2006" in your opinion and why?

I cant really remember what movies that got released last year, but I do remember one cs-movie that looked better than the rest... Mourning Walls Collapse. Since cRZYFST was just a random name to me back then, I had no expectations at all. When doubleclicking on that movie I saw good effects, great timing, awesome frags, and on top of that I loved the soundtrack, and man was I surprised.

What moviemaker do you think is the best or do you like the work of anyone particulary?

I'll have to say... Dr.Erbring, also known as cristal. He always manages to be original and creative, which is kind of hard in the gamevid scene today.
He's also one of the most screwed up persons I know of, so that gives bonus points.

Do you think that the moviemaking community is heading into the right way? Some people say that 2006 was the best year in moviemaking and 2007 is a total disappointment so far, what do you say?

I must say that I agree on the last statement, but I'm not sure that 2006 was the best year. Today, everyone wants to be a moviemaker, at least it seems that way, and thanks to all those guides/tutorials out there, every movie looks the same. New editors rely to much on what others have created. That is why the scene is heading the WRONG way.

Let's ask you some fast question now...






Lord Of The Rings

Holiday/Vacation on:

Anywhere where the sun, the alcohol and the babes are!


Johnny Depp



Intel or AMD:




Favorite chick:

Hayden Panettiere

I'm not happy to say this, but this is the end of the interview. Now it's the time for the last shoutous/comments, if you have any we listen. Thanks for your time, i appreciate, GL and take care!

Thanks a lot for this interview, been a while since last time.
Now for my shoutouts:
A big hug to Style, a big kiss to RiCH, a big "I dont miss you that much" to my previous crews, and big "break a(nother) leg" to clix!
Keep yourself updated, visit once in a while.

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I want it HERE you haters!!!!!
SP should do some interviews aswell...with cristal!
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interesting interview ; ) I agree with some statements.
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AirWalk Media will continue the with other great interviews soon.
Any suggestion for future interviews are welcomed @ our forum

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Not anymore.

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<3 hayden ..
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