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Top Secret cRZYFST Movie Released

Written by Neebs on 1. April 2007 22:41

For the past sixteen months cRZYFST has been a tormented man. It was a terribly exhausting job. No, not the editing itself, that shit is mad easy for him. No,he was forced to keep a terrible secret. A secret to torment him for the extensive length of those sixteen months, actually, is sixteen months really all that extensive? I mean, sure it’s more than a year, but, really, is it all that long in the grand scheme of things. Life is short, people, stop spending it watching Frag Movies.

Mourning Walls Collapse sure was critically acclaimed. I mean, everyone, including GotFrag, thought it remarkable. Nikz didn’t think to highly of it. But no matter, really, no matter. He still spent the final months of Mourning Walls Collapse thinking, wishing, preparing for Mourning Walls Collapse II: The Hallowed Intervention.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, er, mostly gentlemen, Mourning Walls Collapse has a proper sequel. Enough with this Eve Bullshit, right? Now, there is no other way to do this justice than quote it’s introduction.

Hear the winds/The Winds whom whistle/They Call the names/Of Great Warriors/Warriors of Old/Warriors who hold dear the traditions/The traditions of/Honor/Glory/und/History

This movie, like that of Daniel Hagelin’s Final Fantasy: High Voltage video, is a love letter of sorts. No, this is a true love letter. There is no other way to describe this sequence of death. This is out of love. Nikz, that loveable little German, and Vibeke, that girl he kind-of, sort-of stalks via the internet, are madly in love. There are no ways to separate them, well, besides a sea and a small country no one cares about. cRZYFST, deciding to profess the true, deep level of his love has developed this movie. In fact, he wrote the second song in the film, entitled “Vibeke please S my D” We here are Style-Productions now present, in full, the lyrics to that song”

“Vibeke/OH- Vibeke, ich liebe dich/es gibt keinen Wiedereinbau für Furcht/ich gebe und ich nehme/aber meistens ich nehme/wie ich im Augenblick von den Besuchern nehme/haben sie keinen Anhaltspunkt/daß dieses ein Witz ist fucking morons können tun/was sie wünschen/OH- bitte/bitte/bitte/vibeke wird nicht du S mein D.”

Beautiful, no? Well, that was a joke. I guess you could even call that song, an “April Fool’s” joke. Don’t know if t counts though.

We know you all want to see this movie. Undoubtedly you are jealous I have already viewed it. And believe you mean, this visceral, visual masterpiece will leave your pants wet with man juice from a manwich no woman could ever supply. Forget procreation of the human race my friends, nothing of that sort matters anymore. I for one will attest to the fact that you can reproduce with Mourning Walls Collapse II: The Hallowed Intervention. So far I have made four human-frag film monster-hybrids through this form of sexual intercourse which involves the hard drive, vanilla extract, onions, batteries, three pounds sterling, and some coffee or Earl Grey Tea (either will work). I am becoming faint, forgive me. I need to view this film again, let’s hope the screenshots convince you to make love to this film. With a woman or not.

Title: Mourning Walls Collapse II: The Hallowed Intervention
Director: cRZYFST
Frags By: Kayfunk, Ksharp, cRZYFST, PAVA, MRZ, JavaX, Warden, Moto, Method, Pondfiller, Kyle Shellhouse, Anthony, Slize, Context, H-L
Nine Inch Nails - The Frail
Tranzident & Suta - Day by Day
The Legion of Doom - Home Invasion Robbery
Violent Work Of Art - A Sad Creation
Thomas Rusiak - Unicorn
Length: 11 Minutes
Download Link: Style FTP

#1tigerstyle h0ll4 Productions 1. April 2007 22:44
hopefully not april fools
#2zeun panCake 1. April 2007 22:44
wow. it's probably one of the best movies i've ever seen. you are the best moviemaker EVAR! 10/10


Last changed: 1. April 2007 22:53
#3tigerstyle h0ll4 Productions 1. April 2007 22:50
you downloaded it and watched it in 8 minutes
#4zeun panCake 1. April 2007 22:51
you are correct.
#5Neebs 1. April 2007 22:52
When the link was wrong?
#6fsk Style-Productions 1. April 2007 22:52
That Kyle Shellhouse guy sure knows how to frag.
#7cZF Style-Productions 1. April 2007 22:52
enjoy peeps! looking forward to your comments!
#8tigerstyle h0ll4 Productions 1. April 2007 22:56
wow so good
#9aTomic 1. April 2007 23:05
OMG if its a april fool im going to cry Im so excited right now cause i love crzyfst and his work...

its probably like 200mb of porn as a april fool joke but shit ill be happy with another 200mb of porn!

Last changed: 1. April 2007 23:11
#10Aulie panCake 1. April 2007 23:13
Great movie! I loved that schout frag!
#11Feenster 1. April 2007 23:14
this better not be an april fools
#12zeun panCake 1. April 2007 23:23
#10, i really liked that one too

Last changed: 1. April 2007 23:37
#13Hildesheimer 1. April 2007 23:24
ZOMG, great music & great colors :D
#14anjers iceCake 1. April 2007 23:37
KYLE has even played in CPL! (2005)
SO all the respect to him!
#15neyloc neyloc 1. April 2007 23:42
wow, sick movie. Colors are very nice (i love the inferno ones), good soundtrack, and awesome frags. Slize's awp ace was the best.
#16anjers iceCake 1. April 2007 23:51
Well, I expected -A LOT- more from you crzypwn, this was dissapoiting..

NAAAAAAAAH, just kidding
#17zeun panCake 1. April 2007 23:53
what life?
#18j2k 1. April 2007 23:54
LOL! That small country is holland! Why dont you name it :x Holland is small, yet big. It has much more to say in teh world.
#19chriZ 2. April 2007 00:26
I loved the colorsettings! Awesome =)
#20Bilbo 2. April 2007 00:30
fucking nice!!!!!

but didnt like the colors :((( 9/10
and the frags weren't as good as in mwc1....

Last changed: 2. April 2007 00:37
#21yNk 2. April 2007 00:39
wow awesome! I like it, would give 10/10 points.

Last changed: 2. April 2007 00:57
#22numlocked 2. April 2007 00:59
holy exploding pants ! 9.9/10 -.1 for too many FX, I JUST WANT TO SEE THE FRAGS
#23N3utr0 2. April 2007 04:43
looool, what movie is that on the screenshots ...
#24kevza opima 2. April 2007 10:57
just awesome 10 points from me :))
#25rich hillbillyjunkies 2. April 2007 11:30
I did not enjoy! =(

Ugly colors, worthless frag, REALLY CRAPPY MUSIC! YOU SUCK!

(this is flame! I shall be banned!)

Last changed: 2. April 2007 13:12
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