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Interview with Cristal

Written by Neebs on 14. February 2007 17:16

There lives a man in a subterranean lair. This man at times wishes for female companionship. This man is also a lovable, egotistical, moviemaker who decided that in order to acquire more intimate female relations; he needed to be interviewed by me, a far greater ego than he. What a poor decision that man made.

This is a heavily edited version of the conversation I had with Cristal, as, I now see, it was in no way mature enough, nor did it reflect well on Style-Productions as a whole. If you would like to read the less-edited and vulgar interview that better reflects the sick and twisted human being Cristal is. Click here. Also, if you are feeling particularly adventurous today. Here is the COMPLETELY unedited conversation between myself and Cristal. I must warn you that this is not for the faint of heart, and I in no way recommend your reading of it.

Neebs: Alright, well, the first question is a little silly, but, have you ever picked up a chick in a bar by telling her you make frag movies?

Cristal: No, but I’ve showed one of my first frag movies to a one-night-stand. Plus I’ve shown other cool movies and lied that it was me who made them [Awkward Laughter] I’m such a loser, but I [stayed friends with her for a long time there after] anyway.

Neebs: What is your favorite frag movie?

Cristal: Freeform. The style, mood and symbiosis (between picture and sound) created is something very rare that only a few people can pull off.

Neebs: Alright, well, your newest movie, Castor Fiber, was ingenious. According to me, and really, I’m the only one that matters. In my eyes it had an almost music video-like vibe to it. It had one song and only one song, heavy syncing and effects placed to not only accompany but accentuate the song. Is this what you were going for?

Cristal: No, I never went for anything. To be honest I had no plan when I started making it. My only goal was to have some fun editing to a tune that I really liked at that very moment. I never put up a plan. Basically I just capped a clip, went into vegas, threw it in where it fit, and headed back to Quake III to capture again.

Neebs: Really? You just ruined like five follow up questions… Silversun Pickups is a type of music we really don’t hear much of in frag movies. Is this the general type of music you listen to, and do you like the general frag video music?

Cristal: I've always hated the more or less popular choice of music in frag movies, I don’t like the hard rock in CS-Videos, I’m now starting to dislike the psytrance/trance in Quake III videos. That’s roughly speaking, of course. I like the movie if it’s pushing some boundaries/is somewhat fresh even though the music is "mainstream", but those movies are rare! I listen to screamo mainly. I do listen to some kind of hard rock and soft kind of electronic music too (BT, late night alumni, andain etc).

Neebs: Why are American moviemakers no where near the level? And why don't any of them edit with Quake?

Cristal: You have made a rather adequate research why the American moviemaking scene is lacking, I’ll leave it at that because I have gotten no clue whatsoever. Regarding quake, it's like this: CS-videos from Europe are decent. Quake-Vids from Europe are f---ing excellent, therefore they don’t feel as intimidated trying to edit CS because they won’t be equally crushed as if they tried out quake-editing.

Neebs: You have edited both trick-jumping and frag movies, which “genre” is your favorite?

Cristal: Trick jumping movies. I think it’s harder to pull off a good trick video than a frag movie therefore it’s more fun. I know a lot of people tend to differ but they're wrong. I’m god, listen to me. Plus it gives you a greater chance to create something rather unique/moodish.

Neebs: So, you sat down to make Castor Fiber with no other decisions in your mind besides the music and to edit a movie for nothing other than your enjoyment. Do you think that such editing styles could benefit the scene and bring in varied, innovative, and inventive flicks?

Cristal: Yes, that would, in my opinion, be a step in the right direction. Get some basic knowledge, and then create something that flows along with the music, some music that matters to you, not something that people want to see. You don't need to pull off 3d-Stuff, massive color-correction and “crazy1337shizzle” effects on strong beats in a hard rock song/trance song.

Neebs: You love Unreal Tournament, do you not? Are you going to have to sell your liver and/or left testicle on the black market in order to afford a rig capable of making the best caliber movies on it when UT III comes out?

Cristal: I currently use an AMD Athlon 2200+ XP, rendering rates are <2 fps in vegas and virtualdub, why would I want to change that? My old friend will be active until he literally dies.

Neebs: Sorry to break this to you, but that probably isn’t going to be able to run the graphically intensive UT III. Have you thought of getting a new machine?

Cristal: Yes, i have. If you would've asked me one year ago I would have answered that U was going to save cash and buy a computer that would support it, but now, I’m not sure. Interest in moviemaking and/or gaming is lacking.

Neebs: Yet here you are, answering questions in a moviemaking pseudo-interview.

Cristal: My interest lays within making myself famous so I can get laid, currently not in creating yet another movie!

Neebs: On that note, let’s talk about moviemaking… What do you think is more beneficial, a Non-Profit Organization such as Style-Productions or Shaolin Productions that make movies out of the warmth of their hearts, or a legitimate corporation such as Chillside who have sponsors and whose parent company makes money, somehow…

Cristal: I don't see that utter bright future for gaming videos, making lots of cash from it etc. Therefore, plus the fact that I think its ridiculous to push things toward that kind of seriousness, I would like to say: A non-profit organization.

Neebs: Any feelings on eSports in general and the constant, at least over here, barrage of media attention trying to make it a "sport" but failing and making it a TV show?

Cristal: Yeah, I think its weird. From my point of view I can’t believe how people take it really serious. It's just a kind of entertainment, not a lifestyle.

Neebs: I, personally, think that 2007 is the year of the e-Thug.

Cristal: I think/hope so too.... Come back down to earth and we'll all have fun together in a reasonable way.

Neebs: Well, Cristal, thanks for your time.

Cristal: No problem, but Hey! Don’t I get any shout outs? The interviewee always gets shout-outs!

Neebs: Sure, you can give shoutouts.

Cristal: Thanks mrks, fei, the whole Shaolin and Style crews. The ones who made me make a/some decent vid(s). + I want to ask all idiots who make non-refreshing vids to stop making videos, please spend your time doing something else.

Neebs: Well, have a nice Valentine’s day tomorrow.

And remember boys and girls, Cristal says HI!
#1TiMbO e-pics 14. February 2007 17:32
cristal da pimp...?!

#2H-L 14. February 2007 18:05
geat iview =D
#3mrks ShaolinProductions 14. February 2007 19:09
#4cristal iceCake 14. February 2007 20:02
OMGhai2u :D:D:D
#5fsk Style-Productions 14. February 2007 20:34
Rofl, not hai2u pleeease :(

Sweet interview with a twisted, twisted person.
#6zeun panCake 14. February 2007 20:58
:D haha very nice
#7qujon Style-Productions 14. February 2007 21:49
style-priv wouldnt be the same without you!

/me qujjar
#8MUNKY 14. February 2007 23:23
"Cristal: Thanks mrks, fei, the whole Shaolin and Style crews. The ones who made me make a/some decent vid(s). + I want to ask all idiots who make non-refreshing vids to stop making videos, please spend your time doing something else."

u just told the scene to die lawl ;\
#9CensoreD 15. February 2007 00:41
q3 movies ftw

Last changed: 15. February 2007 00:42
#10K0rN 15. February 2007 13:23
haha n1 read
#11Wussie ShaolinProductions 15. February 2007 22:11
hai2u and u kno my dick will allways be bigger then yours.
#12spw iGameMedia 16. February 2007 10:17
great i-view but there's just one thing that I thing that I disagree with Neebs:

"..or a legitimate corporation such as Chillside who have sponsors and whose parent company makes money.."

By having sponsors they could be making money cuse of "us" but, it's always good to have a free domain/host/ftp, don't "you all" agree with me?
#13r Style-Productions 18. February 2007 04:50
I don't "quite" under"stand" why "you" use quotation"s" so m"uc"h.
#14s0nkite* 18. February 2007 18:17
#15hotte 20. February 2007 22:58
I real interview was awesome, I was laughing my ass off!
#16Neebs 21. February 2007 05:22
Glad I made you laugh
#17anjers iceCake 25. February 2007 21:02
ass <3
cristal <3
this interview <3
#18KRIS sleepless 11. March 2007 11:23
hi's always crazy ;) but i like hi's movies... altough he has hairs between his fingers :PPPP
#19KrieppeN Airwalk Media 6. July 2007 16:19
ncie iview!
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