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Castor Fiber and Deathlock

Written by cZF on 13. January 2007 20:47

I am more than proud to welcome you to another news post that hopefully will provoke the same struggle as our latest news articles fortunately did as they spiced up the rusted connotations of our usual mainstream articles which everyone who once was victim of either neebs or Mr Von Constantine prefered before.

My eyes were blessed today; blessed because of the permission to encounter a phenomenon, actually two phenomena at the same time. Phenomena in the form of visual media which make those generally considered classics of directing work like Rocky I to XXVIII or 4 of the 5 movies of The Godfather trilogy look like our cute little fsk himself with his stubby fingers has been in charge of their accruement ... Argh okay, I have to admit that my previous formulations were weak attempts to copy neebs' lovely writing style so I will continue this news post with my own cRZY-style you all enjoy more anyway than neebs' worthless utterances of his own opinion no one cares about, especially our much-loved slize as he admittedly has let the little world of SP know that he had his very own issues to deal with whilst trying to understand a single word of Mr. Lindgren's effectuations. He likes the English language so as all of us. Now back to business:

Two movies, two editors, two orgasms while watching which, of course, is in at least one of the creators' interests - the first person to mention is Viktor cristal Erbring, proud member of Shaolin-Productions who just pleased the community with a fresh release and, just so you know from the start, he does not care whether you like it or not. That was the main thread running through the creation process of the movie entitled Castor Fiber.

"I started this project with an intention of creating something that i feel is somewhat fresh and clean."

Keep this quote in mind while watching this piece of art as I would like to call it. In the following you will find a little overview about the beaver movie:




Creator: Viktor cristal Erbring
Game: Quake 3
Released: January 13, 2007
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame rate: 25 fps
Codec: XviD
Size: 178 MB
Length: 06 Minutes 00 Seconds
Size-Length-Ratio: 29,7 MB/Min
Soundtrack: Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel

The next movie of interest is nothing else but the long awaited movie called Deathlock, made by SP's mascot Marius MUNKY Sunde. It basically features MUNKY himself and a good bunch of online mates who trusted Marius enough to send him at least one demo which he mixed with a more than decent editing to please its viewers long enough to make it through all the 4:58 playing time. As for Castor Fiber before, we also have a little overview for Deathlock as well:




Creator: Marius MUNKY Sunde
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Released: January 13, 2007
Resolution: 800x600
Frame rate: 30 fps
Codec: wmv9
Size: 196 MB
Length: 04 Minutes 58 Seconds
Size-Length-Ratio: 39,4 MB/Min
Soundtrack: Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Instrumental Cut Off Project) | Puddle of Mudd - Away From Me | Spineshank - New Disease | Dogzilla - Dogzilla
Download: | | | FileFront

To even please those who recently found themselves put in discredit because of Style-Productions and the team's freelancing news writers, I want to close this post saying that both videos are all but good. I would not even consider them mediocre. To be honest, they are worthless elaborations of two creators who might have enjoyed a proper skill in their lifes before the ones they were forced to live in nowadays. With this in mind: happy watching.

Post scriptum: There is one last thing to mention for me that should even erase the smallest glimpse of doubt flashing up in your mind: Kooljon is featured in both movies! And now download like a maniac.

With kind regards - THE STYLE CREW

#1pava Style-Productions 13. January 2007 20:50
both movies are great ! gj both.
#2MUNKY 13. January 2007 20:53
CG-link should be fixed within minutes.
#3qujon Style-Productions 13. January 2007 20:54
kooljon x2, evig digg ass
#4dezeGno Snidugt Media 13. January 2007 20:56
I have only seen Munky's Deathlock and it is awsome :D GJ
#5FistOr Easy Productions 13. January 2007 20:57
Castor Fiber was awesome, now dling munky's one
#6baengan 13. January 2007 21:58
munky 4 the president, nice movie dude. baengan owning whimp and draziw is just 2easy.
#7Neebs 13. January 2007 22:04
Both movies were phenomenal.

awwww... look at lil pava the awper... he's so cute...
#8MUNKY 13. January 2007 22:06
BTW THE BAENGANCLIP = bots with changed nicks!!!
#9andreas Style-Productions 13. January 2007 22:06
Castor Fiber was great, deathlock is average, nothing less nothing more. I think munky can do better =)
#10MUNKY 13. January 2007 22:11
Well I know I can, but over 50% of this movie is more than 6months old :<
#11baengan 13. January 2007 22:15
munky ffs now everyone knows :(
#12pava Style-Productions 13. January 2007 22:27
sounds like a cool party
#13zeun panCake 13. January 2007 23:20
love deathlock : )
#14Christian Style-Productions 13. January 2007 23:54
good =)
#15xyanide Style-Productions 14. January 2007 00:07
Fuck cris for not fixing stuff in his vid I was complaining about :D
Great stuff anyways, so no harm done really.

Gonna check munks vid out now!
#16slize Elegato 14. January 2007 00:20
downloading , hope it gonna be great : )

crzy get lost with this english hahaha omg i'm talking serious about your english : O You think that i'm jelious ( spelling ? : O ) or having fun, while talking about it ? No.

Good for you that you know English well and thats all what I want to tell you.

Last changed: 14. January 2007 00:38
#17Fenom Chillside 14. January 2007 00:37
Deathlock was kinda cool :-) Not too much effects and pretty good music. Liked the frags also!
#18larsotto 14. January 2007 00:47
Munky used a lot of time on Deathlock and it shows, great movie! creds to marius
#19MUNKY 14. January 2007 01:05
#19 - Used a lot of time? Even if I started the project in May does not mean I've worked on the movie for 8 months :p
#20boffan 14. January 2007 01:38
Both movies rocks :))) <3<3<3
#21r Style-Productions 14. January 2007 01:40
CF was beautiful. Cris's best yet. Such a lovely piece to watch. Munky's had me smiling at a lot of parts. Very cool editing.
#22rich hillbillyjunkies 14. January 2007 02:15
not downloading cristals movie 'cause of the stolen title!!!
#23delirious VertikalProduction 14. January 2007 04:15
i thought 'castor fiber' was xyanide's short vid for some competition! dling...
#24anjers iceCake 14. January 2007 05:05
Both movies were enjoyable!
GJ Munk and spristal! <3
#25napalm CND Productions 14. January 2007 06:48
castor fiber was awesome.
deathlock was nothing special (unfortunately).
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