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Team Zet Movie Released

Written by Neebs on 10. January 2007 03:57

I am in love with this movie. I am in love with the eerie, dark mood it presents since the opening shot. I am in love with the thought that French people can take their heads out of their asses long enough to play a video game (joke). I am amazed that I almost dismissed this due to the trailer I haphazardly remembered viewing.

With a simple yet elegant introduction and a dark foreboding facade presented to the viewer, I immediately was sucked into the drab mood of this film. Now, I do not know why the director chose this color scheme and sky, but I do know it set me in a mood, a mood that made me even more appreciative of the frags I was viewing. The film has its faults though. Such as a large reliance on the eyesight of the viewer, GIGN models in dark corners with a dark color levels don't always work out so well. But I still recommend the download. Maybe love was to emphatic, no I stand by my statement, I love this movie. I will keep this next to such classics as Dreamscape, because no matter what anyone says, that is a classic.

Click here to download ZbouB's Team Zet Movie

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. This means that if you disagree with me, I will only hear your argument if it is presented in respectable English and contains no references to my mother, sister, and/or family pets in lewd, sexual acts
#1r Style-Productions 10. January 2007 04:05
You're seester suxs you're pet hoarse off becuz U like thiz moovie. Discussss.

Last changed: 10. January 2007 04:05
#2numlocked 10. January 2007 04:49
one word - "goth"
#3Crixon_Fusi e-pics 10. January 2007 05:54
It might have been a really good movie...if the whole style wasn't 100% ripped of a website. The (animated) borders, the playername object, etc. are not made by the editor but 100% ripped from the "underworld evolution" website...

That's the thing that set me in a sad might have been a really good movie as i said...if it style wasn't a "copy"

Last changed: 10. January 2007 05:55
#4satta 10. January 2007 08:03
#5id_films Creative Movies 10. January 2007 11:52
#3 agree but if it was noticed that it is used from there it would be better

i hv posted my comment of this video in few different sites but anyway

terrible music choise 2-3 nice masking effects and very cool intro
#6Marius Style-Productions 10. January 2007 11:52
#3 and you just had to ruin the movie for the rest of us :(
#71cE 10. January 2007 12:33
Sorry, this is a bad movie. I can't understand why did you feature this movie. You can find my review on Own-Age.

Last changed: 10. January 2007 12:34
#8anjers iceCake 10. January 2007 14:49

Last changed: 10. January 2007 14:49
#9F1sCo 10. January 2007 14:53
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#10s0nkite* 10. January 2007 15:22
f1sco if you get that error many times clean your cookies and temporaly internet files

1cE this movie is 100 times better than yours so you cant speak at all dude, mr carnival default particle illusion

i was expecting this movie a long time i thought it would be better but this guy didnt used mirv or the camera paths so his cameras are a litle bad

but i liked it worth dling

Last changed: 10. January 2007 15:24
#11delirious VertikalProduction 10. January 2007 15:58
din't like the camming. and could've cleaned up the hud a bit more. music wasn't my taste. but otherwise, its pretty good.
#12h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 10. January 2007 15:59
Maybe you are right s0nkite, but please DONT talk about his movie even if its alot worse than this movie which he called "bad", He can say that a movie is REALLY bad, but his own movie is worse.

Maybe it would be better to ask the guy telling why this movie is bad.. Instead of just pick down on him :)..

#13zeun panCake 10. January 2007 16:03
same error as f1sco - i've cleaned my cookies and temp. files!
#14id_films Creative Movies 10. January 2007 16:28
s0nkite u dont hv to be very good moviemaker to say ur opinion dont u think :)
#15andreas Style-Productions 10. January 2007 16:35
Enjoyed it, visual effects could be better. Pretty mainstream these days (looks like magic bullet/two clips + upper layer add mode, blur etc)

Editing could of been better, picture tempo didn't really fit the audio tempo time from time.

Soundtrack = Nice BUT too bad he basically used the We.Kill Volume 1 soundtrack, that xaiM (the creator of we.kill) used in a better way.

A shame he copied bars/animations but this movie is still above average, worth a download
#16Aulie panCake 10. January 2007 16:40
I also get that error..I have cleaned all cookies and stuff...anyone have a direct download link?
Like filefront or something?
#17qujon Style-Productions 10. January 2007 16:45
#18Aulie panCake 10. January 2007 16:46
Thanks qujon:)
#19RatQuiRit Easy Productions 10. January 2007 17:44
what is the point making a movie that could be chosen as the king of boredom-kingdom ?
#20essR 10. January 2007 18:42
awesome movie

i really like ZBOUB's style! intro was like *kiss*, great effects mixed with some "fast" music, frags were great too

nice job

Last changed: 10. January 2007 18:43
#21zeun panCake 10. January 2007 19:34
#22id_films Creative Movies 10. January 2007 21:09
#21 its copied of the underworld evolution website
#23pez Temporal pictures 10. January 2007 21:16
That website copy was quite lame :/
#24K0rN 11. January 2007 02:05
didnt like the color... too blury :( and always blue sux >.<
#25Artem 11. January 2007 14:46
This movie is evil.. :P Nice idea.. Though not my style :)
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