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Easy.Prod Release Naxxramas

Written by fsk on 3. January 2007 17:42

Today, Easy Productions proudly present their first World of Warcraft movie and even the first release from Jack. The movie is made around the subject of the last dungeon in the World of Warcraft considered the most difficult. The movie follows the evolution of the Empire guild and La Garde, two guilds in the keep of which they were the first French guild to finish the dungeon. The dungeon apparently holds around 15 bosses; therefore Jack has had to limit his footage to only the best of the best.

Below are some WoW’y (LOL) screens that might persuade you:

Download mirrors can be found here
#1RatQuiRit Easy Productions 3. January 2007 17:51
"non wow players friendly" movie
#2r Style-Productions 3. January 2007 22:21
Keep the stupid comments off this page please.
#3zeun panCake 3. January 2007 23:07
well... I don't play WoW, but maybe there is some nice moviezkillzzzz.... downloading!
#4MR KING 4. January 2007 03:18
Where's the action?
#5CensoreD 4. January 2007 07:11
I saw this yesterday, much better than chillside's WoW movies... I like the intro very much :D
#6zeun panCake 4. January 2007 07:47
wow... scary huh? well... prolly the best wowfilm i've seen... and i haven't seen many!
#7ducA ExhaustivePictures 4. January 2007 08:30
Best WoW film i've seen and I have seen many because of a friend of mine is a wow addict
#8kevza opima 4. January 2007 12:48
cool movie =]
#9Riiiiiner 4. January 2007 14:59
Im downloading atm. ill rate it good or bad. noone knows wow better then me :)
#10pava Style-Productions 4. January 2007 15:05
darkniel does -.-
#11Riiiiiner 4. January 2007 15:46
he stoped playing, so i bet i know it better then him by now :D im very hardcore you know so i have alot of useless knowlege about that shity game :)
#12andreas Style-Productions 4. January 2007 16:15
I enjoyed it, nice logo btw =)
#13RatQuiRit Easy Productions 4. January 2007 20:05
#12 nice to have some feedback about the logo ^^
Fistor spent like 3 days finding the good way to animate it, and then we had a lot of discussions to find the best music we had :D
it was an exciting moment for our crew ^^
#14fsk Style-Productions 5. January 2007 12:22
Yeah, extremely nice logo :)
#15VH 5. January 2007 20:44
I really enjoyed watching this movie.
Even tough I'm not a WoW fan :)

Great editing and great music, everything was just great :)

GJ easy productions.
#16kaRpae 7. January 2007 20:48
a really good movie, worth to download ^^
#17Marius Style-Productions 8. January 2007 12:47
Good movie, well edited.

Not as boring as all the other wow movies out there where you just got the pov on one player and you see only numbers for like 20 mins.

Last changed: 8. January 2007 12:48
#18essR 9. January 2007 07:16
i don't play WOW, but that looked pretty impressive, great editing, good music, najs
#19r Style-Productions 14. January 2007 08:36
Its approaching 200k downloads. Most impressive.
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