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Chillside Stays Busy

Written by Neebs on 3. January 2007 02:53

You'd think the release of a brand new website, a new movie, and two new trailers would slow down a production team. Unless you happen to be Chillside Productions and pain is just weakness leaving the body. Thirty hour straight editing sessions are nothing. Chillside knows that, do you?

Today, or at least tomorrow for me, don't really know about all you Euros, Chillside released the aptly titled noname by Squille and Fenom.

noname, a vastly different film from the recent release of Hoorai, is a far more classical film, if such a thing exists in the world of Counter-Strike moviemaking. With the simple opening sequence and unadulterated frags, noname will instantly remind you of your fondest 1.6 memories. The movie file itself is of low quality and as far as I know torrent only right now, but damn if I didn't enjoy and I'll be damned if you don't enjoy it too.

Chillside Release Post
#1F1sCo 3. January 2007 03:13
omg only ridiculous...
the editing is quite nice but i never saw lower enemies more wallhacker, no recoil user and so on ( not all but many of them ) in one movie... that stuff was lower than the scenes in underground 3.

(so,.... now you can all tell me that they are cpl-skilled and i will never get to their skill level but guess what?... i don't believe ya ^^ ;) )

Last changed: 3. January 2007 03:16
#2numlocked 3. January 2007 04:14
im not registering for a swedish torrent sorry
#3H-L 3. January 2007 08:19
fuck i want a normal dl.....not a torrent for which i gatta register -_-
#4fsk Style-Productions 3. January 2007 09:02
Torrents = good, especially when anp is seeding @ playpark ;>
#5Aulie panCake 3. January 2007 12:11
I love that torrent site!
Really nice speed:P
I liked the movie, but I did not like intro and utro...
#6RatQuiRit Easy Productions 3. January 2007 12:22
One of the best movie from Chillside
#7id_films Creative Movies 3. January 2007 12:40
u can dl it from their site too
#8zeun panCake 3. January 2007 13:01
-anp is the shit!

-I liked the movie, excepts not the music too much, and it seemed like the playbackrate was a bit low perhaps(?)

Last changed: 3. January 2007 13:13
#9qujon Style-Productions 3. January 2007 13:12
crazy frags, poor editing
#10CensoreD 3. January 2007 13:34
good speed on the torrent site, 456kb/s
#11Fenom Chillside 3. January 2007 13:36
Something went wrong during the rendering, sQuille will hopefully render it again ^^

Well, this was probably the laziest project me and sQuille ever have had, I only worked on it when I felt for it which wasn't often at all. I've put more energy on the first 30 seconds of CPL then I've put on the first fragpart in this movie ^^

Anyways, we know the editing is poor sometimes, people complaining about too much effects, that's why we used less effects this time.

Hope you like it!

Oh by the way, worth to mention is that sQuille made the intro and outro in a couple of hours since I (and alot of other people)wanted it released yesterday/today since it was one year I released my first movie, AWeEEe GZ!!!!

#1 Trust me, they don't use cheats. Some people are just lucky, and some are skilled. And some are both.

Last changed: 3. January 2007 13:38
#12Crixon_Fusi e-pics 3. January 2007 13:42
very simple and direct fragmovie :)
#13boffan 3. January 2007 13:42
sQuilles part where pretty cool.
#14fsk Style-Productions 3. January 2007 14:15
It's funny how one of the most effortless movies you (CSP) make turn out to be one of the better.
#15andreas Style-Productions 3. January 2007 14:46
Nothing special imo, just as fenom says.. looks like it was made careless.
#16id_films Creative Movies 3. January 2007 16:11
didnt like it :( sry
#17RatQuiRit Easy Productions 3. January 2007 16:30
#15 word
#18kOrN cmon-media 3. January 2007 17:40
it was okay :) 7/10 pretty bad quality but rest was good ;)
+ i was in it ^^
#19FistOr Easy Productions 3. January 2007 17:48
best chillside release since HLO
u can be proud of the movis fenom/squille it's 40x more enjoyable than the "hoorai" thing
die hd in cs die !
#20anjers iceCake 3. January 2007 18:46
clix + high impact = noname.
#21Sn00ty Vienna 3. January 2007 18:48
#22mmd 3. January 2007 19:20
Good , I like It :)
This movie made in "clix - 104/28-2" style and looks great.

Last changed: 3. January 2007 19:21
#23slize Elegato 3. January 2007 19:28
I like this movie.

Intro and outro were bad but fragpart quite nice.
1st fragpart is better than 2nd.

Sometimes as someone said poor editing but i enjoyed while watching : )

#21 clix is kinda net skill. SAME as LuckeyTed from Green Berrets. This clan was on CPL and showed nothing.

Clix should go on some lan and prove his skills.
#24anjers iceCake 3. January 2007 19:32
What are you talking about?

-I'M- talking about the editing, not the frags.
And I have bTwWwW heard rumours that clix pwns at lan, go spons him a cpl tour.
Then he can show his skills.

Edit: ANd whythehell can u say that about clix?
Youve never seen him played (only in a fragmovie), and nor do you know if he has been on lan.

Go figure bitch

Last changed: 3. January 2007 19:33
#25H-L 3. January 2007 19:45
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