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"New" revolutionary "tool"

Written by Neebs on 3. January 2007 00:46

You may have just downloaded MIRV Demo Tool, you may have just mastered it and its split stream function. Well, get ready for another wonderful little "Tool". Unearthed from Half-Life's dark and seeded past, Creative-Movies has discovered a new command allowing you to enter a Demo Editing Mode. Now, I know that you're all eager to learn how to use Half-Life's Secret Demo Editor. So I'll put the link right here.

Click Here for Creative Movies' Shocking Discovery

Creative-Movies have made a wonderful little discovery in this less of a tool, more of a command, setting a launch option to "-demoedit", which allows you to achieve defrag like camera movements in our favorite engine, Half-Life.

#1Neebs 3. January 2007 00:47
Sorry the article is short, seems many a persons wished me to get this out fast.
#2Aulie panCake 3. January 2007 01:09
Really nice!
I am downloading the tutorial right now! : )
#3cZF Style-Productions 3. January 2007 01:12
I think this was the only thing editors working with cs lacked for so far. the dry period is over, let's edit :)
#4xyanide Style-Productions 3. January 2007 01:16
Just tested it and I must say that q3 is still (by far) more superior than cs.

Good that you found this thou, great work!
I'm expecting good cameras from now on!
#5FistOr Easy Productions 3. January 2007 01:19
yeaaaaaaaaaaaa \o/
thank you creative movies
#6Vassili 3. January 2007 01:27
#7zeun panCake 3. January 2007 01:58
a new old tool... wow. editeditedit neebs... though, not much!

Last changed: 3. January 2007 02:44
#8Neebs 3. January 2007 02:34
That's what quotes are for my dear zEUN.
#9zeun panCake 3. January 2007 02:43
fuuu!!! :(((
old tools rock, and new comments that confirm what you just read owns.
#10RatQuiRit Easy Productions 3. January 2007 02:44
that's awesome, not smooth at all though :(
#11pava Style-Productions 3. January 2007 03:14
havn't tested it yet, but sounds fantastic. great work cm:D
#12numlocked 3. January 2007 04:39
#13delirious VertikalProduction 3. January 2007 05:41
does this work for non-steam cs too? unlike mirv tool.
#14pava Style-Productions 3. January 2007 06:26
that was probably the least user friendly tutorial i have ever seen =D
#15qujon Style-Productions 3. January 2007 13:13
a cam system like q3mme??... whatta... gotta test this, sounds amazing
#16Fenom Chillside 3. January 2007 14:29
Damn, really cool :-) The tutorial was kinda.. weird but I prefer to learn those kind of things by my own ;-)
#17context panCake 3. January 2007 14:38
New revolutionary "tool"
my ass if it has been there since counter-strike was born then its not New revolutionary "tool"
its Old revolutionary "tool"

#18DrAgOn_- Twilight-Pictures 3. January 2007 14:44
Probably one of the discoveries that'd greatly improve cs movies like 90fps or antialiasing did!
Thanks again Creative-Movies
#19daniel Style-Productions 3. January 2007 14:59
Yeye... changed the topic now. Better?
#20boffan 3. January 2007 15:01
I really wanna see someone create a real moviemaking mod like q3mme.
#21andreas Style-Productions 3. January 2007 15:43
Ah, the guide is driving me nuts. So slow. Great job anyway.
#22neadii 3. January 2007 15:47
That was cool, but that tutorial was a bit confusing. :-\
#23slize Elegato 3. January 2007 19:35
#24ph1L 3. January 2007 19:48
Yeah, i finally know how Zaknafein did the camera movements in Norway Generation 1.5
#25s0nkite* 3. January 2007 20:02
omg this sounds awsome asdhfasdhgfashd
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