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5 Essentials - Oldschool CS Movies

Written by fsk on 1. January 2007 08:21

Five Essential Picks – Oldschool Counter-Strike Movies

1. Frag or Die
As long and as passionately Andreas can moan and whine about this choice, I am sure the rest of you will be in some sort of concurrence with this choice. Frag or Die by Andreas Thorstensson, aka bds, the manager of multinational gaming enterprise SK Gaming, is as legendary and as rewatchable as The Godfather trilogy and the Star Wars hexalogy combined. The movie contains almost no effects, has awful quality and some of the kills are from public servers and 4on4’s, but it just doesn’t matter in this movie because the feel of the thing is so amazing. It is also one of the first CS movies I ever watched, so it’s that tad bit extra special for me.

Blueyonder | GotFrag? | Club-CS

2. eoLithic – Tribute
One of the newest movies on the list and we stay in Scandinavia as this one is made by CS movies gosu Espen K. Sjøberg aka Zaknafein. Even though his terrible affliction of being Norwegian he overcame his handicap and created a movie about 7 other Norwegians who also overcame their afflictions and were at the top of their game. eoLithic was the name and elemeNt, Knoxville, Damien, DarK, Naikon, XeqtR and Luke were the names of the legendary 7 players that has passed forever into the books that might someday comprise the history of CS. The movie is no less than 15 minutes and 58 seconds long, which is quite impressive seeing as eoLithic was only active for about a year.

FileFront | ingame

3. Adrenaline Duology
Both Adrenaline movies are packed with just that, Adrenaline, and while amazing frags sends your jaw hurdling to meet the floor, unforgettable soundtracks will keep you wanting more and amazing synchronization will keep you in awe throughout. The frags are done by some of the absolute top players at the time and whilst some has been forgotten some has risen to fame later on. Many of them were gaming celebrities even at the time of the video like Ksharp, Mangiacapra, ahl, Johnny R., Blizzard and Rambo but even the lesser known have been showcased in this video as well like fRoD, impi and simcore.

playpark tracker (Adrenaline – Registration compulsory)
ingame (Adrenaline 2)

4. Hard Clan – Die Hard
Sozou is a name most moviemakers are familiar with, mostly because of this movie, but also because of his other great movies Odolinski – Chapter 2 and Norslund. This movie showcases the frags of the American clan “Hard Clan”, which competed in the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL) where a few of the members were later thrown out of after being found guilty of using external programs. Even so, this movie is one of the most influential and greatest CS movies of all time. Packed with great editing, breath-taking frags and a great soundtrack mixed by DJ Spectre, this is a hard-hitting, awe-inspiring, jaw droppingly, stunningly brilliant movie.

playpark tracker (Registration compulsory)

5. The One and Only HeatoN
Yes, what else? The One and Only HeatoN is by far the most popular CS movie to date, showcasing the frags of the inimitable Swedish player that incidentally is one of the most famous CS players to date, whose fame is only matched by former clanmate and friend Potti and Ksharp. Even though many have come close and maybe even surpassed his skill, no one will probably ever be as influential as HeatoN who brought the technique of “spraying” to a whole new level. Words cannot describe, go and download.

FileFront | playpark tracker (registration compulsory)

Honorable mentions:

CPL Copenhagen 2003 by zermath, Zaknafein @ Own-Age
M19 – The Revolution is Here by Zaknafein @ Own-Age
Wicked Sick by Gibson @ Own-Age
Project – 9 by Vocal, Xsystus, zapDigital @ Own-Age
Neo – The One by KaLa @ Own-Age
Matrix Renaissance by Vocal, Xsystus Own-Age
Chicks Dig X-Pec by Pibbz @ Own-Age
restOck 4 by kaLa @ Own-Age
#1Marius Style-Productions 1. January 2007 08:24
nice article, I really enjoyed those movies, especially the Adrenaline ones.
#2Bilbo 1. January 2007 08:37
i like frag or die a bit.
eolithic movie is pretty good.
adrenaline nice nice
havent seen hard clan die hard
toao heaton is baaad, boooring! Yes i know its old, but i just cant watch it without shaking of illness! toaoheaton 2 is pretty good though.
#3fsk Style-Productions 1. January 2007 08:40
The One and Only HeatoN is very poorly edited, that's not the point of the movie, the point is the unholy, otherwordly d00m that is HeatoN.
#4neadii 1. January 2007 11:12
One of my friends said that Frag or Die owns, downloading. :D

Nice article btw ;-)
#5BeceJI Illusion-media 1. January 2007 12:52
great movies eoL and Hard Clan Die Hard are the first CS movies that I watched and I love them :)

Good Job
#6rich hillbillyjunkies 1. January 2007 13:04
where is solle.cfg and n1-NiceOne? :/

anyhow, if the Honorable mentions are supposed to be oldschool-movies -> I <- wouldn't have restOck4 or Matrix there.. 1.6 and all :>

But great article (or whatever I'm supposed to call it ;E) fsk! Though I must question you about Adrenaline..

"[...] and amazing synchronization will keep you in awe throughout."
huh? do we have the same movie? :D

Last changed: 1. January 2007 13:12
#7id_films Creative Movies 1. January 2007 14:08
#5 Matrix is in feb 2004 so it is oldschool too :)
#8Neebs 1. January 2007 16:45
Huzzzah the first legitimate article!
#9numlocked 1. January 2007 17:27
#6 adrenaline was like the first cs movie to use synchronization ever
#10zeun panCake 1. January 2007 17:30
frag or die and hiiitoon.
#11Zaknafein Style-Productions 1. January 2007 18:33
Hey nice article :D
Old school articles <3 <3
And I got 3 mentions weeee

Happy New Year everybody!

I have to agree with RiCH though that restock4 and Matrix isn't really old school, those movies mark the transition from old school movies to the new age of CS movies, raising the bar.

And yeah, there are 2 movies that also deserved honorable mention imo:
- n1
- MindTrek

But everyone has different tastes, and also remember that these are "5 essensials", it's not the "ONLY 5 essensials" ;) ;) ;)

Anyway great article, was fun to read.
"Even though his terrible affliction of being Norwegian he overcame his handicap and created a movie about 7 other Norwegians who also overcame their afflictions and were at the top of their game"

btw what's a gosu? :)
#12satta 1. January 2007 19:00
#13-IcemaN- Slyder Media 1. January 2007 21:29
nice article fsk

eoLithic and Hardclan are the best oldschool movies ;) also I would like to mention M19 - The Revolution is Here with one of the first 3D bullet scenes Project 9 and Matrix Renaiscence
#14fsk Style-Productions 1. January 2007 22:51
Yeah, I was sure to have missed a few ;>

A gosu is like teh_üBEr, read: :D!

#6 it's been a while since I watched Adren1 but Adren2 has great synch.
#15pava Style-Productions 1. January 2007 23:10
adren 1 & 2 are also made by a norwegian btw^^
#16fsk Style-Productions 1. January 2007 23:12
Ya, zermath that dirty, dirty whore.
#17slize Elegato 1. January 2007 23:38
#18wego Style-Productions 2. January 2007 00:06
x-pec and skillskils? :S:S::S O M G

Last changed: 2. January 2007 00:08
#19rich hillbillyjunkies 2. January 2007 00:26
#7 just 'cause it was made three years ago it doesn't make it "old school". I mean.. it's 1.6 even, only that it a sign of non-oldschool :)

#9 may be so but it still doesn't have "great synch". For its time maybe, but not today :>

#15 yep, too bad the norwegians suck so much at CS they had to borrow frags from the neighbourcountries =)
#20pava Style-Productions 2. January 2007 09:37
Open your eyes is probably one of the best songs ever to be used in a fragmovie imo. In adren 2ofc. It is just perfect.
#21FistOr Easy Productions 2. January 2007 13:30
adrenaline2, best oldschool movie ever !
#22anjers iceCake 2. January 2007 20:07
#23zeun panCake 2. January 2007 20:17
hahaha... he is so about to get his ass kicked by Anjers...
#24fsk Style-Productions 3. January 2007 00:13
#23 Anjers and ass kicked cannot logically exist in the same sentence.
#25Lepi Infprod 8. January 2007 18:54
choual history x is pretty old and got great style
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