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CEVO Releases Season Recap

Written by Neebs on 29. December 2006 04:41

Under the visionary direction of Michael "numlocked" Cragg the CybeEvolution Online Gaming League has released some of the greatest frags from this past Counter-Strike 1.6 Season. Impartial to any rude labels and classes placed by the overzealous corporation The Season Four highlight movie brings you the best frags, whether it be from CEVO-Amateur or CEVO-Semi-Pro, because I'm fairly certain there were no CEVO-Professional Frags.

Now that the obligatory informational section is out of the way, let us delve deep and misinterpret the wording of the press release. Just as any true Journalist should, or in this case, Video-Game Movie News Guy.

"This recap of Season 4 features none other than YOU!" - Me? Really? No, wait, I see it isn't "Me", it's "ME". But how? I am not on a team registered in any of the CEVO leagues, for you see we are far to good and do not want all the little Got-Frag kiddies to think we are hackers when we play on LAN, so we rely solely on our sponsor's money to fly us on whims to Cyber Cafes in Europe to do battle with the best Counter-Strike teams in the world. Yet at these secret hidden events that play out much like that of a certain television spot produced by a certain Counter-Strike team, there is one strict rule. You do not record demos. So how in the world did CEVO, let alone Michael Cragg manage to get footage of me playing Counter-Strike. I call the blasphemy card on this one and hereby accuse CEVO of witchcraft and contortion with Satan.

"Now we've compiled the best of those clips into a single, 10 minute movie packed with adrenaline-pumping frags!" - I bet you can see where this joke is going. Yes, the movie was good, quite good infact. No, the movie did not get my adrenaline pumping. And CEVO, or more specifically "Ping" how I wish you were under oath with that statement. For I would object. I would object and you my dear, "Ping", would be charged with perjury and sentenced to rot in a jail cell as large African-Americans take their turns making you their "bitch".

Now, onwards from the drudgery that is a eSports Press Release and onto the far more interesting tale of Michael "numlocked" Cragg. And it begins as man a story do it begins in the middle.

Once upon a time there lived a man who enjoyed calling himself "Kayfunk". Now "Kayfunk" was no ordinary dull human being forced into the slave-like routine of life day in and day out. Oh no, "Kayfunk" was the illegitimate bastard son of Danny "fr0d" Montaner and Kyle "ksharp" Miller. Which in my mind is completely possible, so if I hear any murmurings of untruth, I shall smite thee, I shall smite thee like the god forsaken nerd you are. Anyways, "Kayfunk" enjoyed playing and online video-game entitled Counter-Strike. And as luck would have it "Kayfunk" was quite good at the game. In fact, he was so good, that he quickly joined a clan and began dropping 3-Bombs on very good teams online. But as soon as LAN season came around he would quickly disappear from the competitive world of Counter-Strike most likely to visit his two fathers as they nurse him back to health to regain all the AWP shots he had missed over the last couple of months. So the ingenious fellows over at the Got-Frag? forums began to question "Kayfunk"'s legitimacy as a player. Spreading such horrible rumors of hacking and ghosting and the likes. But of course, as LAN season came to a close, "Kayfunk" bore his ugly head once again on the online scene. But this time, he wanted something special. So, as any self-respecting American would he hired someone to do something he didn't want to do for himself and numlocked was snookered into creating a movie for the one, the only, "Kayfunk". Now, this movie was quite good, containing some of the greatest frags ever performed online, and some on LAN. But numlocked came under a lot of heat, people complaining that he made a "hacker's movie" and that all he was doing was encouraging "kayfunk" and others to continue disregarding the rules of the leagues and to continue hacking to their life's content. But numlocked stuck by his decision to create the movie and even went as far as to stand up to accusations of "Kayfunk"'s hacking. Showing true commitment to his project and his client.

Through Michael "numlocked" Cragg's Kayfunk ordeal and his meteoric rise to be noticed by CEVO, Michael still frequents this site. And to him I would like to extend an arm of congratulations on a movie well completed and wish you luck on the remainder of your projects.

The Complete Press Release Type Thing And Download Links Can Be Found Here.

#1numlocked 29. December 2006 06:45
ROFL. Thanks.
#2Pooty 29. December 2006 07:59
NJ numlocked, how much they pay ya? :p I also dont see the point of putting the vegas file in @_@
#3numlocked 29. December 2006 08:17
its so people will stop asking me how to get my levels, etc
#4pava Style-Productions 29. December 2006 08:37
enjoyable fragpart=)
#5cZF Style-Productions 29. December 2006 11:37
just one thing: it is called a 3-bomb, not 30, in case this wasn't the means of exaggeration you decided to use here.

Last changed: 29. December 2006 11:38
#6FistOr Easy Productions 29. December 2006 13:30
i really enjoyed it, glad to see that u came back to 800*600 (die hd die !)
pretty nice synch, editing and cool music, intro/outro wasn't my taste but only the fragpart matters imo
great job and keep it up
#7RatQuiRit Easy Productions 29. December 2006 14:30
very nice movie.
Frags were very enjoyable thanks to the pov-demoes.
effects were nice, so were the musics, intro wasn't better than good, so was the outro, but well, you brought some kind of originality and that was apreciated.
#8andreas Style-Productions 29. December 2006 15:41
It was ok :)
#9aTomic 29. December 2006 17:24
numlocked is a beast and i love him cant wait to watch it :D
#10Pooty 29. December 2006 19:36
I think it should be 30 bomb :o
#11Neebs 29. December 2006 19:53
Well, Pooty, Crzyfst > You anyday.
#12fsk Style-Productions 29. December 2006 23:07
#3 you sly fox.

#13H-L 29. December 2006 23:12
where did he put his vegas file in..?
#14fsk Style-Productions 30. December 2006 03:33
#13 the downloaded file. I got it over torrent, so dunno :>
#15numlocked 30. December 2006 04:18
how did you get it over a torrent? :s EDIT: nvm I see now..

and the veg file is only in the x264 version.

Last changed: 30. December 2006 04:22
#16reflexsm 30. December 2006 19:38
this movie was fucking sexy :)
#17slize Elegato 30. December 2006 22:42
#4 True : )

Numlocked you should work more on making intros/outros : ) Sory man but they're not so god . If fragpart is great why intro cant ? Come on , do it now or i will cut a cable of your computer
#18numlocked 30. December 2006 23:01
Usually my fragpart/intro is the best part (ie kayfunk, ninja4) this time around I decided to work more on the fragpart.
#19zeun panCake 30. December 2006 23:04
lovely movie numlocked... not like the other event movies with sucky frags with just progamers. great job!
#20slize Elegato 31. December 2006 01:07
Yeah i also love to watch CEVO players : ) Not pro's only . CEVO isnt "bot factory " :D

numlocked you fragparts are great, but learn some txt effects etc : )
#21neyloc neyloc 31. December 2006 04:28 offense, but numlocked is a better moviemaker then you. I suck, so your obviously better than me. But dont tell him to learn things.
#22Neebs 31. December 2006 04:42
Hey, hey, this is a community of all skill levels, and for that reason everyone can help eachother. We're all just on loving family here. In the most heterosexual way possible. (i hope)
#23pava Style-Productions 31. December 2006 05:50
hey #21, numd does have a lot he has to work on so i'd take it down a couple of notches please. Thank you.
#24numlocked 31. December 2006 08:31
neyloc, I appreciate the support but...

I have to admit lately my work has been quantity, not quality.Since August, I have released 3 movies for CEVO, which equals about 30 minutes of content. Just keep in mind, that in about that same amount of time, other movie-makers have released only one movie.
#25slize Elegato 31. December 2006 14:48
Nice numlocked ;d Ok do your best : )

#21 I know that he's better than me in some ways but so what ? I dont care what are u saying

Anywa numlocked at 7:17 u forgot about gausian blur ? :D :D

Last changed: 31. December 2006 15:52
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